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  1. Thank you, all guys for welcoming me. I feel part of you. Be blessed all.
  2. I am sorry guys i didn't introduce myself. I am from Nairobi,, Kenya. Hope you all welcome me to christian writers community. Accept my apology.
  3. Look at the cross, Jesus took your entire burden, His precious blood conquered all, No one cared for your soul, His lover never fails. Look beyond His death, Victory belongs to the house of David, What was fractured has been redeemed, Hallelujah hallelujah, You’re free from bondage, His blood did it at no cost, Forever and ever you are soul is free, His life did it all. Beware of the snares, traps by the enemy, Be watchful, God hates sin, Be righteous O Ye’ man, Walk in holy ways, pray and watch, The enemy stares at you, Christ died for you O Ye’ sinner. By. Nyaruri Paul Okinyi Kenya
  4. How do you write a fiction but religious poem considering the Bible is the true word of God?
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