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  1. Thank you sir! It's nice to meet you as well!
  2. You're very welcome! Happy to help!
  3. I'm actually in the process of writing my first screenplay and what I researched it's best to start off with a log line for your film. The log line is basically a summary of your film in 25-50 words and helps guide you in the writing. I would come up with a log line and put that into your story. If you have a log line/summary you may not need to have a fully flushed out plot mentioned in your story.
  4. Whenever I have felt down about not being that tall I remember I'm still two inches taller than Tom Cruise. But then my mind wanders to well he has more money than I do, then I remember I know Jesus and I don't feel so bummed anymore?.
  5. Although Horse Dragon is a VERY magically horse he still needs to be ridden with a saddle. Great question. Anymore??
  6. OH there's always a way to get a man to clean up anything. It all comes down to a 3 or 4 letter word?!
  7. That is a good song but my favorite song on Crowder's most recent albums is Crushing Snakes. Give it a listen when you have time!
  8. For passwords, I always like to use an upcoming event, holiday or something that i'm looking forward too. It's tough to forget those and sometimes for me heightens the anticipation of the upcoming event.
  9. I think that's a great idea, lol!
  10. I claim Horse Dragon. Not only is he my spirit animal but he's also a fantastic life coach. The Secret has nothing on Horse Dragon Life Coach LLC.
  11. So in regards to dragons, are we talking Spiro, Puff or the Game of Thrones kind?
  12. Thank you very much! I will post in the project connections. I will give it a little more time, just so I can earn a little more street cred first.
  13. Howdy. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Taylor and I feel like one of my main purposes on this Earth, my mission, given to me by God is to write. A little over two years ago God gave me an idea for a story. And the story from what I can discern needs to be written as a screenplay. Over the past nine months to a year I have been doing my best to spend time daily putting everything together. I have never written a screen play before. Does anyone have experience writing one and or could someone help mentor me or hold me accountable to writing regularly?
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