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  1. There are plenty of hosts that offer a free WordPress site. Not all of them are people you'd want to pay for an upscale site, but you can get a free site, just to play around with it, and see how WordPress works. Sadly, some frustration is "part of the experience," I think. Google will show you lots of tutorials on setting up WordPress. Many, many of these are by hosting providers, whose instructions will include getting a website from them. If you're just playing around with a free site to learn, it won't matter, I suppose. You'll just throw it away, anyway. I'd set a free Saturday aside, or whatever free day you might be able to manage, and give it a try. If you decide WordPress is for you, you might consider buying a book on setting up & using WordPress (there are a lot of them; try to avoid one that's outdated).
  2. My response will only start the conversation, and it will only be partially helpful. It depends on what kind of "superior" we're looking for. WordPress is popular (not necessarily superior) because it offers so much flexibility. With the vast number of possible themes, and then the vast, vast, vast number of plugins that you can add to enhance your site, you have an extraordinary number of possibilities without having to write any code. It's the website builder's answer to LEGO building blocks. To those who can do HTML coding and want **real** flexibility, WordPress would be restrictive and limited, while the vast number of choices that WordPress offers might make it unnecessarily complicated for someone who's intimidated by lots of menus and choices and who just wants a simple, no-frills site. Figuring out exactly what you want is important, though, 'cuz you'll be living with it for a long time. Don't let that shake you up; probably no one makes the perfect decision, but we can all make one that's good enough. Just take a little time to organize the info, and you'll make a choice that's reasonable for you.
  3. Rather than suggest something, it can be fun to start with questions, because you can go in a lot of different directions with this. What are their characters like? (Seems like you might want a contrast, which can play off one another, either complementing one another or conflicting with one another.) Is one moody? Optimistic? Resourceful? Idealistic? Fragile? Independent? Unable to take instruction? Angry? A seeker of meaning? There are lots more character questions to consider. What happens immediately after the disaster? Moving in with family? If so, does a family member have a "favorite"? Foster care? Living on the streets? Are they separated for a while, temporarily having separate stories? Influenced/taken in by a "friendly" stranger, who may not turn out to be so friendly? Hiding from somebody? There are lots more possible story situations, because the world is huge, and they're so very small. If you start with just a couple picks from each of these simple lists, the whole story direction changes, and that's before even considering the spiritual paths each one will take.
  4. Hollywood would definitely have a problem casting someone who could live up to Mister Rogers. i suppose that getting Forest Gump was the best they could do...
  5. Here's something interesting. When i type gfaith into google, it doesn't bring me to gfaith.com's site; it instead gives results for the word faith. I had to be more determined in my search, and type "gfaith" (with quotes around the word, to say that this was the exact phrase I was looking for). Only then did it actually put gfaith's info in the search results. Not saying this was censorchip; sometimes the search engine tries to "help" you if it thinks you may have mistyped, and g is right next to f on the keyboard, so hitting both keys at once could produce such a typo. Still, it was an odd thing to see happen.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know the movie was being made, and will certainly look out for it. I believe Fred Rogers was an ordained minister, but no matter what, his gentleness and love reflected Christ in a big way. One of my daughters watched him after school, and when i got home in time, I would watch with her. She would hug me the whole time as she watched. While I know that probably half of that hug was actually for Mr. Rogers, it made for a very happy time. As for what Hollywood will do with the movie, it looks at least like the producers chose to remain true to Rogers' warmth and tenderness. This seems to make sense, as I'd suspect that the movie's audience will largely be Rogers' fans, not those looking for something negative. Thanks again; it'll be fun to watch.
  7. The analogy was fantastic! And if wolves won't do it, well, people still can. And if Christians will do it for one another, it's even better!
  8. What we need to do is get a picture of a herd of mustangs, and start spreading the comparable post for them. It ought to take off, pretty well; I mean, wolves may be "cool," but mustangs are "cooler."
  9. Sounds like fun. have you shared links here already?
  10. That's really interesting. Are there certain times of the day, or days of the week, that are better for posting? Is it just "the luck of the draw," as to when there are lots of others on?
  11. As we work on our platforms, this should probably be the first thing on our minds. Thanks for sharing & all you do here.
  12. You make a very good point that we have to build our online presence according to our expected audience. I'm just guessing here, but it's possible these authors are considering a wider audience, though. See, besides our readers, we have a more hidden audience, that's made up of search engines. An occasional blog post about writing might contain certain important keywords that would make the author page come up in various google searches. Again, only a guess.
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