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  1. Welcome home, William. Great themes. Every blessing on your work.
  2. You are spot on and your words are seasoned with grace. Thanks, Anon.
  3. Good on ya, Jeff. You made the point and I give you the grade. You did the reading at some stage in your journey and now you doing more of the writing. On your responding in such detail, probably by first reading through all the post and responses, shows you still doing the reading though ? On being the guy in the OP, I would say, maybe. It turns out you are; well, I'm glad, I got you then. Such a blessing, you are in. What you just shared, I guess, has fired up more conversation, that is, potentially. We see how that goes, but hey, welcome aboard, Jeff!
  4. Umm, thanks Carolinamtne, you just want us safe. Come on, EClayRowe, u mean we are only safe until u turn rich? ? Not to worry, w'll kidding. No one who wants to do that will reveal their intention like u did. Getting us back on track, hey, yowordworm, you sure have my thumbs-up for a great help on the subject at hand. Many thanks!
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I stand on that same scripture with you, praying God's comfort, healing and miracle supplies, in Jesus name!
  6. Great reading your lovely story. Thanks for sharing and please feel really welcome!
  7. What a great but simple idea, Nicola. Any likely issues or things to mind starting out? This might help someone. I haven't and have no idea.
  8. When I read these posts, I headed to the critic room. In my case, the answer is no, it won't allow a critique for someone else. I guess that's what the answer is too for Kriver7. The error code is 2F173/H. I hope this is helpful.
  9. A good one for a laugh. Thanks, Bob, and oh yes, Alley, I like what you said: finding what you love and then it's all practice. With a dyslexia experience, I respect your recommendation. I can only guess, I have decoded correctly what Z has said, for me to say: No mate, no degree required to practice, but sometimes a good reason to look for one if not ready to practice, until ready to practice ?
  10. I agree. So, if we have a writing skill without much of a reading skill, how do we develop the reading?
  11. At church, I find some are good at praying and not so good at reading and meditating the Scriptures, and vice-versa. This is, perhaps, typical amongst Christians generally and pastors have a work to do from both ends of the spectrum. However, I read how a writer says, he is not good at reading. This is obviously true for many but how do we, in such a situation, cope with being well-informed on the information we dish out in our writing endeavors?
  12. Hi Larry, generous market-testing approach. Sounds good, and hey, Lynn, great move to reposition it and have more writers here access it. Relocating it here made me find it quick. I really would like to give this a try.
  13. Many good responses here, and hey, Sunny, you nailed it!
  14. Hi Beverly. 'Started over twice..'; you sure got my attention. First, I'm like you then. Except for my doing it many more times before getting close to right :-). Yea, time-consuming but you learn something like you said. It's also such fun creating something of value. So, I keep trying and have set up a number of them for our ministries (by the way, your guess is right), and for myself. Here's my latest work-in-progress, and perhaps, we can learn from each other; https://lemanconsultants.com.au
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