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  1. Welcome! I’m happy to help in any way I can.
  2. Many thanks for the welcoming words I look forward to some great things happening here!
  3. a couple more and i should be good to go
  4. I was receiving messages from another member before.
  5. I don't have ten yet! Let me make quick work of that.
  6. Hello! Good to meet all of you. I hope to upload some cool avatar at some point, but I've been pretty busy. I look forward to hanging out here now and then!
  7. Good to meet you KayLouise! I am interested and old As you can see, I have a funny bone. Can you please send me a private message? I don't seem to have enough seniority to send pm's. I've received them, so I know that I am able to converse over there. Thank you!
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