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  1. Hi Teresa. How blessed you are to be in such beautiful surroundings. Some of my ancestors came from there, but I can't remember the towns right now to ask if you have been through them. What a wonderful setting to work on your music. I'm really hoping you and Erin can collaborate. :)
  2. You're blessed. I have-as well as quite few "Lamos". I really pray you find your angle. it sounds like they are a vital part to your story.
  3. Hi Pastors, it is so nice to meet you both. :)
  4. Hi Jared, I'm so glad you decided to try again. Never give up. You don't know what wonderful direction you might have gone in if you do.
  5. Hi Faye, it is really very nice to have you with us. I do hope you like it here :D Sarah, your mini-description has always intrigued me-a dance, screenwriter, artist, writer. . . I keep watching your comments to learn more about what kind of dancer and artist, etc. :D
  6. you are so very blessed. your relationship brings tears to my eyes. and a smile to my heart.
  7. Thank you, Spaulding, for the article on agents. I'm saving it because it is very good advise.
  8. Hi Homer and Wanda. Wow, what a support system-being married to your writing partner. :) that is so cool.
  9. I once read for a villain (or bad character) to really work, you must give them redeeming qualities-make them understandable, at least in their mind, as some have already pointed out. The idea is to make them more than 1 or 2 dimensional so the reader can relate to them, or even like them in some way. It also helps the writer, by giving him/her more avenues to explore. One such character comes to mind--Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. You can almost understand his reasoning before he betrayed Jesus. In his mind he is justified. Lucifer is a main character in my novel. What do you do with somebody who wants to destroy all of mankind and usurp the Creators from their own thrones? I had to make his feelings and cause as real to him and his followers as possible--as well as, hopefully, make him likable to a point.
  10. Whoever you seek out to help may he/she be a Christian or at least open to God's prompting. God grant her peace and the Holy spirit's wisdom and understanding. Thank you Yeshua. I know you love them and will guide and take care of them. In Your Holy Name, amen
  11. I write that way naturally. then I have to figure out how to put it all together--not so easy sometimes lol
  12. Melanie, you are courageous to put your experience out there, not knowing how other people will react or what they will think. Entoman, you sound like John Paul Jackson. Interesting. :) It could be prophetic. I've had a few prophetic dreams and visions myself that have come true, but Bob is right. Sometimes our brains can overload and one of the ways it deals with it is a "data dump". Melanie, you are a writer. That makes us more sensitive to our world, spiritual or otherwise, than noncreative people. So it is possible it was prophetic. But creative people's imagination can go in directions we never thought of, too. You might want to be open to all possibilities, including whether it was real or an overtaxed mind.
  13. I come from the same background, both in childhood and adulthood. And at times I do share a sort of synopsis of it with some people who have been hurt because it seems to help them open up and know that I understand (and) it is a good witnessing tool when you let them know just how much God helps you through it and helps you forgive. ( quite honestly, I have a feeling that over half of the world has been harmed in those ways. I'm serious). But I would have to wonder if writing the story is more for you letting your hurt known. Where it should not be a secret, as we were taught when it was done to us, I think, sometimes, being a good listener and putting in only what you need to in a private conversation does the most good. If you do want to publish it, take a cue from Joyce Myers. She does not hide the fact that she was sexually abuse, and she will use it in her lectures, but she doesn't dwell on it. She is a motivational speaker--pointing the way to God, forgiveness and the road to healing.
  14. I am so glad things worked out for you I really am. they helped when my husband was dying, too, until we were able to get his disability. then they decided he made less than $50 too much. it took a state representative we knew to come up with a program that would continue his medical needs. but because my daughter is married, she was dropped from disability. she does not qualify on the grounds that her husband is responsible for her needs. if she was a single mother there would be no problem. they do get food stamps and their boys get the medical help they need, though. though my son-in-law works, poverty has been so great that when his mother suddenly died a year ago this last Thursday, his family was unable to bury her for over two weeks as they tried to round up the money. up until then they had always felt rich in love despite the money and troubles. but my son-in-law's family have not fared well at all and his father will probably not live much longer-and does not want to. my son-in-law feels like he has lost all of them, not just his mother. it is God's blessings that he has his children and wife, though and that he is able to work at a job he likes and that is training him for a good future. as far as my other daughter is concerned, subbing is not the problem. as the new year progresses she will be able to pick up more work because she is good at it and is in high demand. but it does not pay the way a regular teacher does. because of certain state laws her teaching certificate lapsed while trying to pass their tests. she is an elementary teacher and the tests included math for high schoolers. it is a very good state, but they are quite strict.
  15. thank you all so very much. I knew I could count on you :)
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