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  1. I think #3 is a box of matches. In this modern day of butane lighters, many people may not see matchboxes anymore, but i have many fond memories as a kid, shooting off fireworks on warm summer nights...
  2. It has a portable version! I'm pretty sure you can run that from a thumb drive. The Blender team thinks of everything, and with the intended purpose of giving it all away. The guy who started the Blender Foundation is quite an interesting character...
  3. You would probably find it useful, just for the video editor alone, with the videos you're producing. You have to run a slight rat maze to find the video editor, but once in there, you could put in title slides, crossfade still images in and out, end with a link to your website, etc. And once you get the hang of simple animations, you could add all sorts of extra flourishes. It will take time to learn, but if you do just a little every day, you get there. (Hint from experience: take lots of notes...)
  4. How do I pronounce the word spelled N-O ?
  5. The Blender Foundation folder on my C drive is 530 Mb. that's for the latest version. You might want to go back to version 2.83, which was a major release. There's TONS of instructional videos based on that release, and the interface does change slightly each time. One thing you don't need when learning is where to find the buttons after they've moved them...
  6. The program is free. They have a special support service you can pay for, and that supports ongoing development of the software. But you can download and install it, right now, for free. It'll take some time to learn, but it's well worth it...
  7. Awww, @Kazaza, I think a lot of us would trade places with you in a heartbeat... See, to a lot of us, creative ideas are like wild truffles, extremely precious, growing out of sight, and which we have to search far and wide to unearth, when we can find them at all. To you, they're a box of mushrooms that just keep on growing in a corner of your basement. You may not be able to keep them out in a convenient place, but they're there, and they're plentiful. That's goodness!!!
  8. YES!!!! IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! (Spoiler alert: Opposing view coming...) ...And you can do a lot more than just animation. You can use it to produce stunning 2D and 3D artwork, and go cartoon-simple, or eerily lifelike, with pre made textures and "shades" that mimic everything from stone walls, to ceramic, to fabrics. It contains a fully functional video editor, though it lacks the extreme bells and whistles of something like Adobe Premiere, and is backed by a huge user community. About the only thing it doesn't do is let you record the audio, though you can do some simple audio
  9. My wife and I are praying, as well. I hope you don't mind these repeated asides from the history nerd... When Peter wrote telling his flock to honor the emperor, he was referring to the same Nero who would soon martyr him. Paul wrote in Romans that every authority has been established by God, and most scholars also date that letter to Nero's reign. I think this may help remind us that God still has it all under control, no matter how crazy things may seem to us. I think this is a time when we can really learn to trust God, if we're willing to try. There are
  10. That's 'cuz Paul's only handling the Peace side. As he said, the War side is getting handled privately...
  11. I'm Switzerland. I'll be on both sides at once. You presented a very inspiring personal testimony here, elsewhere. If you can use and convey some of that experience in your book, I predict a great and fruitful alliance between you and those words, and you my touch many lives. Today, Great Britain is one of the USA's strongest allies. Yet it wasn't long ago that we fought two wars against them, and losing either would have ended in our extinction. Yet here we are.
  12. It will be worth your time -- and more. The great thing about this opening line is that it goes beyond just sounding like an invite to a pleasant conversation. It suggests something big is coming, but in a thoughtful way that catches us by surprise. Lines like that suggest that the author put some real thought into it, and hopefully put some real effort into what will follow. There are others that really dazzle, like, "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there," from Hartley's The Go-Between (actually from the prologue...) like the Dickens line, it suggests so
  13. It was a dark and stormy night... Kidding KIDDING KIDDING!!!! Actually, though I've never read the book, I am always intrigued by: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
  14. First in fair disclosure, I am not a psychologist, and have no training in that field. Yet in my observations of creative people, and from what I've read about famous ones, I see patterns. Because our brains are apparently wired to spot patterns (even when they're not there!) I would offer my impressions with caution. I do notice among some very creative associates, minds that seem to be chaotic, but in a controlled way. The opposite of creativity is to fall into a rut and do exactly what everyone else would do. That chaotic element can bring in additional random elements, some of
  15. This would be a block quotation, and since it's only lyrics, should I think be treated as poetry. Here's a quote copied from the latest Chicago Manual Of Style (17th ed). The actual passages also contain indent examples in 13.25, and no indent in 13.26. Unfortunately, it's all lost when i try to copy it from the .pdf. Fortunately, it doesn't add anything that the text doesn't describe. I'm pretty sure this is what you're lookin' for, and i hope it helps... --------------- 2.20 Format for poetry extracts. A poetry extract should be indented but not centered (even if i
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