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  1. In an unconventional sort of way... In every Toastmasters club around the world, a "Word of the Day" is announced near the beginning of the meeting (along with its definition). Like all roles, the choice rotates among the membership from meeting to meeting. It's optional, but the members are encouraged to find ways to use the word, sometime during the meeting, and a count is made as to who does, and how many times. Some people pick long words, some choose words that will be new to most people, or words that are well known, but just not commonly used. I go for the last o
  2. Forgive me.. I'm a very analytical type, and I have to "unscrew the lid" on everything to figure out what's inside and how it works. This ends with a sort of "punchline," that I hope might be worth the time to read... Every child I see is compelled to imitate what others do, and is delighted when they succeed. I suspect we first learn what creativity is when we discover that we can actually produce something that never existed before. It's probably an electric thrill when it first happens. They find they can build with blocks, draw pictures, and they may even discover that putting
  3. You can use any free site as a sandbox; it's just a place to try new things before committing them to your live site. Since there is such a vast, vast, vast array of 3rd party plugins out there, and some may occasionally be buggy, you may want to try them out first on a site that "doesn't count," so if they cause some extreme problem, you can either wipe the site clean and start over, or install a backed-up copy of the site, from some earlier point when everything was stable. From past experience (again, maybe 5 years ago...) the actual wordpress.com site was restrictive in the 3rd
  4. Hey there, @PenName... you pretty much got it all right, but here are some clarifications. If you go to wordpress.org (free site), you're on your own with everything because there's no customer support with a free site. It's possible that some free site, somewhere, offers customer support, but I've never heard of any. I've "played around" on a free wordpress.org page (this was maybe, 5 years ago...), and the choices were really limited. There were still a lot of themes, plugins, and widgets to select from, but they were a tiny subset of what was available in the "outside world." I'
  5. Hi Lynn... I remember your site; it was a very happy, pleasant place, and I do miss it. Really sorry for the reasons you had to stop. About theme changes being painful, it depends on what you're doing with a specific site. If you started with a "plain vanilla" theme and never made things much more complicated, the problems may have been invisible to you. I started out looking at a lot of author websites, and making a list of requirements I had to have. These included: 1) having a background image on each page (some themes don't support this at all), 2) Basic menu bars
  6. Good choices for you won't be good choices for everybody. I will make broad assumptions for you, based on the fact that you're young, and probably use computers for many things or have friends who do and can help. You probably use the internet a lot, and where there's a helpful user community available, you'll likely make use of it. Here goes: 1. Take a lot (!!!!) of time picking out a good domain name. Only one person in the world can register any particular one, so many of your early choices may already be taken. You will live with this domain name for a long, long time. Make su
  7. Talkin' about the book of Judges... In those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit. Considering the brutal things they just did, that's an almost flabbergasting thing to say, except that it's probably there precisely to strike one final harsh note to a harsh ending. Judges is kinda' a turning point in the story of God's people. God wanted His people to have no king but Himself, guided by His law. Judges makes it shockingly clear that the people had almost no aptitude for being led by God, and it perhaps shows why God relented and gave them the earthly kin
  8. That's a good thing to do. Judges is a book where things take an interesting turn, and it's good to be aware, 'cuz the book takes an astonishingly dark turn at the end. Understand that the Bible is not approving of what happens; it's merely reporting what the people have done. We often like to imagine that the people in biblical times are just like us, only in quaint costumes, but they lived in harsh and savage times, and they were still a semi-savage people. At the end of the book, they pretty much revert to full savagery. The very final verse in the book is repeated several times
  9. I have one, but am often too painfully lazy to crack it open. Since I write almost exclusively on a computer and always have a web browser open, I'll just type the word, plus the word "synonym" into google, and let it do the rest. I deeply respect Peter Mark Roget & all the work he did, but I've sadly abandoned him...
  10. Yeah, those people seem to be moving way too fast. I've checked out a lot of different people's sales & marketing techniques to see what was worth learning from. I've gotten to sort a lot of people into either "The Good" or "The Bad." (Sounds like these "friends" of yours might instead fit into "The Ugly"... it's too bad we have to give them our email address before they start showing their true colors...) There are proper and ethical ways to market products. As part of my own book marketing platform, I'm learning to make simple animations for an eventual YouTube channel. There
  11. Very wise of you. The internet is full of people offering questionable courses for multiple thousands of dollars. That market extends beyond hopeful writers to people hopeful for just about anything. It's less common to see that kind of offer just in a random newsletter, though. Usually, these sales plans offer the $2K seminar only to those who've already purchased the $99.99 course, and that's offered to those who first shelled-out $10 for a booklet that supposedly tells all. It's usually the cheapie booklet that gets hawked in the free newsletters. This system for pro
  12. I've attended a number of the Montrose Christian Writer's Conferences over the years, and can't say enough good things about it. It's a smaller conference, maybe 120 attendees (didn't attend this year, so I don't know how the current times have affected conference attendance). There are multiple simultaneous seminars, lots of chances to speak to publisher's reps, editors, agents, and authors. Not only can you sign up for 15-minute one-on-one meetings with them, but the "conference faculty" all spread out in the dining hall, so you can have interesting conversations over mealtime. T
  13. At least they're short.... When I get deeply involved in huge sites with longer videos (e.g., The Bible Project or Tom Scott's Things You may Not Know) I can truly get lost for a while. Right now I'm looking forward to seeing how YouTube's algorithm will change its recommended videos for me, since animal videos aren't normally what I look for. The folks putting the videos together are very clever, but not in the obvious ways, I'm thinkin'. it's easy to get a dog to move its mouth and replay certain useful frames over and over to get a talking effect, but they're juxtaposing it with
  14. I haven't seen these before; they're wonderfully cute. Here's the dog's YouTube channel, if you want lots more... https://www.youtube.com/c/MoonpieStarbox/videos
  15. This is impressive. You are building friends and allies by helping them to succeed. People who are largely out there to promote their own works are a dime a dozen, but people making real efforts to help others along are not. The retweeting is a fine idea, which we could all do to help a deserving colleague along; are there other things you do in addition to the retweets?
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