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  1. Well put. On the one hand I want to refine my work but realise part of that process is having someone it in isolation.ie a beta reader. Yikes🤔
  2. It has been done before but that does not mean you shouldn't. My advice would be to 1st be clear about who and what your non-believe is. Are they an agonist or atheist? Were they brought up in a religious home (and if so which religion - it does not necessarily have to be a christian household - even if it was - which denomination or church tradition?) or not. There are plenty of books written that challenge the existence of God as well as one by people who were non-believers who came to faith. If they are to convince or try to convince their christian partner then you as the writer will need to be clear about what their argument is against Christianity and how they make their choice attractive enough for the christian character to potential be swayed by it. If you have not read it I recommend The Shack - which does this very well using several religions including Christianity to create a kind of Nirvana. Research is going to be key to this story. Good luck with it.
  3. Yes, Yes. That's me. Yes me, unfortunately. Yes, that can and does happen. Sounds good to me. Although I would suggest that a good reviewer would do this - as some of our C&F section suggest.
  4. Thanks Johne. This will help me to work out whether my idea for bk3 works or not.
  5. That's strange. I have just PM you about reading Child of No One. Yes, happy do a swop.😀
  6. OK, I going to stick my neck out here. I have never used a Beta Reader before - because I didn't know about them. I have posted some extracts of Child of No One in the critique forum. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback. I am just finishing off giving it a proof-read via grammar program. It is at 70K at present. It's a thriller and a coming of age story set in Tennessee. I would hesitate to say it is ready to go out to submission which is why I would like someone to read it. There is just something that I feel is missing. I think it has something to do with the main character's faith journey but I am not sure. I should point out that it is not a specifically christian writing. I aim for main stream and veer on the side of debate rather than preaching. The previous book I wrote (Demons) was a love story and thriller which explored how the main characters lost and found their faith after tragic incidents. Child of No One is a thriller which focuses on the main character's sense of identity and place in the world. There is mild violence, a wee bit of bad language and I tend to be a bit tongue in cheek about the church. I am happy to read in return.
  7. That's helpful. Both books can be read independently because each book's story is self contained. So if someone read bk 2 it wouldn't matter that they had not read bk 1. It is just that I have some.of the same characters of bk1 in bk2 but the two.main ones are new in bk2.
  8. As you all will know I am not a Story Grid fan but I have to say I did a scene-by-scene breakdown of Child of No One when I finished the 1st draft. I simplified the original grid as I felt it was too overblown for me. It helped me spot the need to develop a character's story more and tightened up the pace in one section. Although a time consuming excerise, I would recommend doing it. It also means I now have a quick reference aid if I need to check what and when or see where to add a scene or chapter would be best placed.
  9. I have now written two books as a series or a duology. (Demons of Sphinx & Child of No One) I am now debating whether to start a new book or consider writing a 3rd book so the series is trilogy. Out of curiosity I am wondering what agents and publishers prefer? Do they prefer duologues or trilogies or are they not bothered? At the end of the day I will work on the idea that holds up and interests me but I would be interested to know people's views.
  10. Yes, that is me. Really don't like 1st person narrative.
  11. Thanks for the response. I did think about a sequel and still have some notes on a plot outline. Not sure I want to write the sequel - will try to see if I can find the publsiher.
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