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  1. Sing O Barren” stands for the travailing passion, and enlarging call for your full potential in God. Minister Guerline Reid is calling all to break out into fruitfulness in the kingdom.
  2. To produce content that ignites and develops you to be instruments of God's Revival, Bishop Omaudi Reid and Pastor Guerline Reid publish books, blogs, podcasts, pamphlets, videos and more for the purpose of igniting, and equipping Christian believers, like you, for world revival. We write and speak from a God-given burning passion to equip believers to accomplish their greatest potential in God.
  3. Arrows of Revival is a podcast series hosted by Bishop Omaudi Reid aka Bishop "Ball-of-Fire" and Pastor Guerline Reid aka "GateBreaker". One Word - One Prophetic Utterance - One Teaching can drastically change your life and ministry. The series includes discussions and teachings on the people of the revival, and the characteristics of the last days world revival prophesied in the Bible. God is shaping and polishing you as arrows that will hit the bullseye of Revival because one life focused on God and His kingdom can change a generation and usher in revival.
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