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  1. I can totally identify with that. Writing keeps me sane. I started writing again after a family bereavement. It was a combination of coping with the mess I had to deal with because of the person not leaving a Will and the death being sudden. Second, it woke me up to the fact, if I wanted to achieve my desire to put words on a page, the only way it would happen was if I did it. It has been absolute God send during lockdown. Yes, I would like to get published, but it will not be the end of the world if I don't. It is something I will continue to do for myself to be best of my ab
  2. Happy birthday, Sarah. Hope you have a good one.
  3. I think I am going slightly nuts with this challenge. Word Count 36700 and it is only Friday. 13K to go.
  4. I agree and it is for these reasons I started to write again. To plug that gap. It is not gender specific either. Mena nd women may have some unique challenges but being a Christian is hard in this modern day world where the self is first.
  5. Picasso did a similar painting. I like it.
  6. Just got another reject email from agent. Not a total surprised. Same phrasing as the others. The thing that is really bothering me is the fact that no one has asked to see the full MS - I have had it assessed by two professional editors. The first worked on it with me in the final stages and then did and copy edit afterwards. The second looked at it more recently as checker for me and passed it as ready to go. Is it the market trends? The virus thing or are the editors wrong? One very disheartened and confused writer.
  7. Your website is great and I love the book covers. Yes, lockdown in the UK is not great. Not a good time to sub to agents/publishers either. Very frustrating for all.
  8. OK I found this on the web about it Mag Info and this https://www.writermag.com/ No details of the competition though.
  9. You day it is the competition is being offered by The Writer Magazine - are they US base and do they have a website? is there a closing date. Do you know of the magazine or whether it is legit?
  10. Can't believe you wrote 50K+ already @jacks girl That is amazing. Day 17 and I am up to 31500. Still away to go though.
  11. Agents have 'slush piles'. They are MS sent in by authors who are looking for an agent to represent then. It is very hard to get an agent so be prepared for a long haul. Make sure your query package is in A1 condition before you send it out. Once yoou send an agent your work you wont be able to sub them again.
  12. I am now 25K+ I think this coming week will be my last 'quiet' week work wise as we approach Advent/Christmas so I hope to get up to 30-35 if possible but I have a slight glitch in the story I need to iron out first.
  13. Day 12 and I hit 20K finishing at 22K. Yeah.
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