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  1. I learn something every time I come into this site. I had no idea titles weren't copyrighted. But makes sense.
  2. God bless you Sophie. May you all have a blessed sleep tonight
  3. There's probably no electricity in heaven, just smiling voices:)
  4. LORD Jesus please bless our friend with Your famous peace that passes understanding. Make this week rich for her with reminders of your great love and presence.
  5. Thanks for this question-answer thread. There is so much I want to learn - at once:/ It can feel overwhelming. I appreciate hearing your perspective EBraten.
  6. I think that'll sell just by the title, suspensewriter. Good post, Johnne.
  7. This is a Latin script question:) Most of the world's scripts, I think, don't capitalize any words. I relish using those capitalized pronouns for the great I Am.
  8. It is. I'm studying some other authors' approach to writing about the people of that area.
  9. Hi Zee! Great question. I'm dealing with that right now. The idea of "getting into the head" of an evil person really puts me off. But an unexpected thing happened this week as I was immobilized by a catch in my back and only had reading and thinking time:) I had the entrance of my villain but no back story yet that explained his villainy and gave him street cred, and i didn't want to ask him for it:) But I heard the Storygrid: "the middle build belongs to the villain". So I thought I'd better figure out the villain's story. To do that I needed to figure out the genre (per Storygrid) so I read and made a checklist from the differences in the genres I suspected and copied a checklist of conventions and obligatory scenes for those. I also copied summaries of the Color Code (personality paradigm) and figured out he's a red. Then I set about "listening" to the villain's story by asking questions from the story grid material. I got so much material I wondered if he deserves his own book 😂 But I think my protagonist's genre and my antagonist's genre will go together well in one book. I'm sure writing it is another thing altogether but at least now there's some content to refer to.
  10. Thank you, Sophie. It is overwhelming, in a good way:) I am blessed to be in this writing community. The lows I hit don't nag at me quite the same way now since I hear that my struggles are common among writers. The doubts that find a voice in me still pop up but I question them now I still put my foot in my mouth in trying to put feelings about into words - but it's getting easier to remove it. Posts like yours are a blast of fresh air. I guess that means I'm a list person! So on we go! Thanks again!
  11. For a novel about restoration by a Christian writer, you might try Elizabeth Goudge's The Dean's Watch, or Scent of Water. Although her genre is probably different than yours, her writing has depth (though some parts can be tedious verbage to skip over).
  12. God bless you Sarah. May He heal you completely quickly. Eye stuff can take a long time to heal. Don't be discouraged. God is never taken by surprise. Enjoy His love while you hope forward:)
  13. I'm glad to find your post about scenes. I'm slogging through fundamentals and would love some rules of thumb. I have looked up "scene" on the internet a number of times and find I am still struggling to understand my writing in terms of scenes. If a scene is a section of one or more characters engaging in action or dialog, is it a scene change when the action has been a character walking along a path and a conversation is begun with a second character at the end of the path? Or if two talking characters walk into a group and the conversation takes a different direction, is that a scene change? [And I don't see "chapters" in the writing on scenes, sequences, and acts, so that's kind of pushing me the same way. I expect this is a question for Remedial Writing, so if you have a helpful webpage in mind too, I would take that] So in my post, The promise of a day, is it all one scene or is it three or...?
  14. One of my concerns about writing fiction was that idea of "getting into characters". I found it an alarming concept. I didn't want my thoughts to turn more easily to fictional characters than to my present reality with the LORD (perhaps you understand what I mean, I hope:) But as a language learner, (well even earlier, in university science classes) I found I would awake from dreaming in a foreign language (or a foreign math language:) and I realized I was "getting into character" , that is getting deep enough into the content that I was not just remembering important facts but synthesizing my own ideas within a new language! That language learning experience has encouraged me to not fear "getting into character" now as I launch out into writing with a goal of publishing a novel. As for cosplay, I didn't know the word previously, Lynn. Thanks for bringing it forward. I wonder if my having dressed contextually for years within the culture I'm writing of might have been tantamount to cosplay since I'm now visualizing the characters in Central Asian clothing instead of American clothes. I've wondered how many words I should spend trying to bridge the gap between my imagination and the American reader's imagination.
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