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  1. This dialog is happening in the middle of a great feast. Picture it something like taking a bus load of friends to Macy's Thanksgiving parade, and then one of your friends asks. I have about ten named characters together, so not sure how much anyone will get on who is whom, but will try.
  2. My last novel, I didn't taste until the end. This novel I'm tasting as I go. It was easier to wait, however, it feels like my last baking session was at sea level, and this one is in the Alps. (Leavens reacts differently depending on altitudes.)
  3. But sometimes the thing that changed there isn't revealed until later. One of my CP's thought I had a lovely scene of my characters taking some time to have fun when they found a skateboard park. And, true. That is what happened. However, had they never done that then the rest of the story wouldn't have happened. (Climax and ending.) I have made the same suggestion to other writers, but only after reading the whole thing and figuring out it wasn't needed.
  4. When I was planning how to live when the mortgage company took our house, we were living on $839 a month, plus food stamps and Medicaid. Food stamps paid for food, but not non-food items like deodorant, TP, soap, etc. Could have paid for a surplus tent. (Feared bedbugs in the sleeping bags.) And would need an ice chest, which is a 50/50 shot at Goodwill shops. At least we had clothes, bedding, and whatever we could take from the house. (Certain stuffed animals were going with us. lol) I could see myself robbing Goodwill boxes for clothes, but, again clothes is something Red Cross does help with.
  5. Oh, weird nugget in my head. If they are on the street, they can get showers at the truck stop. It cost money. I don't know how much now, but 20 years ago it was $3-$5 for a quick shower.
  6. @Sarah Daffy Probably not the answer you want, but most of the money isn't gone after time in the hospital. It doesn't matter if it's days or months. Hospitals don't expect money until after the patient is discharged. I know this because the hospital messed up on the bookkeeping, (should have charged the VA Hospital, but charged the health insurance instead.) Health insurance pays part, and then sends patient/my hubby the rest in bills. Lots and lots of bills. Except, they couldn't possibly have expected him to pay it now, since the charges themselves say he's in their ICU on equipment that says he's not even awake. (Good thing the VA hospital picked up the tab. We could have bought five houses for the money they thought we should pay. lol) As for where to stay? Maybe the neighbor caught them before Red Cross showed up, but Red Cross ought to find them in 1-2 days, and they put up the family. You'll have to check for how far Red Cross goes, but that's standard in USA. If you want them living out on the street, three places I considered. 1. Car under the freeway. (Protects from sun, rain and snow, so we had the option to open the windows or not.) 2. Vestibule in a bank behind the ATM machine. 3. Since we did have a little money each month, I also considered spending one night a week in a cheapo motel, just for the luxury of indoor plumbing, a nice hot shower, and big fluffy bed. The rest of the time, I thought we could use the built-in grills at our park for cooking dinner. (Still planned using our car.) (Saved from doing this three weeks before we would have been kicked out of our house.) A friend of mine, (and her husband), did lose her house. They had an old tent for camping, and lived at their favorite camping site for three months, before finding a way to get back into an apartment.
  7. I've been tinkering with this scene since I asked. I'm six paragraphs of dialog, (short dialog), later, and headed that way now. At the rate I'm going, I should be done by September. (and it's no more than 1000 words. lol) But, yup. Thanks, because that's where I was taking it. He has asked why while others bring help, so lots of signs Jesus is there, even if not seeable.
  8. I cried when I killed off a fictional teddy bear, written specifically to kill off. Writing about the real would just make me cry on and on and on.
  9. How much to include? Who is your audience? Keep in mind your audience and that starts getting resolved. I know I wouldn't want to read a story about mobbing syndrome, because, like you, I was at the painful end of that story. So who would want to read it? And there is no clear cut answer to that. Every sentence we write, every chapter, every word, pushes away some readers and brings in others. The fine tuning will be when you start getting who your audience is. And that will tell you what to include. Can they sue you? I can sue you. All I'd have to do to sue you is find some excuse, a very thick wallet, an obnoxious spirit, (and sounds like you found obnoxious spirits galore already), and time. I've had a few times in my life where, by all rights, I could have sued. What stopped me was I don't want to spend years in court, and I lack the money. Mostly, I didn't want to spend too many years harboring ill-will to people who harmed me. Not conducive to forgiving, loving, and working towards what the Lord would have me be. Obviously, I'm not suing you, but don't think someone who will sue you needs a good case to start. Every single family of people who were shot by the police in the commission of a crime gets paid because the family member was killed. Suing is the way of life in America. Personal note. I have stories of what has happened to me that could make for interesting readings. But I will not for this reason: It's hard to forgive people/to love people like the Lord will have us do, when we harbor anger/justifiable rage. Forgiveness isn't a once-and-done. It's on-going, because we keep taking it back. And, I have a tendency to try to prove I'm right, above what I'm thinking I'm showing others. The good news is you're not me. It's probably different for you, but do check out why you want to write this book.
  10. Three years ago, hubby came so close to dying, (several times in a row), that when he had to go back for follow-ups with different doctors, some of him dubbed him "Miracle Man." When we went to the ER the first day, the doctor told him flat out, "You're dying. If I don't put you on a ventilator right now, you're going to die." I spent the next eight weeks praying for God's will. But, figuring God knows everything about me, we both had the understanding that my will was for hubby to come home. I just knew it was better for hubby, if he went HOME -- God's home. So, best I could do was, "Thy will be done." We both know that hubby won't live to be 113 as planned. (Always thought I'd live to be 104. Hubby is nine years older, so kept trying to talk him into 113. ) Not likely ten more years. (Not likely I'll see 104 either.) I was worried when he woke up, he'd feel like he got the short end of the stick. Nope. He was thrilled. We have no idea why God is keeping him here, (unless God really knows how much I need him even better than I do... which, come to think of it, He does.) But this we know. When God takes us HOME, that's when it's time to go home. And considering neither one of us are spring chicks, and hurt most the time, we really are ready for HOME. He just keeps giving us more to do here. Works out good, since the more He has us do here, the more reaching His kingdom comes. I always thought that scripture meant that.
  11. Nicholas, I've never read Left Behind. I've watched movies about after-the-rapture though. There is no such thing as "already done." There is only "already done just like this." That would be the reason no one takes it. And, I doubt yours is his. About 25 years ago, word was out that no one will ever do another vampire story because it's been done to death. I'm still laughing over that one. You're missing something in your decision making. You don't know if an agent or publisher will champion your story yet. If you self-pub, you'll never know. Put some time into checking out agents and then see if you find any you want to work with. Too many writers think they'll take anyone, but after doing some research, I found I could not partnership with half the agents that represent my kind of fiction. Instead of "who will take me," I asked, "Who will I take?" Here's a little article I did a few years ago that teaches how to find agents. I know if an agent will represent me now, because I did ask. It would have bugged me for the rest of my life not knowing. Oh, and the answer? None would. That's okay, because now I know. (And, I might just go back to trying again after finishing Book 2. I don't know yet. ) Just don't not-trad-pub, simply because you don't think anyone will take it. I suspect you are wrong on that. There is a niche for readers who want to read about after the rapture. All Left Behind did was prove that's true.
  12. I'm considering killing off an entire (doll)house worth of characters right now, so I understand there is a bit of sadness in killing darlings. (Still pro-and-conning the decision.) Something to consider though. Since it's fiction and since we're supposed to have author platforms, I have an idea for what I want to do for my series. Some novels are about a few. Some are about many. I am writing the latter kind, but I can't go deep into everyone or the story would never end. So, my plan is to write short stories about what's going on in the community throughout the main story. Do tell what's going on for different characters. Give reader's more of the story for characters they like. You could do the same thing with your Wisp. Add that on your website for anyone who would like to go further into the characters. I figure most the time I go find an author's website, what I really want to know is more of what happened to the characters I liked. And, I'm usually disappointed. So, give what I want to get.
  13. Lamo isn't really lame. He's misunderstood. How about stopping for a bit and writing a short story of Lamo as the good guy? Personally, I do this in my head more often than writing it out, but once I delve into the character's background, I can empathize more. Pull Lamo out of his comfort zone, to find out why being lame is his comfort zone. Warning: You might end up liking him... from a distance. (I usually only get to seeing what's likable about them. It doesn't mean I'd want to be friends IRL though. )
  14. I name each chapter after a song. And that is the name of this chapter.
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