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  1. For auditory learners, the Google Docs app allows voice to text. I use that to take notes or even write scenes. I prefer it to recording and listening to myself later. And with the ease of accessing it on both my phone and laptop, I can quickly copy and paste notes into whatever program I use to write.
  2. I just received my copy in the mail a week or so ago. My plan is to use it during the revising process since my characters do way too much shrugging and eyebrow raising at this point. Why does a shrug mean so many things?!
  3. Generally, I listen to music that fits the theme of what I'm writing. For example, if I'm writing something more fantastical, I'll listen to fantasy soundtracks. If I'm writing a romantic scene, I'll listen to Michael Buble or something similar. If my character is on a camping trip, I listen to folk music or country. The music's gotta fit the mood of the scene or else be something I can easily tune out.
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