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  1. Love the cover. Very cute.
  2. That's me out of the running then😂
  3. The video - from an evening news bulletin - went viral here in the UK. So funny.
  4. 😄 Thank you Suspensewriter. That very kind of you. I spent this evening reading more of SG book and getting some ideas down for the 'middle bit. Will ping pong between the two methods but you are right _ I do favour the beat sheet.
  5. I know we have discussed how we each approach outlining our work using various methods. including save the cat beat story or Story Grid Foolscap methods. I used the Beat Sheet for 'Demons' but thought I would have a go at the Story Grid for my current WIP. Got the book, thanks to Johne, got the templates for the Foolscap and off I went. Have to say, it did my head in. It wasn't a millon miles away from the BS and but the terminology I found difficult. So I went back to the Beat Sheet and wrote out the first part of 'Child of No One' (now drafted) to see if I was just being dumb. Did that no problem. I then tried to take what I had written on the BS and plot it down using the 'Beginning Hook, categories. Brick wall time. Now, here is the interesting thing - my adult son, who is a very logical thinker and interest in screenwriter and use the BS, sat down with my BS for 'Child' and transposed it on to the Story Grid Foolscap in no time. He got it ( and now has borrowed my book ) What can be drawn from this? - Possible that my works in mysterious ways. 😂 The obvious thing is that what works for one person doesn't always work for another. However, now he has shown me how it work I am going give the Story Grid another try but definitely keep with the Beat Sheet.
  6. If you can accept that what you are writing is a work in progress event when you have finished a draft the helps psychologically. You've got the pieces of the jigsaw down in a pattern. Now comes the fun/hard part (depending on how you view things) of rearranging, cutting and, ultimately improving you work even more. Although I received a fairly positive assessment of Demons the one thing that they did recommend was pulling Cora's story forward. That meant completely reworking the sequence of chapter and timeline for part one. Difficult but the work is overall much better for it. Thinking back on that the hardest thing was getting my head around how to do what they were asking. That is perhaps the discouraging aspect and where you could lose confidence. I would encourage anyone to just sit tight. let you mind wander and wait for the 'ah' bulb to ping.
  7. Thanks for this. I found it helped to see how syoriesvould ho a different directions.
  8. I have just read the 'About Us' bit of the website. I cam across this quote I may be off-base. I may be a dreamer, but I do feel like God has led me to this path. That sums it up for me.
  9. Thank you . Will check it out. Nichola thanks for the heads up about Monster Ivy Publishing.
  10. Yep, the harder they hit, the harder it is to take it on the chin. BUT if you do, you will find it doesn' hurt as much as you think.
  11. Found this on YT - you may already have guessed some of the reasons but here we go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg8sFTA0Ta8
  12. Thanks BK. I posted this request a while ago and have progressed with the work. It has been fully critiqued both here on this site and by a professional editor/reader. So, I think I am at that stage where I need to see what the feedback is from agents/publisher. Obviously if it bombs, then I will re-think things. Thanks for the offer. I have enjoyed reading your work and will continue to critique what you post but I am probably not the best person to do a full assessment as I am fairly new to critiquing people's work I am sure others on the site would be willing to do so - maybe Zee, Alley or Suspensewriter?
  13. OK, at Alley's suggestion I am posting up to ask for suggestions of agents/publishers to approach with my thriller novel. They can be England or American base. Christian or mainstream. I don't think the conservative end of the christian publishing sector will go for it as it will probably won’t meet their strict ethical rules. Thanks  Edited Title.
  14. I agree with zx. Get your work assessed/critiqued. I had Demons done and it was it was incredibly helpful. The assessor pointed how I could improve it and they also feedback what worked well. Finally they gave advice on the synopsis and letter. Worth every penny. Best of all, I now have and do Itor/proof reader I have confidence in.
  15. Thanks everyone for the info. I feel very educated now 😁
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