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  1. You could be right - things do seem to be shifting and agents/publisher seem to be developing the attitude that writers who submit so be grateful for them even looking at their work. COVID has certainly created a backlog for many agents/publishers because of furlong, working from home and the sheer volume of wannabes writing in their enforced time and then there is the priority for many to keep their best selling authors selling books. From what I have heard most publishers have pushed back their 2020/21 publishing schedule back by anything between 12-18 months. Slow bo
  2. I have now completed the 1st main draft of RUTH. This is the follow on book to HANNAH. It opens a few months later to the first book. Again it is located in the fictional town of Blossom Hill populated by both Amish and English folk but the story moves to England. It is told from the joint POV of Hannah and Evan, her younger brother and set in 2019. (Pre COVID) AT the moment it is about 50K so one of the key issues will be how and where to expand the story. I have not written a synopsis yet for it but here is stab at summing it up: As a key witness for a
  3. An interesting premise. Believable characters A world I recognise & can relate to (I'm not a great sci-fi fan but love stuff like The Handmaiden's Tale, The Discworld series) An emotional impact - I like stories that pull at my heart strings. Stories where the internal conflict is mirrored by the physical story.
  4. Generally I have found that the common trend nowadays is for agents/publishers to say on their submission guidelines something along the lines of 'if you have not heard back from us by XX we're not interested.' or they will say 'if interested we will be in touch within x weeks/months.' The average 'don't call us' is about 6-12 week or 3 months (I think that is the longest period). Similar for the' we'll get in touch' ETA. Basically, if you have not heard within 6+wks it is probably a No. Next agent please.
  5. I love Ruth because it is all about family and looking after one another. At present I am leading a bible study on Jude - the shortest of all the NT books.- and that is really fascinating too.
  6. I tend to use the PWA one when going through work when editing. Occasionally I will get my well worn dog eared copy out. I have started to use the Emotional Thesaurus quite a bit and have an Weather Thesaurus on kindle (can't get ahold of the hard copy).
  7. Yes, I use. I am dyslexic so writing can be a challenge. It does not pick up everything but as SPAG it is good. I find if I use text to speech first, this will pick up wrong tenses or missed words which PRA doesn't. I find the sticky sentences and overused words faculties very helpful in enhancing the readability of my work. The Therasures helps with cutting down the adverbs and adjectives. It is not perfect but a good tool. PWA has teamed up with Storyteller and you can register for their online YouTube webliners on self-editing and writing - all designed to en
  8. I used WIX.COM . If you are not sued to it, it can take a bit to become familiar with it. I am fortunate enough to a son who is good at all things tecky and we had built my church website which is also hosted by WIX.COM so I am familiar with. For the moment it does what I want to do and is low maintenance because I am not using it much. It also has ma lot of info you can use on the dashboard to keep track of visitors etc and set up mailing list (although I have yet to use it. If you a cost effective low budget site then I would recommend it.
  9. I can see where you are coming form SW. Personally while, like many, I don't particularly want to my work to be trashed, I do appreciate constructive feed back. I think the thing some people may find as this hard to don as a BR - it is easy to give criticism, but it is much harder to do constructively. You have to not only point out the flaw but explain why it is not working and how it might be fixed. That is time consuming and requires a certain amount of tactic. Personally I have found the BR's here incredible insightful, constructive and encouraging. My wor
  10. here in England there some writers organizations that hold writers 'schools' and retreats. There is a cost but they can be useful. I attended a Avon Foundation novel writing one years ago and it was very informative. There was time to write during the day, a session either in the morning or afternoon and a group get together in the evening where people could read out their work or there might be guest writer come and talk about their work. What is become more and more evident is literary agents running their own 'in-house' writing courses (at eye watering fees). Some do offer schol
  11. Glad toy and the others are on board. Personally I did not wig you were teen till later. The nice thing about CW is that kind of thing doesn't matter. It is the writing Nd support that does.
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