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  1. It might be that in glimpsing the fringes of his potential he can be surprised and turn to God for a bit of introspection (or turn to whatever he trusts in) and realize a new willingness to pursue change or face a choice. Does the jellyfish find value in remaining a jellyfish?
  2. You might give him a physical element- like coffee, some vitamin/supplement/a good night's sleep/an affinity for chocolate. I've just noticed that I tend to be more likely to make an impulsive decision when I have more than my baseline energy
  3. Horror is in the eye of the beholder? I resist allowing an author to have free reign with my mind's eye. The grotesque of most modern imaginative horror is more than I care to experience. The true grotesque of this world is stark enough, I think, and the souls trapped within it are worthy of our real emotional interaction. I want horror writing that keeps me mindful of God's purposes in the dark places of the earth. The craft of building dread without adulterating the reader marks good Christian horror in my opinion. I appreciate the author who accomplishes that (and I have found
  4. This is fascinating. I didn't and don't think of myself as writing in the horror genre, and yet the rough draft I just finished is about exactly this. It's a story of an Afghan family confronted with the horror of internal and external evil. I wonder if Mr. Derrickson's definition is particularly his or generic?
  5. Carolyn W


    Howdy Focus! I like that name:) It's in one of my mottos, "Focus & Finish".
  6. Howdy Ash! Looking forward to your writing.
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