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  1. Just seen your post Zee. Yep. That would work.
  2. I like this the one @lynmosher did. Spot on.
  3. I SP a YA novel in 2008. It was professionally edited, typeset and I got an artist to do the jacket. I gave some away to readers and asked them to review. Even managed to get a quote or two for the back jacket. It went on Amazon. BN & Waaterstones. What did I learn 1. Only do it if you are prepared to invest in a robust marketing plan - otherwise it is a waste of time and money because nobody knows you and you have to market it variously. You will need to build a reader-basis. 2. If you go down the tradition print a tone of copies route get extra jackets printed. They cost less in bulk and if you go into a second print run you can cut costs by using the spare jackets. 3. If I was ever to do it again I would do POD & Kindle.
  4. No no no hearts.🤩🤩 Who is your target audience? You need to be clear about that. Then produce a cover that fits them. Are you writing for Mills & Boons? Are you writing for the single 20 something? Are you writing for the discerning mature reader? Remember although your story is essentially a romance you do have a very interesting backdrop of a war turn city with a political power game going on.
  5. You could have a cafe scene with a man peering out the window to woman seated at a table. Do you know someone who is an art teacher or.good at art? Ask them to produce something. It can me worked into a cover or jacket design.
  6. Thank you everyone for pitching in with your comments. Funnily enough I find writing from the male POV is often my first port of call. I will 'hear' the male lead character before the female lead character. I suspect a phycologist would put it down to my childhood. My mother died when I was very young and I lived with three older brothers and a father who was pretty traditional in his attitude towards women. Nevertheless I do write female characters but they are strong and down to earth. So this time around I really want to see if I can develop a female character who are more rounded.
  7. That is really good news Johne. Well done. It is always so affirming when someone who does not know you personally is able to give such a positive feedback on work.
  8. Thank you Johne for the excellent Action Story guidelines. I read the Story Grid book section but couldn't get my head around it. Your version is so much easier to understand. Question I am using a version of the Story Grid Scene by Scene breakdown. The headings I have are Scene Chapter Word Count Location/Time POV Characters on Characters mentioned Essential Action Opening Line Inciting Incident Progressive Complication Turning Point Crisis Climax Resolution The issue I have is I am not clear on the relationship between Inciting Incident-Progressive Complication-Turning Point-Crisis. The rest I get. To me they sound almost the same but they are obviously not and I probably have each element in my long summary which I will transfer into the grid. Any one able to shed light. I
  9. I tend to check this site and other site using mobile or desktop (simply because I work from home using the desktop so easy to check notifications.) Mobile is used when out and about or in the evenings when otherwise occupied. As yet I don't have specific author platforms so it tends to be work or personal platforms such as twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook.
  10. Does anyone find themselves creating main characters of one gender than the other? I found I my main characters for my past two novel to be male. (although I also had female characters as well but they were secondary). I decided I wanted my main character to be female for my next WIP and found it difficult at first to settle on this. I now have a female main character and a solid male character but it was a bit touch and go at first who was going to have the starring role. Anyone else had this issue?
  11. Tomorrow is going to be a strange day for many Christians. Fellowship and collective prayer is often the bedrock of christian communities. As someone said on this site - online is no substitute. I have told my church I will be doing morning prayer at 10am and invited them to join me 'in spirit'. We launch a WhatsApp prayer thread on Monday. It's not enough and won’t help those who are not technologically savvy but it might help others feel less isolated. I am realising just how big this pandemic is globally. Any previous thoughts that the powers that be were over the top are gone. And it is going to be a long haul. Writing wise. I am settling down and be able to concentrate on outlining my new work. It is proving a hard one to do but is coming slowly together. I am being more of a planner this time around than previous so it is new disciple for me as well.
  12. Writing wise I have created website but it's not open to the public yet and is quite basic. I use twitter a lot for our church which has prove a good way to reach people and have created a dedicated twitter account for writing but again I am not using it much as an author partly because I don't feel ready to launch myself yet. Maybe when I get some work published. I don't like face book so rarely use it. On the question of website apart from a link to your book to purchase, blog about yourself, what else is useful to put on it without cluttering it?
  13. Some of it was posted on the site when I first joined last year. I am just about ready to sub it but waited til I had Child of No One written first incase I needed to change details to fit the overall story together.
  14. Update. All. Churches closed as UK.goes into lockdown. Never ever thought I would see this when I was ordianand in 2005.
  15. I had a proper look at the sheet - most of it is the same as what is given the relevant emotion in the Emotional Theasures.
  16. The Church of England has prohibited all public services to be held in churches nationally. So Sunday was very surreal for me with no congregation. Most of my people are over 70 & many have underlying health issues so there are only a few of us who are able to get about. I am putting prayer packs to deliver over the next day or two. They have our weekly readings, orders of service, prayer sheet and a newsletter in them. I am keeping in touch via email, whatsapp & phone. Depending on what happens this week ( likely that churches will closed down completed as nation goes in to lock down). I may try doing an online service this Sunday.) Praying for all of you not able to go to church or pastor in your normal way. Strange days indeed. At present not getting much writing done but might if we go into lock down. Depends on whether I can come up with a story worth writing.
  17. No offense taking. I get your point and it is fair one. Yes, I agree. Just a bit tired at the mo with all the COVID-19 stuff in the UK making life difficult - as I am sure it is doing for everyone all over the global. THanks for the feedback.
  18. Lazy? Not a word in my vocabulary. Ideas?Yep. Lots for both Grandma Annie and new stories. But yes I agree in essence with what you say.
  19. When I wrote 'Demon's I meant it to be a single story. Then someone asked what happened to Reuben and his mother which lead to me writing 'Child of No One.' Now I an considering writing a third book. Thanks to a comment by Zee and a chance remark by my son - an idea is forming with Grandma Annie centre stage. My worry is that this might seem pushing my luck? Some writers find it hard to let go of their characters and write about them even though the 'steam' has gone out. The other thought that bugs me is what do publishers/agents prefer. -standalone novels or series. Would two books be enough, or would they want a 3rd anyway? Any comments welcomed.😃
  20. A piece of advice I was given years ago was - if you take something out and it doesn't affect the story/plot - leave it out. I have found this helpful in the past.
  21. Just read the snowflake method. Going to try for my next novel.
  22. Hi Has anyone come across Brenda Bevan Remmes and her Quaker Cafe Novels? I have just read both of them and was blown away by her style of writing. She also made me laugh out aloud in Quaker Cafe (the first one) with the ball game incident and the float scene. Definitely a role model writing wise.
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