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  1. Hi Jared. Welcome back and praising God for your healing!
  2. Thanks, LauraJo, for your reply. I am glad at how you related your background-teachings to the context. It brought much understanding to the subject. Also glad you read the book. Together with Maddix & Estep (and writers here like you making their inputs), we are engaging to spread the truth of the gospel!
  3. Hi everyone. Good to be back from my regular rounds of research tasks: a final three months at a stretch. Since returning today, I have moved around the house here a bit, reading eagerly and voraciously from different forums/postings...all I have missed ... and hey, I missed you all! In the three months of absence, it is good to report back here that I finalized and completed my qualitative research in the field of practical theology among evangelical institutions (Jan 2016-Jun 2021): how the Church and its theological institutions in westernized contexts can push back on the influ
  4. Thanks , William. Fits well here under article, essay, etc. for a good read ... Word-loaded!
  5. Good teaching material: yes, bible study, home or connect group. A blessing.
  6. Welcome home, Jonathan. We can't wait to have nest-emptied writers in action here!
  7. Welcome, Bev. We look forward to your stories and devotionals of Christ's love.
  8. So Tired Of Normal Christianity: I was so tired of normal and dry Christianity. At this stage of my life, I was set to start my first job in a new city, Sept 1986. I was eager to start earning from employment (being fresh from sixteen continuous years of study: primary, secondary, tertiary). I was also growing desperate for God in the same season of my life. So, two roads just met. One road was the eagerness for more money. The other was the desperation for (more of) God. Who understands that place? Does that resonate with you or someone? Here's how it went with me. I Must Fin
  9. A Message On What Christmas Means To All Religions. Time was when Prophets backed by the Angels that spoke to them (Angels of darkness or light) initiated different religious sects and world religions. Some of those God-seeking Prophets missed the Truth but still founded those sects or religions anyway. This was necessary so humanity can still have a religious way to attempt to reach the invisible God. That is, to still retain its conscience and continue to have a consciousness of God, regardless of the darkness and wickedness abounding all through the ages. God permitt
  10. Thanks for sharing this. I stand on that same scripture with you, praying God's comfort, healing and miracle supplies, in Jesus name!
  11. Work/Marketplace 2020 is about Inspiration, inspired wisdom, and then skillfulness and motivation [See attached banner]. If I were to reconstruct the very famous words of Donald Gee (the Christian scholar and Englishman), which emphasizes ‘Inspiration’ in the context of ministry; if I were to adapt it to our contemporary work/marketplace, I would attempt, firstly, to lay a foundation. That is: that in the complexity of our troubled world, the best skillset and the right motivation are no longer enough. Not enough for either an employer or employee to keep a sound mind and remain focused on set objectives and goals. Given that, there is an increasingly high-pressured socio-economic work/marketplace environment generated and defined by a post-secular culture. So, I say no, the best of skillset and motivation are certainly no longer sufficient in avoiding or reducing physical & mental health breakdowns. I would then say that in addition to those best practices (highly required towards personal and business fulfillment), we are now face-to-face with a critical need for more and more of inspired wisdom in the 21st century. A need far beyond the limits of our humanity but which needs to be met if we are to achieve the expected end for the year 2020 and beyond. This is what Work/Marketplace 2020 is about (Paul E. Momoh - Keynote Speaker).
  12. A songwriter says "you may not know HOW, you may not know WHEN..., God will do it again!" (emphasis here and other emphases below mine). Such is the kingdom of God, that a man “should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not HOW” (Mark 4:27 KJV). Sometimes, we just want God to move a mountain or obstacle out of our way in a certain or particular way. Then, of course, the mountain remains unmovable because we have limited the hand of God to a particular way. First, a look at the natural (1 Cor 15:46). God uses the
  13. Thanks, Maurice. Great thoughts, thought-provoking, strong points. Well laid out! It's also great that, as William has done, we self-moderate in-house, helping one another get things right. Rather than let some of those enemies alluded to (last para: Maurice) trash a great piece of work on 'technical grounds'.
  14. Faithrev/


    Thanks, Anon, good one. That's quality meditation that let the truth change us, from glory to glory.
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