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  1. Welcome Kymberly! So grateful that you've found us! Many warm wishes to you as you settle in with us. Humbly, SW
  2. Prayers for you dear one. May you find comfort in the arms of our Lord. He is our rest and our strength. I have complete faith that a provision will be fully provided for you and your family. Many blessings to you and yours... Humbly, SW
  3. You have my prayers dear sister...I pray also for your peace and comfort! Humbly, SW
  4. ...did you mean anticipation? I think we all need a place of escape. A place of solitude. A place without threat or injury. Your poem is an excellent description of the need for that contemplative space...the healing space... the resting space. Well done! Humbly, SW
  5. I stand all amazed. What a beautiful, vivid and powerful poem. I had chills and ... a tear? I didn't want it to end. This is what words are supposed to do. To exalt the MOST HIGH, to Glorify him and to glorify his work! I was immediately drawn in by the spirit after reading this! So very very powerful! Thank you! Glory be to our God forever! Humbly, SW
  6. Hammer of Crucifixion Raise ye not the hammer of crucifixion To pierce the hands of my son, For the sins ye thus engage today Strike the stake upon the head, And, fasten him With vengeance and blood Into the grain, And though his sacrifice for you Occurred so long ago, Each chosen sin knowingly committed He remembers in his soul. Now, should he have looked Into the eyes of his executioner Would he have seen your face? And should he dare To have stopped the falling Of the hammer to his hand? Nay! He cried upward in agony To beseech the cause of my forsaking, And I could only watch The hammer of crucifixion fall As we set into motion Our love for each soul individually… Our everyone— Our all.
  7. I reflect on all the times I ever secretly desired a sign... I don't think I ever asked for one... But you know how prayers of the heart are... They're mostly unspoken... As I've matured in my faith I'm embarrassed about how little trust I actually had.
  8. I teach incarcerated youth at a Juvenile Detention Center... So much of what I see could be handled more appropriately by the justice system... I feel like you identify a similar flaw...we place our faith (our desire for justice) in quite the wrong authority... I feel similarly about modern medicine... I am working to be more prayerful in times of distress rather than rushing into discourse with others about my issues.
  9. I'm beginning to see this more often as I read. Thank you for pointing this out! Still learning...still falling in love with the Word!
  10. Swish some Listerine and drink some warm mint tea. My wife has occasional mouth pain when under stress. She found that she clenches her jaw tightly when she sleeps. Give yourself some self-care/self-love. I'll certainly be praying for your comfort also! Humbly, SW
  11. LOL!! I actually think I needed this! Its been a stressful week. I'm grateful for the giggle! Humbly, SW
  12. Happy Birthday Z! Many Blessings to you! 🧁
  13. Oh what a powerful poem... I teach social/emotional health at a juvenile Detention Center. This piece is so vivid and literally communicates words my own students struggle to grasp and communicate. You are so much further along on your healing journey than so many I've seen struggling. I'm proud of you for your honesty and truth. Possible Title: Marionette Humbly, SW
  14. Man I can relate... sometimes I'm an idea guy...ehm...erm with no real substance... most things just sound good in my head...lol!!
  15. This is so powerful to me.... and personally provocative. I teach at a juvenile detention center and am met with guilt and intense emotional injury every day. You offer words and a truthful portrayal of despair that is so often felt with guilt and worthlessness. I hope you find peace my friend. Often writing is a simple solace, a connection to the quiet-- nearness to the spirit. Despite your pain, never forget that you are loved and that blood was shed to cover injury and sin... Receive it day by day... (some days will be harder than others.) Don't forget to love yourself and move through this time with prayer and cleansing tears.... (yes I believe here are different kinds of tears...) Many Blessings to you! Humbly, SW
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