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  1. Ask your phone provider about blocking calls. When I get a scam call I add it to the list and it is automatically blocked. The scam that always tickles me is when I am told I have been in a car accident I ask if I was driving?. M9 ti.es out of 10 they say yes. That's when I tell them I don't drive
  2. I agree - you have articulated the issues well. At the moment - the market is still very conservative with the pandemic and agents/publishers not very adventurous. I would hang on in there Jeff for a bit longer. don't throw in the towel just yet. Take a break. Write some else then look again at your MS and query letter. You are obviously doing something right otherwise you would not be getting any feedback which you are. As someone said to me recently, 'it's like through spaghetti at a wall.' Some of it will stick eventually.
  3. Appreciate all that you are saying but as Wes has pointed agents & publishers are assessing your writing from a different perspective to beta readers. They are looking at it as a product they will have to invest in and sell. As I have said you done well to get the feedback so far. It now a matter f it landing on the right person's desk.
  4. Feel for you Jeff. However the fact that you are getting feedback from them is a good sign. It got off the slush pile. Both Wes B & Johne have given good advice. ( I like the idea of the SHEG. Unfortunately I just don't understand the story grid approach so no good to me. ) At the end of the day it is your work not theirs. By all means edit it but be careful not to lose the essences of it. Good luck.
  5. I went on to the site and read the article on 'What if it takes you take 12 years to get an agent?'' Have to say, she pins the tail on the donkey.
  6. Amen to that. And thanks for the encouragement. !8 months to go
  7. Steve Laube has written a useful guide on preparing book proposals for fiction and non-fiction called Tip,& Tricks. It is available if you sign up with Christian Writers institute. It on offer at the moment as freebie when you sign. Some of the suggestion are obvious but he gives some interesting insights to the mindset of an agent and how not to annoy them.
  8. Thank you @carolinamtne I have got their guide notes and will try them first. Thanks @Tom Laurie & @Zee for your advice.
  9. Thanks. Will check diary and if free book.
  10. OK - I am in the UK which is GMT - so what would 7pm be here?
  11. Thanks Johne. Most of them are on the 'filter list' which I use to go through every MS when I am at the final pre-subbing stage. So that is good to know.
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