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  1. My first thought was that i want to know what "die" means for the android. Secondly, Genesis 2:7 and Mat 10:28 indicates that a human body cannot live without a soul. Your story convinced me that the android is alive, which is to say, you convinced me he is salvageable:) How will i be convinced he is dead?
  2. Thanks for the thought-provoking post and answers! With A Better Father, I'm trying to begin in a worldview that does not admit Christ. I want each main character to have a goal that is part of the canvas upon which Christ is presented. Hopefully, the contrast between canvas and subject will become clear as most of the characters ultimately value sacrificial love above their personal goals.
  3. Hamid Ismailov is the author of The Devil's Dance. He published the novel, described as "a story within a story within a story", on Facebook in 2018. It won the EBRD literature prize in 2019. Below is an excerpt from an interview. I thought the whole article was very interesting. You can find it here: https://www.britishcouncil.org/voices-magazine/novelist-hamid-ismailov-storytelling-social-media-censorship What about your identity as a writer? You're often described in relation to your Uzbek heritage, and your work being banned in your own country. The best thing for an auth
  4. If I direct Charlie out onto the porch swing with a cup of coffee, it should take the three of them 2 hours of my time.
  5. That's dope, Ky_GirlatHeart
  6. What is interesting to me about it is that the traditionalists Global group, are the very large majority and are truly international. They refuse to be taken the direction [American] liberal Methodists want to go.
  7. If we're gonna talk Alabama and heat, then the next post would need to be about Barbecue
  8. That was beautiful. It strikes me as much like a good book with all the themes flowing together and the intensity changing to this aspect and that. Thanks, Ky_GirlatHeart
  9. Yes! I was thinking just recently of how the marriage of two Christians is a value statement about the pleasure of God, an agreement with his will/authority. The ongoing marriage through all life's challenges is a sustained persuasion of each one of the two that God is pleased with their union.
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