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  1. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I hope your uncle had a good life and did not suffer. My prayers continue for your health and for your family.
  2. I hope and pray for that for you to dear. You are a special lady. Listen to God's prompting as you choose. He has the perfect one picked out for you. He already knows the desires of your heart, because he made it.
  3. Good idea. I think I will talk to her about it. I have had a children's story accepted by Adwoba for his Aurora magazine for the African community. (He asked for contributions a while back on this site). I think I might try him and a few others. Thank you.
  4. 12 days of Christmas? I like the tradition where the wisemen advance a little closer to the manager everyday. I think it goes into January. We did it once with little manager figurines when the kids were little. Now that my girls are grown with families of their own, we celebrate Christmas at my house on Christmas Eve with a birthday cake for Jesus and open presents then. Ok everyone, what are your favorite Christmas traditions?
  5. Thank you all for your prayers. God hears them, I know it. Though Tim is doing better (he and I were sharing miracle stories today and he was smiling, again) when everyone was wishing each other a Happy Thanksgiving as we left work, his face fell and I could tell where his mind had gone. This is going to be a difficult Thanksgiving for him. I don't know her, so I don't know how strong she is.
  6. I have some medical problems, too, that get in the way, but sometimes I think maybe God hasn't healed me because he knows I over indulge on foods that are toxic to the body. I've believed since my 20s, way before I knew the Japanese hold the same belief, that food is medicine. (Or it can be poison). I know I feel better when I eat right--especially over a long period of time. Though I've had to learn the hard way which healthy foods don't agree with me either. However, I also understand social eating and feeling deprived when you can't eat like normal people--and how hard it is to stick to a healing diet. You very much are in my prayers.
  7. it is one of my favorite miracle stories. God is so-o awesome. by the way, I have actually run across skeptics when I've told this story, but there is plenty of hospital documentation in the x-rays etc. at both hospitals.
  8. I also have three from Jamestown, though the lady came over a few years after the other two helped found it. One was a 19-year-old soldier on one of the three original ships and was mentioned in an expedition report with John Smith. He later became known as one of the "ancient planters". His father was on one of the original ships, too-I think it was the same one. Imagine, they knew Pocahontas. They may not have had anything to do with her, but they knew her! How cool is that?! I'd love to find out about the lady, who married soldier boy's dad, and about the two men--like why they came over. She obviously was one of the group of ladies who came looking for a husband, but I wonder what made her do it. Genealogy is so-o much fun.😊 A little unnerving sometimes, too, because you never know what dark secret you are going to stumble across.
  9. Try Salvation Army. They sometimes help with utilities as well as clothing and food. Also, Churches are very willing to help with food baskets, toiletries, gas money for your car and sometimes utilities this time of year. They may even find work for you. Can you get food stamps? Praying God opens doors all around you--including work wise.
  10. I have 4 Mayflower ancestors according to several wills and documentations. But the one I am thinking about when I fix our Thanksgiving dinner with all the modern conveniences is the female ancestor. I can't remember her name--only that she was the oldest woman doing the cooking all three days. Wow! And I fuss over whether I defrosted the turkey in time or not. Can you imagine roasting all those deer? 😰 Am I remembering right--that there were only three adult women cooks at the first Thanksgiving?
  11. Four weeks ago my friend was blessed with a brand new baby grandson. But last Sunday, as they were at church, the baby could not breathe and turned blue. They rushed him to our hospital, which is at least 15 miles away from the small town they were worshiping in. Multiple tests revealed that he had a hole in his lung. Our hospital is not equipped to handle any thing like that and Children's Hospital in OKC is over thirty miles away. So with her church praying every mile of the way, her little grandson was rushed to Children's. Then some place along I-40 a wonderful miracle happened. God closed the hole in his lung.
  12. Penpal, I whatever news I get, I will pass on to all of you. Thank you.
  13. I agree. I consider all of you friends. It is a pleasure getting to know each of you. I, also, know I can turn to you in need or for advise. You are all a blessing to me and gift from God.
  14. Thank you all so much on their behalf. I know God is listening.
  15. Yes, you may Quietspirit. A few years ago one group in our town had set up a building for the homeless to go to for medical treatment, clothes, shelter etc. They even had a grant and volunteer doctors. They were within weeks away from opening. Through the company I work for, who was also supplying various products, co-workers and I had volunteered during a Christmas break to organize the clothes. That is part of our normal job, so we could do it faster and more efficiently than most. Everything was in order, but the city swept in and shut it down. Police have even been known to escort homeless out of town. Part of it is because there are so many with mental issues, or who are strung out, who create troubles with the businesses downtown and with individuals. Part has to do with scams. The problem is many of the ones with anxiety or depression, etc. are trapped. They would be fine, and would even be productive in the economic society, if they could get their meds, but that won't happen without insurance. A state leader is trying to extend the state's insurance to cover them, too. (Currently, it covers only children at certain income levels). So, I am asking for prayer on that, too. Still, there are churches who work very hard to provide food, clothing, baby items for newborns and toiletries for the poor. There was a prophesy a few years ago that said churches would take over where government will fail in its government programs. So, it could be part of the prophesy. I do want to thank all of you for your prayers. I know they are effective because God hears those from the heart and will act on them. God's blessings to all of you.
  16. I hope everything worked out right.
  17. Usually the Sunday after Thanksgiving because I work on Black Friday. But this year we are having Thanksgiving at my house that day because my family will be celebrating the real Thanksgiving day out of town. With such a full calendar this year, maybe I will get mine up just in time to take it down. 🤔
  18. I saw an interview on Praise a couple of nights ago. The original song was suppose to be. "Oh where is my razer." but they figured out a kid wouldn't and shouldn't use a razer.
  19. Hmm. I don't think Philadelphia is a town I would ever want to retire in. Is the whole state that way?
  20. His name is Tim and his wife's name is Patsy. His has been one of the deepest loves for a woman that I have ever seen. She was diagnosed with cancer this week. Tests are being run to find out just how bad and where it started. He is terrified because most of her family died of cancer. Thank you for your prayers.
  21. I'm late, but Happy Birthday. I pray your gifts include many treasured memories and wonderful miracles that never stop.
  22. By the way, I agree with you. Kelly is awesome.
  23. Erin, didn't you cover a Veteran's Day parade? How did it go?
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