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  1. Hi -- I tried sending you a chat; let me know if you got it.
  2. Thanks for your interest! The book is already finished and available as a PDF; send me a chat message if you'd like to be a beta reader.
  3. Just checked it out -- it's nice. I think the lyrics in most songs are what distract me.
  4. Hmm ... it looks like you can only attach photo-type attachments. What about PDFs?
  5. No music or TV for me -- too distracting.
  6. Interesting video. It contradicted some other things I'd read on the subject, though.
  7. I hope we're not all eventually forced to stream music.
  8. Rain is kind of a winter-only thing in the Middle East....
  9. Unfortunately, it says I'm not allowed to send PMs for some reason....
  10. Hi, Erin. Thanks; please let me know how to send the PDF to you.
  11. I have a novel (through several revisions and already edited) ready for beta readers. It's set in the Middle East, where I have lived (and still do) for much of the past decade, and is a fictionalized version of my experiences here set against the broader background of current events in the region (i.e. war, terrorism, oppression of religious minorities including Christians, etc.). I take some liberties with geography and the sequence of events, of course. Let me know if you are interested -- I would also like to beta read your works in exchange and read almost all genres.
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