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  1. Thank you Erin and Sarah for your replies! I am glad that I found this community, and have enjoyed everything about it so far! With regard to what genre I write, I mostly enjoy poetry - rhyming and non-rhyming. My poems typically focus on the presence of God - His majesty/Glory/goodness, etc. I'll never run out of things to say, that's for sure!! Blessings, David
  2. Scribewriter, thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement...it was such a blessing to me! I'm thrilled that something I wrote to the LORD is able to bless others, too! Blessings to you, David
  3. Your creation is buzzing, O God as another dawn rolls up the bed where night slept. The only sounds are the birds - jubilant that light has fallen. Fresh in the newness of morn. The pines are standing ever so tall and not even a needle is disturbed by day's arrival. It will be business as usual today as each minute yields to the rising sun. But is any day just a normal day when we're confronted with such incredible beauty? When the very handiwork of God exudes praise to the Father? When the heart of man revels in the presence of the Almighty? God, You are so evident here - down to the smallest detail. From the dampness of the ground to the fog in the distance. It's all You, loving Creator - by You, and for Your Glory. God, as a part of Your creation I marvel at what You've done! But mostly, I marvel at what You've done in me! Good morning, Father!
  4. Thanks Nicola, carolinamtne and L. Wong for taking the time to respond, and for the great advice that each of you offered!! I very much appreciate it!
  5. Thank you Lynn and Accord64 for your publishing advice. I'm really new to all of this, so I definitely value everything both of you said. Lynn, thank you, too, for moving my thread. Blessings!
  6. Hello Christian writers! I joined Christian Writers last month after I realized that the information, support and resources in CW was top notch. I was taken aback by David Gaughran's Elm Hill Books: Another HarperCollins Vanity Press, to say the least. I was looking into using Elm Hill to publish a book I've written, but am so glad that I read Mr. Gaughran's article first! It sounds like WestBow and perhaps Xulon Publishers, which I've done some research on, are no better. I also just read about the guy (sorry...I don't remember his name) that sent his book to 57 different publishers!! I admire his effort, but have to ask if it's really even possible for a first-time author to get published in the traditional sense. I'd love any feedback that anyone has regarding book publishing for first-timers! Thank you, David Love
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