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  1. Such a power story and testimony of God's presence in your life! It's awesome that you have those fond memories of your walks to school. He's still using those memories in your life as confirmation of His continual presence, and that He'll never leave you or forsake you. Thanks for sharing your story, Becky!
  2. Thanks for sharing this, Nikki! This really spoke to me: When we are in Christ, lies no longer can hold up. God breaks down that bondage as we come face to face with our individual truths. It’s a painful process that is life changing. Blessings!
  3. MaryKaithe, I love your story! Even though you posted it over one month ago, I only just now read it. You've certainly had a passion for God all of your life, and He's definitely not finished with you yet!! I love what you said about your poetry and stories being breadcrumbs of faith for others to follow! Thank you for sharing your breadcrumbs of faith for us to read! Although I missed your first Communion, I'm celebrating with you today!!
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