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  1. Yes, I agree. Trying to get work published which fit that description is incredible hard these days. My first novel - Natural Talent - was not aimed specifically at the 16+ Christian young adult but YA. It dealt with the more weighty issues. Some agents told me it was not 'gritty' enough and by others - christian agents - it was too gritty.
  2. Thanks Johne. I have come.across this approach before. The 3 stage structure is a good framework for plotting. Using this approach is good for the dreaded synopsis writing as you can go back to the sentances you have written as your base to work on
  3. Wow. Another load of great posts. I cannot give any advice on housing or homelessness as I am UK base. I agree with RAD -work out your end so you know the direction of your story. Q. What is the point of them being made homeless? Is this part of the emotion arch of the story for them or a plot device for the action arch. If so then how does it affect them emotionally?
  4. All the above post are great advice. Less is definitely best. Leave it up to your reader to work things out.
  5. Thanks for this. A good reminder of how much we miss when writing about the environment our character inhibit. I frequently forget to mention smells.
  6. All good advice given Zee in the posts. Giving your lame character a strong belief system (even if it is one that causes upset to others) is vital as is the need for redeeming qualities. Think about their backstory too - is there a reason they are they way they are? This can then be used as tool to either make the reader dislike the character more or be sympathetic. I find writing for these guys a lot easier than writing for the hero/heroine. Not sure what that says about me🤔
  7. Can anyone give advice on whether to use the Amazon Kindle Match service? I have just created an account and gone through the steps to publish my s/p novel form 2008 and it offered this service.
  8. The grammar checker I use helps has an 'overused' facility - it will highlight words used and recommend how many to get rid of.
  9. OK I am going to show my ignorance here - what exactly are 'keywords' and how do they work on Amazon. I am asking because I have signed up to kindle to upload my self-published book.
  10. I love heroes who are flawed or quirky. I don't like heros who always get it right or never get sacred/lose etc. Sho when I write I try to create a character who is basically good but has a particularly hang up or issue which affects their ability to get their desire/goal. How about anyone else?
  11. Sounds good to me😊
  12. If you start wit the birthday party - what would make it stand out - how would it link to the fire? Could the birthday party in some way be where the firs starts? 
  13. Hi Thanks for this. The 2nd video was very helpful. It is so easy to go over the top when writing emotions. 
  14. This is always a tough one for family members to write. I always advise writing it down (preferably typed). I suggest that they have any doubts about their ability to give it on the day they should eithr ask someone else to read it or have someone on standby. In some situations I have read it out on behalf o the family or had to sstep in once or twice. Consulting other members or close friends is important too. Part of a funeral Service is celebrating and giving thanks for the person's life so sharing memories is is a good way to do this and can be healing too.
  15. Given the day job at the moment that may well explain why I am struggling to write anything decent.😂
  16. Hi Sarah I would suggest - as the others have - starting with the fire. You can write this either as a prologue or 1st Chapter which ever you prefer. If you want to then go forward or back in time you can do this simply by writing underneath the chapter heading the date. In Demon of Sphinx' I started with a prologue set in 1992 then went back to 1982 for Part One of the book where the main characters were teenagers. i ended Part One with a major incident. Then I jumped to 1992 for Part Two. Part Two concluded by ending with the prologue scene towards the end. I
  17. I go through fits and spurts. On holiday I read voraciously because I have to time. Otherwise it can take time reading a book - although if I get really engross I can read into the small hours. Not great when you have work the next day. 
  18. Not sure. Check the website. It seemed to download itself and attach to the web browser as I can use it all the time in word and on the net.
  19. Hi Homer I use ProWriteAid to and also have dyslexia. I wish I had discover the software years ago. It as Ally says it a very good tool for any kind of writing. I have certainly found it has improved my novel writing tremendously. The great thing about PWA is you can use it when writing emails or a post as I am doing now. It also helps with editing as it will identify words you can cut out and highlights passive writing. Definitely recommend it. Worth every penny
  20. I have been trying to write that all important first line for my new WIP. Below is an article I came across while looking for inspiration Greatest first lines in books So far my opening line is: When the gunshots rang out, the boy switched the ignition on and revved the engine, just as his mom had taught him. And that was the 8th attempt😀 What is your favourite opening line? Mine is George Orwell's 1984 (it in the link). It is so simple and uses something so familiar to us that you almost miss the quirk at the end.
  21. EBraten - what was the book on editing called - was it 5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatel Flaws of Writing?
  22. Thanks. I am waiting for Demon to come back from a MS assessment which prompted the question.
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