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  1. 'Stubby becomes a pastor' is my new book and I have a free dig download this weekend, (Dec 13th thru Dec 17th) at www.paperbackpreachers.com It took many years and some great information from this site, thanks everyone. Have been working many extra hours but thank you Jesus for helping me. Rich (RRRecardoe)
  2. Some of the things I have learned in this group, I am putting into practice. 1. I learned that I can write more, from 40,000 to almost 60,000 words - love it, I get to add some color to my story 2. When I am ready to talk with an agent, one of the things I need are followers 3. To make sure I have someone else read my book In reference to #2, I have a free digital download of my latest book, 101 Love Thoughts, Helping you to build your relationship with the creator, Jesus Christ. At www.rrrecardoe.com As I learn from each of you, I do add the lesson to my writing. Thanks everyone that has help me to be a better writer Rich (RRRecardoe)
  3. OK:>{ where do I find it I am sure The Christian Writers Market Guide is right in front me.
  4. I entered with this: Your servant RRRecardoe Emperor Octavian As our ships passed, you saw me throw these bottles Send all warships next new moon Marc Antony and Cleopatra are overconfident
  5. While trying to find an agent, one of the items an agent is looking for is the number of followers I would have. 1. Who are these followers 2. Where do I find them 3. How do I track them My first thought is: Facebook - Not sure yet, working on it Twitter - the last thing I will be working on Website - I have a friend building a better looking website for me and he suggested that he set up a way to make a list of emails for that would give me a count of followers Amazon - From the books that I already have there - I will be giving a free digital download of these books to up my followers count
  6. Sorry about taking so long to introduce myself. I live in Los Angeles CA USA and we just went through a few thousand earthquakes and the emotional toll on my friends was necessary. When I signed up, I read something about the number of words and I thought I was close to being done with my book (Burning Baby) but I am only half way. Which was GREAT! I got a renewed passion for my book and writing again (I am only so so now but each book I get better!) I have a few books on Amazon and one my pastor is reading. For this book (Burning Baby) I will be looking for an agent and I have received a lot of great info here and links to more info. Which will bring me to a question that I have added to the forum - 'Followers, how do I track them'
  7. Sometimes I read from my mind (things I think I wrote) instead of reading from my eyes (things I actually wrote). I use the TTS in Word to listen you my book and I have found a number of small errors. TTS is Text To Speech, but the voice is choppy. It still is a good tool for me to hear my book. I hope MS upgrades it soon. I am using 365 and have been looking for an app or program that will sound better, preferable it would work in Word.
  8. Would you agent help with a copyright?
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