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  1. Been thinking about this thread. I wonder if 'traditional publishers; also use POD and ebooks to promote their writers books? If they did not it would seem they are very naïve in thier marketing. Surely all our work is God inspired? 
  2. Hello Becky. Thank you for your welcome. You are right there are many different accents or dilacts in England. i.e. in the North East where I lived until two years ago you would have a Geordie accent for people from Newcastle/Gateshead while people from Sunderland 8 mile away would have a different accent. And of course you have the North - South accents. Regar Christianity. Depends where you live. It would be fair to say that the UK overall is a multi-faith nation since the 1950s when many people from overseas came at the invitation of the British Government because of a labour storage. Where I live it has a high Muslim population so the church I attend does struggle with numbers. Over the past few decades the area has experienced 'white flight' where Birts have moved out of the area and non-white British havemove in. Parishes like this are know as P&E parish - Presence & Engagement Parishes. So called because they are a christian presence and are engaging with other faiths communities. If I go 10 miles west I hit a white residential area where the local parish church is well attended. YEs, the countryside is lovely and I am lucky to live close enough to woods and parks where I can walk my dog. (the one I use as my motif is my previous dog - I have a puppy now). I hope you manage to get over sometime.  
  3. Love the image of going on a tour. In a way that is exactly what we as writers should be doing. Taking our reader to a place they have never been to and showing them the 'sights' - it the emotional and action in the story. As a rule of thumb most agents want the story set up by chapter 3 -which should end on a cliffhanger. A good opening chapter that gets straight to the point of the story is also desirable. In my last work I ended up ditching 2 whole chapters when I realised it was backstory and I could jump straight into the main story with 'chapter 3' which become chapter 1. Made a huge difference to the plot and pace.
  4. Thanks. A very helpful example of the 3 tenses. It is easy to get mixed up as my daughter keeps telling me when she proofs my work. This will act a good ad to remember.
  5. I hav just tried formatting a whole chapter using the guidelines given in this thread. Problem - the indent works fine with the paragraphs but sends the dialogue bits all over the place because it treats dialogue like a paragraph. I google for advice and most of the sites I read stipulated not using the tab to indent the first line. Any suggestions on how to stop the messing with the dialogue without having to manuelly set the paras each time using the layout dropbox facility as recommended.
  6. Thanks for this. I had not known about the indented paragraphs. I ususally do block and leave a space between each para. Will go back and reformat work now. Yes, I Verdana - it is easier to read but you can reformat by using 'select all' to change th font when ready to sned off to LAs.
  7. Sounds like a good intro to one of your character's day ifit going to be bad one? hope you enjoyed your unique breakfast.
  8. OK forgive I am a Brit. My WIP is set in Tennessee and York, England. I am fine with the English character but I am trying to work out the appropriate term someone growing up in the 80s in Tennessee would call their parents. At present I have the father called 'Pa' and the mother 'Ma' I wondered if this is correct or would they would call the mother 'mom' Any advice gratefully welcomed.
  9. Interesting thread. The debate of whether to write material that might be considered contrary to christian teaching is amute point. I completely understand that some may prefer not to tackle some thorny issues that the christian community may have to debate or stand up for in today's world. However, I believe that there is an opportunity here to engage people who maybe are either trying to figure out what it is they believe in, or those who have never really engaged with their faith or church and have a narrow perspective of both. One of the aims of my WIP is to provide a story where the characters (christian and non-christian) reflect and engage with these subjects with giving a definite decision or judgment (not my place as a writer.) So ys, I will go there regardless of my own personal faith beliefs.
  10. Well be celebrating it tomorrow (Sunday UK time)
  11. I have manged to 'hide' my first piece and will try your suggestion with the next piece once I have some feedback. Thanks
  12. I am happy to put material up for critiquing but would like to remove it once that has been done. I note one or two others have done this. What is the best way to do it? please?
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