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  1. Looks interesting, but is it effective? _____________________________________ Is Autism Curable?
  2. What can you expect with a language that is made up of several languages? That is why drafting can be very helpful. _________________________________________________ Is Autism Curable?
  3. Doesn't ring any bells. ______________________________ Better Health 103
  4. People can't take a joke. Thanks for your commentary. ________________________________________________________________________ Better Health 103
  5. Thanks for sharing these quotes. ___________________________________ Fly Almost Free
  6. You have to get serious with your writing. If you start a book, you must establish a working schedule that you stick to and work on your book whether it's 30 minutes or two hours each day. You must be your book's number one fan. If you don't care, how can you expect anyone else to care about what you have written? Am I making sense? __________________________________
  7. I agree to a certain extent.
  8. Maybe that happened on purpose to make you a customer more willing to pay.
  9. Thanks for your tips on maintaining focus regardless of what happens.
  10. I am surprised this didn't happen much sooner.
  11. You got the central theme of your future book. Now you have to work out the details, characters, etc. Keep us updated.
  12. Thanks for your welcome here. I appreciate your warmth.
  13. Today I was talking to my mother as she watched her Christian Sermon; we exchanged notes on the miracles we have had in the past. She related the same miracle that happened to me: I donated $5 to help build a place for religious studies, and days later I realized that I was not missing that $5 from my pouch; the money reappeared.
  14. I agree with the previous poster. The spirit continues to affect us today.
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