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  1. Food for thought. My husband is on oxygen 24/7. He also has three different kinds of inhalers. I've taken to going grocery shopping as early as possible because I really meant sugar-free Voorman's cookies, not gluten-free Voorman's cookies, powdered sugar-free juice, not organic apple juice on pouches, and (on and on.) Also, how many hands does it takes to get a banana from a tree to my mouth, and are all those hands COVID free? I know COVID is rarely passed from surface to, however, same thing said about Hep C, however, sure enough, that's what happened. Now, sure, we should stay home. And we are, as much as possible. Meanwhile, - fridge and stove need replacing. - So does sofa. - Have been needing new clothes and shoes since last fall. - Now hubby needs new shoe. - Most of his doctors are in the hospital. - Really want an electrician. - Need a plumber. - My eyes are drying out, and plugs don't work. I also can't do drops. - Hubby needs his toenails trimmed. He's diabetic, so neuropathy. That means blood will tell me I cut him faster than OUCH. (Podiatrist is finally opened.) - His last talk to his cardiologist by phone was "How you doing?" "Good. You?" "Good. Talk to you in three months." (Did I mention he has Stage II CHF?) So, yeah, most the people we need help from are healthy people, but they have to come into our home, or we have to get to them. AND we have to trust they haven't been walking around without a face mask because they're uncomfortable, or simply because they think it doesn't matter. Oh, and we have to trust every single surface does not have any COVID that can possibly get into our home. And, just so you know I see this both ways? We're the kids to our next door neighbor. (She's close to 90.) I went out back and notice trash blowing in her yard, so went over to pick it up. I didn't know she was in the alley of her house. When I saw her, I offered her her own trash, until I saw that look in her face, and realize I'm the one without a facemask asking her to trust me. How about we remember others more often?
  2. Jared, there is no cure yet. There is miracle. There is God's mercy. And there is, "What will you have me learn now, Lord?" (Constant reminder, God is doing this out of love. Something apparently, I'm having trouble remembering for myself, although, no problem for anyone else.) And don't knock masking. Masking has been keeping me alive for 20 years. (Masking pain, but masking is masking.) Also, do get if one works even for a little while, it can work again somewhere down the road. (Something doctors do tend to forget.) And there is more than one doctor. Not saying your doctor is bad, but doctors only know but so much, and each one knows a little something the last one didn't know and vice versa. So, if you can go for second opinion, next doctor may have heard of another med that masks for a nice long time that works for you. (Like I said. 20 years and still alive.) Lord, I don't think there is anyone on earth who is good with pain or suffering. I honestly don't get why that comes with following you, but that's where I am right now, not on you. Lord, reach Jared. You've answered many of his pain questions, now let all that reach into his heart, emotions, and spirit that he might do what we all forget to do when pain and fear hits. Help him to trust you, remember you love him, this is for his good, and your glory, just like you promised. And you have this figured out somehow, someway, because you promised. And you don't lie. Amen.
  3. I'm feeling like a fraud, so I figure if y'all know then you can tell me if you mind. And if you mind, then I will stop. I do write, but not much. I do intend to create a seven-book series, but I have no idea if it will ever happen. I know stuff keeps stopping me. So do you mind if I still answer writing questions even if I'm only on chapter 7 of book 2 after starting it three years ago? Do you mind if it takes me a decade to finish this first draft? I always knew writing wasn't a career. I started at 55, so... nah. But it doesn't seem to be any more than a dream I can't let go either. Sure beats real life often though. So do you mind if I continue asking and answering questions? Because I'm not an author. I'm not even much of a writer. I put in a lot of research for Book 1. And now? I'm just tired. If you mind. That's okay. If I was completely fine with this, I wouldn't be asking.
  4. @Lucian Hodoboc, This all began in the spring of 1999 and pain is one of those wonderful things that memory disappears when it's over. We do remember pain, but what surrounds it, not the pain itself. I remember leaning over and holding my stomach a lot, until I realized doing that never made it feel better. I remember waiting for pharmacists to fill my prescription for a combination of Maalox and codeine and laughing between themselves. "This is the stuff my grandparents drank before going to bed. No way I would ever drink this." And I called over, "Same here, but you'd be amazed what you'd do to avoid pain." But, I don't remember what the pain itself was. Just yucky feeling. And then once every 5 weeks, knocked off my feet when a gallstone passed. (Did figure out they passed at the beginning on my period, although doctors neither confirmed nor denied that one either.) As for what sizes gallstone can't get sucked out? Well, they stuck the same camera they use for colonoscopies and endoscopes all they way up my bile duct and took whatever medical devise was at the end of that scope to pick up and pull out the leftover gallstone four months later, so that's how much space they have to play with in a bile duct. And before camera-swallowing, they kept me in the hospital over night, inserted the camera through the nose right to the (wow, finally forgot what that area is called) area near the bile duct, SoO, etc., and recorded it, The show was boring enough it wasn't renewed, thankfully. (But I didn't have to save anything at the toilet either. lol) My holistic nutritionist discovered I was allergic to any food I ate more than once in a 72-hour period, and that I am always allergic to soy. Also, I will never ever ever again be talked into eating nothing but the same stew for 72 hours, no matter if it is veal or lamb. (Had to be meats I rarely ate. Good thing I rarely ate them, because now I'll never eat them. lol) But gave up on nutritionist when he wanted me to remove everything out of my bedroom get it professionally cleaned, then move only dust free products, (there goes mattress, sheets, blankets, and pillows), then literally tape myself into the room for six months to see if that would relieve some of my allergies. And, oh yeah. He really meant, even my husband was supposed to stay away. And to this day, no idea what I was supposed to do for plumbing or food, because that's about when I was mentally sweeping him out of my brain. (He also didn't get "broke." "Can't work." "Can't afford to hire people." "Hurt too much to do it myself.") Also, Bee venom did nothing for me. Acupuncture did, but not in a good way. (No one knows what is causing this pain; however, since the going theory at that time was biliary dyskensia, the American fully trained and degreed medical doctor who was also fully trained and certified in acupuncture placed the needles in me as if something were wrong with that part of my intestines, and man! I hurt three times worse for the next 24 hours. Very strange considering I went there not believing in acupuncture, but I was willing to try anything. Epidural -- hurt worse. Self-hypnotism -- helped, but to be effective, I would have to spend every half hour per hour mentally stepping down steps to relax, which is not a practical way to live. I used to remember which day was the first day of pain. Now I can tell you the last day I had that I had a few hours without pain. September 28, 1999. My SIL was getting remarried, so it was a good day for more than one reason.
  5. @Lucian Hodoboc, I sometimes talk about "my chronic pain," "back pain," "pain around my waist." That's what they first called it. "Biliary dykinesia." aka "pain around the bile duct." Something was wrong before they removed the gallbladder, (besides, holy cow, gallstones HURT. But my first GI after removal did proudly announced to the poor medical students, "IBS." He didn't bother telling me what that meant, but naive person that I was, I asked, "shouldn't I get some kind of test to diagnose what's wrong?" (His face sunk. The medical students had to stifled a chuckle. I didn't know what I said wrong until I went home and hit AOL. No Google yet.) Five GIs, one psychiatrist, lost count of how many primaries, 8 ERCPs, 2 botoxs to my LES, two MRCPs to cut my SoO, (which is why it doesn't exist), 2 90-minute-long sessions in an MRI to find out how my back is doing, (wasn't falling apart much back then, but now it is), and a clean out of an extra gallstone that held back after the gallbladder left later, and I gave up finding out what else was wrong, and went for just give me enough pain pills to stop me from wanting to kill myself. Truthfully, couldn't afford the continual testing, especially since the absolute best they could do for me worked a little bit for a whole day to three months. And after all that? Sometimes the gallstones were easier to handle pain wise than the other pain. And considering that pain dropped me to the floor -- neither was ever easy to take. No one knows what causes it sometimes. The doctors that scare me are the ones who are sure. But I can tell you this. IF any doctor ever tells you to get your gallbladder removed because of gallstones? Remind the doctor they can suck out gallstones and leave gallbladder. (I miss eating nuts.) Gallbladders have purpose. Gallstones are removable. Oh, yeah, BTW, I do have IBS. Always have had it. Exacerbated by pain meds now. But biliary dyskinesia does fit under the IBS blanket. Sort of like diagnosing a menstruating woman with PMS. Pretty good shot you'll be right, and she's not there just to find out what it is. She's there because it is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Not something to feel smug about. So, yup. Get the smug bit. But it's still not as easy as you think. 20 years later, and I've only found about four people like me along the way. Many have sounded like me, but ultimately, it was something else.
  6. As someone who has been diagnosed with "biliary dyskinesia" and disabled from it for 20 years, don't be so sure it is your gallbladder. My gallbladder was gone when I was diagnosed. The pain is caused by gallbladder dying, gallstones passing, Sphincter of Oddi, or something else. The first time the pain hit was when I woke up from having my gallbladder removed. (Oh, and all the doctors told me I was recovering from the surgery, of course. As if I couldn't tell the differences between someone inflating a tire under my lower ribs, and incisions from surgery and the removal of a small organ hurting.) All you know so far is it's not gallstones passing. I'm minus a SoO now too, so I'm "something else." Here's another possibility doctors have told me -- might be my back. It's not pride. They don't know. And I've gone through enough procedures, tests and other assorted assaults on my body, I don't want to be the voodoo doll to keep poking anymore.
  7. Door (Very windy, so if I open the screen door, feels like I'm sailing away.)
  8. I think the face coverings only serve to stop us from rubbing our noses, mouths and cheeks. And it does go so far as to make us make a conscientious decision to move them to scratch at least. Then when we get home wash hands. Better yet, take hand wipes with you, so you can clean your hands after contact before getting home. (And, if we're social-distancing properly, a large pack ought to carry us through the whole quarantine.)
  9. Which time zone? I know that sounds silly, but my friends are anywhere between Eastern England to Western Canada. And considering teddy bears are a bigger place in those cultures, along with Australia and the Fareast, it also affects sales aspects, (if I ever get that far.)
  10. We knew it was coming. We knew it got here. We knew it was spreading. But this is when we know who it is attacking. How about we start a list of people we know, who have it and need prayer? Ms. Glenda Pastor Ken and his wife, Ruth. Noli
  11. I was using 2007 until Christmas. 😆 I did jerry-rig it a bit to give me the right numbers on the page. Now I can find out how to do it the modern-people way. Thank you.
  12. Two questions that should be easier for those who stayed up-to-date: 1. What size font is standard for tablets and smartphones? 2. In Word 2013, how do we set page numbers and titles in headers? It doesn't seem to grasp even and odd pages, or that the title page isn't numbered. It did in previous versions.)
  13. Oops, missed part of the conversation and Lynn helped you in time. Whew. Never mind.
  14. So, what's the verdict? Can you get a new account opened and in time for the money to land in it? Or are the able to fix the problem so you can use the old account? Also, an option I just thought of. Wouldn't a bank cash a check from the US government, if you got your SS check by mail? (Usually banks want to make sure the money is paid from check originator, but if we can't trust the US government to have the money behind their checks, this country is doomed.) They do send checks if we don't direct deposit. Of course, bad side of that option is waiting for it to come in the mail.
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