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  1. That does not surprised me. The only enquiry I got from CBS was a vanity publisher.
  2. Sounds similar to Writers Edge and Christian Book Submission - from neither of which I got any interest from their publishers and agents. (and both require a fee for 6 months subscription). Think I will stick to the direct approach.
  3. Query nanager? That's a new one.
  4. Two things 1. Be careful of language - deaf people prefer to be called deaf not hard of hearing or hearing impaired. 2. Deaf people can 'feel' music via vibrations under floorboards. In the 60/70s music was used as therapy to help deaf children learn to speak.
  5. Be prepared for lots of disappointment and tears. And lots, and lots of patience. They will take several weeks to months to reply - if they reply at all. I would recommend setting up a spreadsheet and noting not only when you send your work in but also their anticipated date to get back to you or the date they say if you have not heard from that it is a 'no'. As Jeff says work on your 1-line pitch, synopsis, marketing plan etc. You will need it. And good luck.
  6. Thanks for the offer. I may well take you up on it when I have something ready to PR.
  7. I have learnt to accept that when I am stuck with my writing I must be patient and wait for God to reveal how to unblock it and move forward. This seems to be happening at lot at the moment as I try to plot my WIP and it usually occurs when I do not have a pent or paper or my pc near. i.e walking the dog, halfway through another chore. I general find that if the idea has legs it will stay with me until I can scribble it down. Those that disappear probably would not have worked anyway.
  8. Absolutely Nichola. Once I hit the page, the planning is only a guide. I have been known to ditch enter plotlines.
  9. Interesting question SW. Like @Kazaza I an be a bit of both. Although I would veer on the introvert side. For example as a vicar I can confidently and (hopefully) competently lead large worship services or meetings or gatherings. But I am not comfortable at parties or social crowded places. Because I have moved around so much with the church most of my long-standing friends and family live elsewhere so I do find I spend a lot of time on my own - have to say writing does help but I do try to make the effort to do activities that will bring me into contact with other
  10. That's tough. I hope it is an early diagnosis. There is a lot they can do. Praying for you and your family.
  11. Aaah! I forgot to mention that.
  12. Aside from Jesus - who should be first in the queue. I have a lot of time for Peter - I love the fact that he is flawed and we see his journey from a hardnose fisherman to the obedient follower of Jesus. He gets things wrong, misunderstands Jesus and gets emotional. Great. The other two people I admire are Noah, for having the front to argue with God about the flood and Naomi - Ruth's mother-in-law for her savviness in getting Ruth hitched.
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