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  1. Sorry to be gone for so long, but I fell on the front stoop and honestly broke my back. I'm slowly getting back to writing. Lets hope I can be more upbeat in my writing, though I doubt you can get the drama queen out of me.

    1. Alley


      I'm glad you're ok! 

  2. I love this....I can feel the unity and fulfillment of the promise. Excellent poem
  3. Nice headshot! 😊

    1. MaryKaithe


      A thank you...Said I was a Singer/Songwriter and Actress.  Do you believe me now?

    2. MaryKaithe


      Now I wish I had taken better care of myself.  Oh well, it is, what it is.

  4. I need to go do some critiques. I'm behind again....
  5. and is Linux basically a drafting and schematics creator?
  6. I even know how to go into the actual programming to change what someone says in ads on the internet...Shhhhh don't tell anyone.
  7. Is chromebook an operating system? the others are all created based on l & 0.
  8. Performers, exercise trainers, etc. pay into a fund every year or month that covers them if they use copywriter material. Maybe there is something like that out there, that covers you for each year?
  9. I know what.... I am offering my para-legal services to check this out. I used to create forms for schools and businesses to use in writing Legal stuff for special ed kids. It may take a week, but I think I can find the answer.
  10. Now I'm wondering if we should be citing what level of Word we use, or Office to check our work...OI
  11. My page would be so long, people would give up. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but how many of you knew I was a red belt in hapkedo and tai Kwan Do? That I was riding on a train when we hit a semi-truck filled with, of all things, toilet plungers. That I road Dressage competitively? I think we are very diverse and colorful people and the scientist in me would love to collect the data to create another archetype...the all knowing, all seeing, omnipresent and omniscient creator, us! I think we need to seem maybe more visible to others. Not such a mystery. I'm thinking about our calling in scripture of what we are to think on. I would never have even read Harry Potter if I had known more about JKR; let alone get my kids involved. We serve the living Christ and are dedicated to bringing people to Christ. Ah ha....I will finish this on the writer's page..Got a great reference for what we writers are doing....
  12. I think it shouldn't be a parade. I never told my best friend all the things I had done and learned in my life. I had to write what amounted to a small resume for a page in the Playbook, it was embarrassing. My friend said she didn't even really know the person I wrote about. But every word was true. I didn't even realize how much I had accomplished. I gave me quite a confidence boost. Some of us are what they call "Too Sensitive." (I always argued no one is ever sensitive enough) But sensitivity does bring along with it intense feelings, and it is important to consider what others might say about our work. Especially "Am I understandable, reaching my target audience. I'm not saying be ostentatious, but it would be nice to know more about everyone's specialties, calling and motivation for the Kingdom. It might be very encouraging to the early or late in life novice. MK
  13. Thank you so much! Would this only require a footnote and reference? Or permission to use along with it?
  14. I never mean to disagree with anyone, especially @carolinamtne. She knows more than I could ever force into my Cerebrum!
  15. Does that include the blogs we write from this site? I never even thought about so many legal stuff in writing or self-publishing. My coach has just recently told me I need written approval from everyone that is inferred in my poems. He said if anyone might be able to recognize who you are talking about, and no written permission, you could get wrapped up in confidentiality issues, even HIPPA laws. This is getting so complicated! But thank you for pointing out we better check. I feel nauseous. Most of my poetry is about real incidents that have happened. Now I have to write to people I haven't talked to in decades just to cover my but? MK
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