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  1. I am setting up my Author page on KDP for Natural Talent, my YA published in 2008. (I am using to try out online platforms until I decide what to do about more recent work.). I noticed that a review by SW for it only appears on the USA Amazon site and not the UK. The reviews on the UK don't appear on the USA site either. Does this mean that Amazon will only upload reviews submitted it a particular country's site rather than globally? If that is the case then will my author page on work with the UK site even though the book is also available on the USA site. I am keen to resolve this issue because I think my more recent work, if it gets published, will appeal to both UK and USA readers. Anyone else had this issue?
  2. That does sound strange so I agree it is worth checking out. It could just be a glitch.
  3. Think of something in their nature - how they react to certain situations, opinions, people, and then give them habit, viewpoint or belief that brings out the worst in them yet to achieve their goal helps them. For example, a character may be very logical which can be irritating to others but when they have to solve a problem, it is a strength. Ho[pe that helps.
  4. I usually write when work allows but can find an hour or two most days. Occasionally I might not be able to. A long as I know and prepare myself mentally for that I make up the time else where.
  5. Flaws in characters can be the thing that help them to achieve their goal or help others.
  6. All good advice. If you have not published the book with the first minor scene in then you can go back and work on it otherwise as HK1 says writing it again from another POV with new insights should work well.
  7. Yes it is possible - much of our lives face decisions or incidents which have a christian angle to them. The problem is the suspicion with which 'christian writing' is viewed by both non christian publishers and reader alike. CS Lewis Narnia series worked because he 'hide' the christian element in full view of the non-christian reader.
  8. OK - one question on the proposal form is - which books does my work bear a resemblance to - preferably newish ones or which writer (if any) do I write like
  9. A while back I posted asking if people had come across this site which promotes itself as a link between writers and publishers. It stated that it provides a way for new writers to market their work to christian publishers who don't take unsolicited MS, Since then I have been doing some research on christian publishers in the UK. The market here in the UK for christian writing is very different to the USA. For a start, it is a much smaller pool. Second, most sale non-fiction books - bible commentaries, theological books. Prayer books/devotional books & biographies. The bulk of the market for fiction books is with larger publishing houses which have imprints that specialise in christian writing or publish books that might have a christian underlying theme (i.e Twilight and Hunger Games) but is not specifically christian writing. There are small independent publishers but they tend to either specialise in a particular kind of writing or want very clean books. Interestingly, the big publishing houses do point writers toward CBP & Writers Edge (another 3rd party portal) and say they take writing from there. The upshot of this is that I will register with CB and see what, if anything, transpires. I will let you know what happens.
  10. I would be interested. How long is 5he MS and what is your timescale for reading?
  11. Funny story - In to the 3rd book when I realised that I my villain had the same last name as my bishop. Whoops! (I'm still keeping it though.)
  12. The baby has left the building. It feels quite odd having read it to see it in book format. Good luck with it Zee. Excellent story.
  13. OK. I am not published but write contemporary christian writing. So, if you still have space I would be happy to do an interview. if you want to learn a bit about me go to About me.
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