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  1. One of Jethro Gibb's (MC of NCIS snarky comebacks), is "Ya think?" Someone around you came up with a better comeback centuries earlier. "Ya-phank?" ☺️ I suspect your questions will be answered, your fears laid to rest, and by the end of the week, you're rent will be paid and you'll have access to your money, once you talk to your bank. God has two lesson plans to teach us all our lives: 1. "I love you." 2. "Trust me." I suspect what you're going through now is from God to remind you of both.
  2. 21 years ago, (as of May), a pain hit me that knocked me off my feet. In the course of the following year, it centered into a particular spot, and doctors either dismissed me as crazy or kept helping me, until it was obvious they couldn't do much more than tell me exactly where my pain was. For the price it cost to find out the cause, we were going broke(r), so I had to resign to this was permanent, (except for a miracle.) So, I did the obvious. (Never stopped praying, but prayer didn't tell me how to handle the pain.) I read books on how to deal with pain. Some were downright nuts. Some I disagreed with. Some were interesting, but everyone had two things in common, so I count them as two universal truths on how to deal with pain. (I do get COVID is pain. I do get this lock down is a different kind of pain for some.) Two things to do to deal with pain: 1. Divert your mind to something you're passionate about. (That was when I took up writing fiction.) 2. Find something so funny that it makes you physically laugh at least once a day. (Personally, I think "pray" should be the first one, but I did say some of what I read was downright nuts.) So, here is my attempt getting someone else to laugh today. It's bad when even your teddy bear is trying to escape the house out a window.
  3. This is my wheelhouse, so it's a job I'm excited to do and volunteered to do. I'm also good at alphabetizing in general, except for one thing -- couples. Two couples. Same last names. Different first names. I get it, then the one with the first letter closest to A goes first. Except...wife or husband's first name? Is there consistency for whether the man or woman goes first in church directories? If not grammatically, than etiquettely? (Yes, I make up my own words.) And if this is the closest to A works, then what's that say about the rest of the couples in the directory? (I would go with doing couple's name's alphabetically, except then it's hard for new people to figure out how to contact deacons and elder's if the husband's name happens to be later in the alphabet than the wife's.) Also, if anyone else has ever worked on a digital version of Church Directory, let me know. When I volunteered, I was picturing paper-pamphlet. I'm so old school, I just read my first ebook last month and have no idea how to do anything with our smartphone except turn it on. (As it stands now, I can't even phone home with it.) I think I can do this anyway, (I'm very good with Microsoft Word), but I'd appreciate anyone willing to help me if/when I get stuck again.
  4. Okay, William, I'm pretty good with googling, so found your bank. It's not open until 2 pm, so how about calling their local number after 2? https://branches.peoples.com/ny/medford/700-patchogue-yaphank-rd.html And, if'n they're going to make you wait that long again, go back to them in person. Also, for future use, I do my bills online so I don't have to spend money for a stamp. (I don't even know how much they cost anymore, I use them so seldom.) And it's free. "Free." My favorite price! On a personal note. I thought the words we used around here were tough to pronounce. (Schuylkill and Moyamensing.) No idea how to pronounce Yaphank or Patchoque. Medford! There's a Medford, NJ, so at least that word was easy. (Just trying to give you a couple of chuckles, to keep your spirit up until this is resolved.)
  5. Oh, you've never used your bank's site to pay bills before? They've asked me all sorts of verification questions, but never ask me to verify my account numbers.
  6. William, since it's a debit card, get to your bank online, and ask for help through the help feature in the website. If banks weren't doing this before, rest assured they're figuring out how to do this now, but surely they have customer service folks working at home. And hopefully, they are equipped with how to get into the banks database to find out what went wrong. (I have a friend who is still making transportation in the UK happen during all this, and she's working from home. So if the UK's version of the Department of Transportation is still getting it done, American banks are still getting it done.) Something tells me, they closed your account to protect you. Something funky was happening, (It happened to me once, when I bought something from England, and my bank knew I wasn't in England.) Frustrating, but I rather them err on the side of too cautious than too easy, since this is a debit card, not a credit card. (That's OUR money in that account.) And my bank usually takes 24 hours to get back to me. Even on weekends, though admittedly, my bank is one of those holy-smokes-huge banks. Worse that happens to you, is your bank won't answer until Monday or Tuesday. Considering we're already used to "banker's hours" on Sundays, rent isn't due until Tuesday, isn't late until next weekend, and every single business in the country is giving leeway to all of us stuck in this lock-down, no need to get properly freaked out, until the middle of next week. (i.e., waylay a perfectly reasonable freak out.)
  7. Corona is no joke, however laughter eases stress. Scolding raises it.
  8. Our church does book series for sermons. Now we're on The Gospel of John. The first time anything deviated that was the first Sunday church was canceled because of the virus, But we're back on schedule. Our Pastor is Jonathan, but sometimes the Associate Pastor or Elders preach a section instead. So, I'll give you the page where we can listen to all our sermons, but if you want to hear from the beginning, don't expect it's always from Jonathan. Here's the link: https://graceandpeacecommunitychurch.org/messages/ Oh, and a bit of humor. We've only been going for 18 months, so haven't heard all the series yet, however, the Jonathan has already gone through three of my favorites. Feels like nothing-but-dessert but I never had to eat the liver and lima beans to get to the dessert. 😆
  9. Actually this shutdown has been positive in odd ways for us, as well as negative. Truthfully, this is our life most of the time, except going out grocery shopping once a week was our big adventure. And the rest of the time is seeing one doctor or another about one thing or another. Suddenly, doctors don't want to see us as much. We're hoping they get that doctor appointments can be phone calls more often when this is over. (Even willing to pay for the phone call.) So, for us, this feels like snow days after a blizzard. Some unscheduled time off, but knowing it's creating eternal problems for many others. Negative in that right before it, we're both having an end-of-life depression. We usually have our depressions at different times, enabling the one to give strength to the other, so this is worse. But we came to the same conclusion at roughly the same time. We will have no more adventures on this earth anymore. i.e., no more vacations, concerts, or even a trip to a museum. The only two exciting things we'll ever do as us again are grocery shopping and church. Both of which, have proven as iffy during this virus as before it. Still haven't figured out how to handle that one. (But please don't tell me I'm wrong. We really are towards that end of life, and he's been on borrowed time for the last four years.) 2. Writing wise? Bonus time during the shut down. I've had time to work, albeit, waiting around to see if deliveries are truly delivered cuts out as much time as doctor appointments used to. Finally figured out how to deal with Chapters 6 and 7. (Well, divided Chapter 6 so there is a 6 and 7.) Truthfully wondering if I'm just fooling myself with this series too, except I can't let it go. Having more trouble writing it than writing the first book too, and since the first book took 5 years, that's a problem. (Especially knowing momentum was killed during the health crisis that changed our lives permanently.) 3, My writing was never a ministry, anymore than my stained glass was or my garden is. God gave me talents and an ability to learn that I've enjoyed. But I am giving a chuckle to a few people about this whole quarantine thing.
  10. Ohhh, it's only for 2 weeks? First I'm hearing for how long. (Will check our TP supply now. 🤔)
  11. I had a website or blog about the stuffies for over a decade, before I came up with an idea for a book. That's a lot of photos. One of my favorites is when they balanced my checkbook.
  12. My husband will likely die if he catches this virus. Then again, he has the same problem with the flu and the cold. So, we're taking this seriously, physically. And not exactly seriously mentally. No idea if this will show, but here's a thread I added to FB yesterday because Spaulding, (my teddy bear and MC), and his kids dared say the two words every wife/mom loves to here, "I'm bored." And, just in case it doesn't show, here is the first in the series of what Lady (wife and mother) did about Spaulding's "problem." (And he's still working and regretting ever since. 😆)
  13. I'm part of the #writingcommunity/#amreading followers on Twitter. I noticed a spike in requests for take-me-away fiction in the #amreading and a drop in #amwriting. Seems like people are in need of mental escape. Even the writers.
  14. Just so you know -- although we're not supposed to go near other people, it doesn't mean we can't go outside. We can, as long as we stay away from others. I'm trying to use this time to work on my garden, if weather and deliveries permits. If you can cross the street and get to your mailbox without passing other people, go for it. Fresh air is good for us, and being able to go out, even if just on our property, makes us feel less confined. (I've heard from some folks that they're walking/riding in the woods/country, just to get outside without contacting other people.)
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