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  1. I appreciate and admire you belief in your work. If you feel that strongly and your wife is backing you. Go for it. I don't feel any hurry to get mine published so I am happy to take the longer route with all the knocks until I feel I have exhausted all avenues. Each one to their own. Good luck - I hope you get a better response next time you sub.
  2. Don't give up yet Jeff. Here is a link to an article about well-known books that got rejected by agents. Most Rejected Books Of All Time Yes, it is frustrated and demoralising but remember the industry is only a shadow of itself at the moment. I wouldn't rush to self-publish just yet. I suppose the question you need to ask yourself is how important is it for you to get the book out there as opposite secure an agent or publisher who will work with you on getting not just this book out but the others that will come after it? (Yes, I know not everyone will agree with me) That is the question I keep in mind on days like this.
  3. Yes, I only sub to publishers who will accept unsolicited submissions. (And they are not many.) JK - I thought it 40??
  4. Isn't Steve Laube and agent too? I wouldn't worry about the word limit. If they like it they will help you edit it down. It's on 1K. I lost more than that just through cutting filter words and rewriting sentences in one edit.
  5. I have send out Demons to a about a dozen publishers/agents over the past two months. It has been interesting to see how things have gone. To be honest I am realistic enough to know that getting accept would be a fluke this early on. What has interested me is that many simply don't bother replying, and the rest come back with these two standard comments? I received these after I had sent them a covering letter, synopsis with first 3 chapters as requested. (remember, Demons was professionally critiqued by a reader of leading UK Literary Consultancy and edited in the light of their comments so it had been thoroughly worked on.) Here's two I have received with my own translation in italics. 'Thank you for the opportunity to read XXX. Unfortunately, I/we do not feel strong enough about the work to represent/publish it. (Agent) Not my kind of thing/don't think it will sell. Your submission has been read with interest, but I’m sorry to say that we do not feel the work is right for our list at this time. (Publisher) Quite liked it but not our thing/ still needs work. Any thoughts on what these really mean? (This could be fun
  6. I wasn't sure where to place it. By all means move it if you wish.
  7. I have finally finished the last book in the series. Granny Annie (that won't be its published title - still working on it.) I started out to write ONE book in February 2019 and ended up writing two more. Thank you, everyone for your support, encouragement and critical feedback as these books got written. 👍💐
  8. Joshua What age range is this for? Have started to read it. It would be useful to know. Thanks.
  9. Interestingly enough, both WE & CBP have a tick box for you to tick if you do NOT want to be approached by a publishing services company to contact you. I guess DRB got around it by promoting themselves as a 'author partnership publisher.' I have politely declined DRB offer.
  10. I completely agree with you but Harper Collins state clearly on their submission page they only go through Writer's Edge to look at unsolicited submission. Bethany House suggest Chrsitan Book Publishing (although you can also sub to them direct.) I signed up with WE as an experiment to be honest. I won't be renewing my submission with them in the new year. Their customer service is dire. I have asked them to amend error on the summary they wrote and never had a reply from them. Take the money and run - I think🤔 I can't believe how much people are prying on a person's desire to get published. It's criminal.
  11. So Audible get 60%? I downloaded a few when I couldn't after my op. They are quite expensive.
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