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  1. I don't have the confidence and experience to be a beta reader. but I am definitely looking forward to reaing it when it is published. what did you name it?
  2. your response is very interesting. I was surprised that a difference of only 8 mils can determine accents, though on second thought I shouldn't be. there must be certain places here where the line is drawn between one accent and another in order to have such a diversity. even deciding which southern accent for two of my characters or listening to my young granddaughter's north Carolina accent versus our oklahoma accent has resulted in a lot of extra research. your area sounds beautiful and peaceful. I do love the woods. thank you for the religious information. my lunchtime companions, who are also members of our prayer group, will enjoy hearing it..
  3. hi shamrock and welcome :) I naturally read your introduction with a british accent in my head, which made it fun, but I didn't know if my head was pulling up the right accent. it seems to me England has as many accents as America does. :D l always wanted to go to England-not to the big cities, but to the country and small villages. I've watched a few of the midsummer murders and doc martin shows for the scenery as well as the characters, so i'm wondering exactly what your area looks like. you said you've written for church purposes. that is wonderful. I've heard so many stories that England (and the rest of Europe) is on the decline as far as Christianity is concerned. please tell me that is not true.
  4. wow, i'm already interested in your book. I wish you total success
  5. hi scribewriter, it will be interesting to learn who you are through your devotional style and otherwise. welcome.
  6. alley, I use to get migraines so bad that I could not even lift my head to vomit-unfortunately a side affect that so often accompanies the most severe migraines for some of you who have never had one. one horrible night my husband and young daughters laid hands on me and I haven't had one since. that was about 27 years ago. I am so sorry for your suffering and pray with all my heart for you to get your miracle asap. as I said before Yeshua did not take his stripes for nothing. I am still believing in your healing.
  7. Hi Kriver7 thank you for the advise, especially coming from a professional dog trainer. it was actually sarah daffy who us hoping for a border collie. I had to put my twelve-year-old cocker spaniel down a few weeks ago because of cancer. she was irreplaceable. I think it will be a long while before I consider another pet, but if I do I will sincerely remember your advise.
  8. who says the younger generation doesn't listen lol
  9. you are living part of my dream. I am retirement age but have no way of "retiring". not that I really want to; I just want to retire from regular work and finally have full freedom to work on my books and learn everything I need to get them up and going. but the Lord has blessed me with a healthy body to keep working-so no complaints, just hopes. I understand what you are saying about writer's block, though. try this; sit in front of your computer, or with a pen and paper and write everything that comes in your head, even the fact that you have writers block-no excuses,, no just staring at a blank screen. don't worry about punctuation, just write. put on some music if you want-the rhythm always helps me in certain scenes. write about what is around you, how you feel, any thought that comes into your head, seriously anything. after a time, sometimes in the middle of a sentence, you just might get your first clue that breaks your block. I pray it works for you. God bless.
  10. I can see where this could help when you are designing your own world in a book, etc,
  11. that would be cool, wouldn't it.
  12. definite prayers. Jesus didn't take those stripes for the fun of it. they were for you and every other person who needs healing. I claim those healing stripes on you behalf in the name of Yeshua the Messiah. amen.
  13. I'm definitely praying for you and your wish to get out of there. the other suggestions are good, but the immediate affect on your health can not wait on bureaucracy. you are right, this is a wide-spread problem. personally this year, I've already been bitten by four ticks and had reaction to three of them, mosquitoes, at least twelve spider bites (non-poisonous, but still bad reactions) and had poison sumac. it's stressful when I live in such a pretty environment. at the same time when they spray it seems to affect my precious fireflies' population. still, with the amount of flooding and rain oklahoma has gotten, and the fact we are entering out wettest month, we don't have a lot of choices except the regular precautions. i'm just blessed the snakes I've run across aren't poisonous, too. I seriously pray for better solutions for all of us.
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