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  1. Yes -- the daughter of P. Padre and M. Madre would be D. Padre-Madre. When she marries, she drops her mother's last name and replaces it with her husband's, making her D. Padre-Esposo. Her children, however, will have their father's last name first, as she did before marriage, resulting in N. Esposo-Padre. So the order of her children's last names will be reversed from hers, at least in the (Latin American) Spanish-speaking countries I'm familiar with. The system is a bit ungainly, but does serve to identify the children as belonging to both families, which makes some things easier
  2. Slasher movies are to Horror what McDonalds is to haute cuisine.
  3. I'm surprised no one has mentioned The Exorcist....
  4. C.S. Lewis’s space trilogy, especially “Out of the Silent Planet,” is great.
  5. Any advice on how to get an agent and/or publisher? I’m thinking of publishing my novel “Under the Crescent Moon,” which was workshopped here, soon.
  6. Praying. My wife is also going through this right now.
  7. Good luck and I’ll pray for you. My wife is also going through this right now (she’s undergoing radiation treatments while we’re in Europe).
  8. Seems it was a magnet for adventure seekers....
  9. Hi, all. My wife’s surgery went well and she is back at home now. She will probably start radiation treatments in a few weeks and continue them for about six weeks. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.
  10. I haven't posted much in a while, since my wife and daughter joined me overseas in Europe, but I thought I'd update the group on recent events. I just had major surgery two weeks ago, followed by a week's hospitalization. Bad enough, but it went well and is over now, although I will be recovering for months to come. My wife was diagnosed with early-stage cancer a few weeks ago, as well, and has yet to undergo surgery, so I'm asking for prayers for her. Both of these issues should have been caught while we were still in the USA, but our medical provider there has been practically shut down most
  11. It’s going okay so far considering what a big move this is. We’re still in quarantine for a few more days.
  12. We finally made it to Europe despite the pandemic and hope to ride out COVID-19 here until a vaccine arrives (the country we’re in is handling the pandemic relatively well). We’re just in temporary housing at the moment and everything is still pretty chaotic; we’re looking forward to things settling down and getting back into a routine soon. Take care and stay safe.
  13. Hope you're feeling better! Be careful out there.
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