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  1. These are such valuable words!! Thank you so much! I will do as you suggest. I don’t know how to publish and will look at all the options closely. I may have more questions! ☺️ My closet was definitely kind of crowded😉.
  2. Right! I would say Christian life. The chapters are each a call from God. For instance: The Call, The Cost, The Answer are the first 3 of twelve. The book is about the Christian journey. A modern day version of some of the encounters on our journey. It starts with enlisting in God’s army and the commitment it requires. The topic and titles of the chapters were given to me in a closet one stormy night. I basically felt I was taking dictation! Then over the next 18 years - I found I was walking through the chapters!
  3. Thank You for the response. My children’s books have done well due to promotion from my office. I am still working as a nurse practitioner so I did not promote them other than at my office because of the love of writing only. I am going to start focusing on promoting them since I now have the time. The Christian book I am writing is a book for believers. It was not a book I intended on writing but was called to write it. It is on faith. I was thinking about using an agent just because this one is for God. The others were for preschool and middle readers, one of which got an award. I have now realized that I am a Christian writer above all else. If you have other suggestions for me I am grateful to hear them. I have been asking God for the right direction. He led me to all of you!
  4. I love it! I have truly found my home with all of you! 😂 ✏️✏️
  5. Thank you everyone! I have never had such a warm welcome! Blessings ❤️❤️
  6. Hello everyone! I think I have already barged in! Thank you for the warm welcome and response. I am currently writing a book on faith entitled, The Call For Faith Walking People. It is a book for the believer that illustrates God’s many calls to us while under the teaching of the Holy Spirit. I have been a nurse for many years and a nurse practitioner for the past 24 years, having the privilege caring for people through many trials. I have always been a writer and speak on many health topics and women’s meetings. My medical career has dominated my time and I am now getting the writing time I need. I have written 3 children’s books. Two picture books in verse out of request from patients. They are about having a new baby. I have also written a children’s book entitled Once Upon A Summer, which is a middle reader based on summers with my grandmother. It received honorable mention in the Paris book festival a few years ago. My current Christian book has been one that was given to me as I have been led by the Spirit. ( too much to discuss here😄) There have been too many tests and afflictions while writing this one!! Just confirms my persistence is important! I appreciate your warm welcome and thank you for the communication!
  7. Great! Will check out the writing forum. I cannot seem to find meet and greet!
  8. Thank you! Happy to connect with all of you! I agree there are many risks out there. Just want to be very cautious. Not in a hurry and praying for the right situation.
  9. Thank you!! Only goal is to get it out there for the Lord! Anything it would make or do is solely for the purpose of the Lord’s work!🙏🏻
  10. Hello! I am new to Christian Writers and would like to know if I should use a literary agent for a Christian book I am writing. I have self published 3 children’s books. One that received honorable mention in the Paris book festival a few years ago. I am concerned that most publishers will not take a look at my book without an agent. Any thoughts?? Thank you so very much! I am a nurse practitioner who absolutely loves writing and want to expand my world with other authors. I appreciate any guidance.
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