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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome. I will try to visit your sites as time allows and read your material.
  2. The Holy Spirit fun brought this site to my attention, although I am not sure about my expectations. I have been writing professionally for thirty years. The Jewel series is self-published and available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble; six Christian fiction novels relating the traveling of a pilgrim through time and His quest for the jewel components to a mysterious pendant given to him by the Counselor. Originally, the First Jewel of Earth began as a Bible study and the series launched from there. My wife (a professional artist) and I maintain a website (www.kingdomexpressions.com) and a publish a weekly newsletter to our electronic fellowship. In the past, it has been a very quiet and unassuming writing career, with a fun and meaningful relationship with a few devoted fans, but many have been encouraging movement toward a broader audience. At the same time, I would like to encourage 'new' writers to pursue their vision. I am 64 years old, husband to one, father to one, grandfather to three. The Lord has been very good!
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