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  1. My "experience" comes from all the work involved to learn how to write query letters and all the research I took to pick out agents I would have like to help hawk my story. So, don't consider me up there with published writers. But, I skipped the comparison whenever I could. How helpful is it to say my story is like Maniac Magee and Watership Downs? The only time I used it was for the very few agents who insisted. That said, I can give you something like it -- It's a Wonderful Life. And don't feel like you can only compare yourself to Christian writers. Fiction wr
  2. Growing up, Dad took our family for a 10-14 hour drive for our 2-3 week vacation. We'd fish in a lake an hour from Kingston, ON. The three-room cabin had electricity and a sink to do dishes in. The "heater" was the potbelly stove, but it only got cold at night, and Dad stoked the fire before going to sleep. The water for every day needs came from a spigot about 25 feet from the cabin, attached to the women's outhouse. The women's outhouse was the only toilet, and only women were allowed to use it. I was a girl; therefore, I got to do what Dad and my brothers got to do. Use one of three normal
  3. I suspect most here would say the same thing. (I would go so far as to drop the "excessively" too. Sometimes we say things we mean, but not the way it comes out. My main problem as a writer and a person. ) Then again, we all hope the same thing can be said about us. I think this all goes back to that passage in 2 Tim. where we are to provoke, rebuke and exhort. This is why we need each other, to empty ourselves of self, and fill with the Holy Spirit. (Yeah, you too. You need it as much as we all do. )
  4. Wow. You drew that? I've seen it as a meme on FB. This may be the first time I met the illustrator of a famous picture. Cool! (As a teddy bear nut, I do get it. But I also find it a bit depressing. It's kind of like trading up on your kids or pets. It's not a bigger and better dog we want. It's our dog, but better behaved.. or healthier, or younger. Spaulding, my teddy bear, can't be replaced by bigger and better. He's Spaulding. )
  5. Nope. However most people who claim they are Christians aren't. Growing up in a church doesn't mean they're Christian. Many assume it does. Being religious doesn't mean they're Christian. Thinking Jesus was a nice guy doesn't mean they're Christian. Using "praise God" and "bless you" as a catch phrases doesn't mean they're Christians. And creating a god they can handle and then calling that Yahweh doesn't mean they're Christians. Christianity isn't as wide a gate as the world keeps thinking. Matthew 7:13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads
  6. I don't have a paid job. I haven't since 1998, then I started a single-person business and became disabled in the next year-and-a-half. So the only jobs I have now are taking care of hubby, of my home, and whoever else I can help as I'm able. That said. Yes, I have been belittled, put down, insulted, and assumed stupid at work because I am God's kid. But, as often as I've had that happen to me, I also know the same bosses and coworkers trusted and respected me because I did my jobs well, was trustworthy, and didn't "get even." (And one of my bosses needled me to try to get me to co
  7. (I'm reading the thread before answering first question. I wasn't going to add pennies along the way, but then again, I also keep planning on being within my weight margin, and haven't been there often enough either.) That verse is for believers, not nonbelievers. Try reproving or rebuking your boss, or your boss's boss and see how long you keep a job. Hard to let folks know what you believe if you aren't there to tell. Not much of a witness either, if they know you are a Christian, but got lippy with the boss anyway. And the biggest reason not to rebuke or provoke is 2 Peter 2:18-23.
  8. As someone not personally involved in this exchange, let me help. First, breathe. Again. Nice and deep. Second, this is something that will help you as a member of the group called "writers," no matter where. (As in not just on this site but the larger group.) Critique: When we point out helpful ideas to make the writing better with the hope of helping our fellow writer. Criticism: When we tell what we think of the published writing. As writers, we want critiques from each other, not criticism. (Unless someone asks for a
  9. Wes, I loved Centennial, but Africa showed me I needed some understanding of the basic history before I could enjoy Michener's writing. I saw a bookshelf of Michener's work in a TV show, (Monk), the other night, and remembered how much I like him. Never heard of The Source. It's one I want to read now though. Thanks.
  10. Shamrock, Since you've received two positives already and suspense says you have a good book, nope. Not only do I think you don't need a new pair of eyes on your story. I think getting critiqued again would be detrimental to your novel. On the other hand, I would thank the agent who suggested you go on a wait list. Just thanks without committing. You'll be remembered, and maybe that will be your agent, if another agent or publisher doesn't snap it up immediately. (I know that from when I wrote resumes. Job applicants were more likely to be remembered if they sent a thank you note r
  11. Oddly, it changed many years ago too. My hubby is nine years older than me. Sixth grade wasn't elementary school then. It was in my era. It's not anymore.
  12. AKA don't cancel-culture? I do wish our society would get back to realizing that's true whenever we look back on history. But I cheated on my historical fiction. When I started, it was set in the current year -- 2011. Now all I have to do is remember what hadn't happened then yet. (Which, so far, includes the history of the smartphone and social media platforms.) It's already getting harder after a mere decade.
  13. Or... never read what you wrote long, long ago.
  14. I kept a journal in college. I was in college in the mid 70s. I found and started reading the journals in the 90s. I was so embarrassed by my maudlin writing, I will never read it again. And, I wasn't 8 years old when I wrote it. But I also can't throw it out. At least yours sounds like a dream. (Ever notice dreams make sense until you tell them?)
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