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  1. Carolyn W


    Thank you scribewriter. I feel like I've had the privilege of the latter way of writing for a few decades on our newsletters and now the LORD is showing me a process for the sake of capturing the threads into a theme. But what do you mean by removing yourself from the process? CW
  2. Carolyn W


    Thank you to all your warm welcomes!
  3. Carolyn W


    Thank you Becky. I don't know whether to do a devotional type book, which is the type that most people have encouraged me to write over the decades but is also the type of book I least enjoy reading:/ Or to do a novel, which is the kind I most enjoy reading but is the type of writing I find most intimidating because of the need to create fictional characters and put words in their mouths (when I find it so difficult myself to talk😂) Or to write a memoir, which the bulk of my writing has been which has never seen the light of day but the type which my pen flows most freely with 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Carolyn W


    Hi friends. I am encouraged and grateful this morning as I've landed on this site. I've been mining Stroygrid the past week, driven by my decades of desire to write a book. The content on that site is certainly rich but also made me long for a Christian writers community. I appreciate the content here from your lives and hearts and look forward to interaction with this Christcommunity you've formed.
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