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  1. Where you focus is where you'll go. This is scientifically proven. Focus on a corner of your block opposite end, and opposite side of the street as you are, and even if you just want to walk to that end of the block, but not cross the street, you will cross the street to that spot because that's your focus. This was humorously told in a Frasier episode. Frasier can't ride a bike, because he automatic focuses in on something he'll crash into. You're doing the same thing. You're focusing in on satan/the devil, not God. Okay, let's go there a minute. What can you do to fight satan? Nothing, right? But who can? God! And, you keep blaming everything on Satan, when this is closer to truth - So focus on who you're supposed to focus on and let him handle everything.
  2. Unless the definition has changed in the last five years*, "Platform Numbers" is how many people have visited your blog/website. (Proof you have followers.) If the agent is asking for a proposal, that means you write nonfiction. Since you write nonfiction, if you don't have a platform yet, (and, oh yeah, you really should have blog/website/platform), prove your skill levels by including all your published articles by title and publication. They want proof you have the skills to write on the subject matter you've chosen, so that's the two ways to prove you have those skills. And what should your blog/website include? Whatever you're passionate enough about that got you to the point of writing a whole book. If you're writing a devotional, I'm guessing you've already written a few devotional articles. If you're writing about all the first-born sons in the Bible, I bet you've already written something about Cain's life. If you're an apologetic, surely you've written something about the famous, "Yes, a man can live in the gut of a fish for three days" article. If marriage advice, surely something about marriage. I'm writing a teddy bear epic, so my platform will be full of stuffed animal stories. It's what I'm passionate about. What are you passionate about? That's what goes on your platform to get readers. *Caveat: If the definition has changed in the last five years, I'd take serious pause worrying about it at all. If it has changed, (and I note signs that says it is changing), that means agents are behind the eight ball on what proves a good writer, and are inventing it as they go. If they can't do any better than you can, why bother with an agent at all?
  3. This is the fourth anniversary of this moment with the Lord, so... There is this block in University City, (which is a neighborhood in Philly), where four hospitals meet. CHOP, HUP, Abramson, and the VA. Each hospital is at least a city block in size and at least 6 stories high. It's crowded all the time, even during the holiday season. Of course, not everyone is a patient, there are workers and families coming and going too. And not all patients are in bad straits. (I saw a pregnant women being wheeled into the ER.) But the sizes of the buildings and the enormity of what's going on around me hit more than once. So many stories. So many reasons for so many people to be there. Hubby had blown a micro valve during a heart attack before Thanksgiving that year, and so many things were going wrong. He had to be stable to get the valve replaced, and it was over a month before he was. (That anniversary is December 23rd.) So I was picturing this street I was crossing from above. A crowded street with huge buildings in a neighborhood in a city with many, many huge buildings, and crowded streets, in the northeastern section of the States with many more cities with... and it just grew until I looked like an ant from God's viewpoint. But I passed this pocket garden before going into the hospital hubby was in. The only thing left of the pocket garden was two bare miniature willow trees and some faded ground cover. The leaves were evergreen, but you know how it fades out anyway in winter. Except in between the leaves was one tiny flower. No way should that flower have been there in winter. And no way should anyone have noticed it. God had that flower blooming because he had taken care of it all its life. I wasn't merely an ant. And he was telling me that hubby was in his hands too, so fear not. (He kept telling me that he was in control, but not once did he promise which outcome he'd give. ) Matt. 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30 But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.
  4. Geography related. Since signals go through the air, there can't be anything that blocks it, like mountains or trees. I live in Philly, so the signals are originating no more than 5 miles from my home, and it's fairly flat land around here, so no problems for us. Matter of fact, no problems for people using antennas along the Jersey Shore, it's so flat, geographically. But Dad lived in the woods a county north of Philly, (half the distance of the shore as the crow flies), and therefore needed cable.
  5. Yup! You dated yourself. You're "the kid." You're 4-of-4's age, aka my "little brothers" age. (And he hasn't been little in 40 years. lol) And I know most of the shows you grew up on because I was his babysitter as a teenager, so learned the secret to keep him happy -- TV. Of course, there was one show I didn't want him to watch, so he might have been the only kid his age that didn't fall in love with Mr. Roger or his neighborhood. (Zoom was better anyway. )
  6. Boy, you had it good! We had four channels, including PBS, and since Sesame Street wouldn't be around for another 10 years, what was the purpose of PBS anyway? And you got to turn on the TV and then sit down again? I was 3-of-3, therefore I was the one who got the job of holding the rabbit ears just right, balancing on one foot, or moving my hands all around until Richie Ashburn finished whatever he was doing. (Rarely did I get to watch TV while playing the part of rabbit ears, so I heard it was Richie Ashburn. Just didn't get to see him doing whatever he did for the Phillies. lol) By the time 4-of-4 came along, Sesame Street did start, color TV finally came into our home, and roof antennas worked, so he didn't get my job as rabbit ears when it was his turn. lol
  7. We gave up cable when they raised the price to $35 a month. (1990s.) We've been using an antenna ever since. But we also stream. Prime and Hulu. Our TV is Roku, (never buy a Roku TV), so we can get movies sometimes on Roku too. And occasionally we splurge and rent a movie through Red Box. Same movies are often available through Prime too, but it irks us that we have to pay them for the service, and then more for the movie, so we use Red Box. Still will not go over $35 a month, but a new problem is developing. Our antenna is going. When was the last time you tried getting an antenna? Sometime in the last 25 years, roof antennas pretty much stopped being a thing.
  8. I'm lousy with multiple-POVs, but I read a book that was a best-seller, and quite the story, using three POV characters without separating them by chapters. I recommend reading it just to find out how she pulled that off. The Help.
  9. The goal of every sentence, paragraph, scene, chapter = "And then what happens?" Always work to keep the readers reading, because once they put it down, there is no rule that says they have to pick it up again. BTW, as far as math goes? How much does the government take out of your paycheck? (More than one way to answer that question, so, yeah. Sometimes math isn't a given either.)
  10. Ah, we're getting somewhere. I can see this... except one detail. Skateboarders in Book 1. Through a series of events, skateboarders intentionally trashed three stuffies. They caused great harm/the climax. Now, in Book 2, they're trying to make amends. So, are they skateboarders or SKATEBOARDERS?
  11. Wait? People are supposed to decorate Christmas trees? Well, in that case, don't tell my teddy bears.
  12. 2 Cor. 12:7-10 Sometimes God's answering isn't to remove it.
  13. My cage was thinking I was the only sinful Christian in my church, so I had one of two choices -- shut up, so no one would know, or tell the truth and be kicked out of fellowship. I'm talkative, so the first choice would never happen, but I did speak up. Ends up I wasn't kicked out though, but the reaction to me admitting my sinfulness was very much like telling everyone the Philadelphia Eagles are having a perfect season. No one understood, but they thought it was a nice delusion. To me the cage is Arminianism because you can't admit to who you are. I'm Gomer yet the Lord knew that and married me anyway. I can't stop being Gomer, however, he is changing my heart so I no longer want to be Gomer. And he absolutely know I fail again and again while trying to change being Gomer. But there you have it. If I was good at trying and succession I would have never needed Jesus in the first place. He chose me. He doesn't sin. He knows who I am, yet he loves me anyway. So much for cockiness. I've got nothing I can be proud of other than he who saved me -- the Lord. How freeing!
  14. Jesus summed up the commandments with love others as ourselves and love God wholly. Why didn't he tell us to love ourselves? Because we love ourselves completely, so need no further instructions in that. We all excel at pride.
  15. I've been using Henry as my main Dead Guy (commentator) for 5-10 years now. But, wasn't sure if I agreed with him in the last two books I've studied, so went to my other Dead Guys to see if they agree. Yikes! Barnes, Clarke, and Gill disagree with Henry more than once. (Last two books have been Job and Revelation, so it's likely they'll be disagreement.) Now that all four of my Dead Guys are disagreeing, I've lost a bit of faith in my Dead Guys. As for Institutes. Above my brain level, but being married to a man who could get Institutes, a little warning. Watch the attitude while reading. Hubby picked a a little bit of self-righteousness/cockiness while studying Seems strange from Calvin, but ,hey. I'm not able to get Calvin's heady stuff, so can't say why.
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