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  1. When playing with word meanings, we always remember that they can change, a lot. This can be especially true with French to English, 'cuz once the French-speaking Normans conquered England and became their royalty, everyone was eager to act sophisticated, by using "the royal language." A lot of French words got abducted and given new/similar (or not-so-similar) meanings. A French crayon, for example, is what we'd call a pencil. That didn't stop us from finding creative new English uses for crayon. And modesty forbids my mentioning a whole list of, uh, "personal" and "hygienic" implements that
  2. Welcome, Samantha! I'm so glad you've come back. Not sure I've actually memorized anyone here, but I sure do enjoy them. Also not sure what the crowd here was like when you were last active, but I think this bunch does really like each other, so they'll remember one another well. On the internet, that makes this place something of an oasis...
  3. That's very, very sad, but in a way, I find it inspiring that she perseveres. I will continue to keep her in prayer. Please let her know she's being an inspiration to others...
  4. You know, it occurs to me that the writing prompt thing doesn't have to be an either/or proposition... You can invite both kinds of responses, and people can choose how they want to respond. Someone puts up a picture, and people either write the first line of a story, or an entire 500 word piece from it. That way, people can "play" even if they don't have the time to commit to a full story. Lots more responses, but also a chance for some serious work. When WD does the picture prompt in their column, they do an either/or, because they have only limited space to display t
  5. That might be a lot of fun to do here. Not sure how many here read the magazine, Writer's Digest. They have a monthly column called "Your Story." Sometimes they do just what you mentioned above, but often, they just invite readers to write a first line for the story, based on the picture prompt. They'll publish maybe 10-20 responses in a subsequent issue, and it's surprising how varied and clever the different submissions are. Seeing them all at once is particularly amazing, because there's no chance for one response to influence later submissions. It also shows just h
  6. “He could feel his heart beating against the pine needle floor of the forest” -- Ernest Hemmingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls (It's intensely ironic, as it's almost identical to the first line of the novel, though the circumstances are nothing alike...)
  7. On July 6, 1972, I was near the end of a short vacation I'd been enjoying in Jackson Hole, WY. It's a beautifully picturesque little western town, nestled among the mountains. In the center of the town is a large, square park, which I'd visit every day. The hippie movement was in full swing, and the place was packed with young kids from all over the country. It was easy to walk up to various groups, and meet people from just about everywhere. It was an interesting time. Once while I was sitting alone, a young girl came up to me and started telling me about Jesus. I wasn't exactly i
  8. Young children are masters at being able to hear spoken language, and figure it out without the aid of any instruction manuals. Thing is, they can't always get it right. So when a child says, "It was gooder the last time I eated it," it's not because someone taught them all those words. They figured out other words, inferred the rules for our language, and while they got the right idea, they couldn't know of all the language exceptions we have. Yet they made a perfectly good guess. The six-year old you know of probably did the same thing.
  9. Praying for your friend's family, praying that your 'grounditation' will end up positive in some way, and praying that your hospital visit will be effective and met with whatever healing is needed.
  10. Welcome... I hadn't heard of the movie either, but going by that ancient maxim that "google is your friend," I do notice that we can watch it for free on YouTube. On your recommendation, I may give it a look-see...
  11. God is so vast, and we are so small... We rarely even understand each other; do we have any chance of understanding the actual nature of God? I sometimes wonder whether the descriptions scripture gives of Him are no more than simple metaphor, to give such simple creatures as ourselves something we're capable of grasping onto. That's just idle speculation of course, yet I wonder how awed/dumbfounded/overwhelmed we'll be someday, when we glimpse at who he really is...
  12. This may take a while... There are differences between an art and a craft, and both can be applied in writing. Since the definition of "art" can be squishy, let's set it at those intangible pieces of aptitude and giftedness that stand apart from the "craft" aspects of writing (or, probably, anything else...). I'm gonna start with a type of writing where the craft may well be the easiest to learn & use... In writing humor, there are perhaps 10-20 separate humor formulas, on which most gags are based. Most anyone can learn them and write humor. This is a craft. Robin
  13. I'd suspect that for most, we take a vacation from that which we wish to get away from. If we write for the love of it, then it's just something we do. I wouldn't need a vacation from it any more than a vacation from, say, coffee. In fact, a vacation from either would be a ghastly thought. OTOH, there are some who strictly make a living from writing and need to produce a certain average output just to make ends meet. I wouldn't want to go there, but some are fine with it, and then a vacation from it might be great.
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