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  1. Amazing sharing; thanks, TrueServantOfJesus. Before I return to make a few comments on your post, I note lynmosher's experience to be a great confirmation that, life or death should not separate us from the love of Christ. His own love for us could not be separated by the pain of His crucifixion for our (not His) sins. Rather, it reinforced and confirmed that great love. So, we are learning to love Him, not even because we are healed, but first and foremost, because He first loved us while we were yet sinners! As Donald James rightly observed, "beautiful...." to Lyn's
  2. Here’s a quote from Weekly Word (26/11/2018) citing the Washington Post and the Oxford Dictionary: “Don’t Live The Lie!... In today’s world, truth is losing, announced the Washington Post. The Oxford Dictionary chose ‘post-truth' as the word for the year 2016. Since that year, we have watched political leaders rise to power in both North and South America, and across Europe to Russia and Turkey, who brush aside truth as a petty inconvenience” http://weeklyword.eu/en/truth-prevails-3/ Against this background, I pose the following questions. Should Christians and the Chur
  3. Your personal integrity is critical to the spread of the Gospel truth. No ambassador of Christ can thrive any longer or better than their credibility permits their authenticity.
  4. A Word For The USA Church (Continued Here As Part B): The Church Must Remain Apolitical To Be Effective In Speaking Truth To Power. Note: The topic of the message remains 'As Is' with the title above in both parts. Nothing of Covid-19 was implied there nor here. Part B: Talking About God Using A Donkey To Do His Sovereign Work: Here Comes The God-Pig! When God used a donkey to do His sovereign work, the donkey prophesied with a man’s voice (Num 22:21-38). Make no mistake: that was not a man prophesying with a donkey’s voice (I know, you would have loved
  5. Examples: When God Used King Cyrus And Emperor Constantine. God, in His sovereignty, can use a believer, the unbeliever, the donkey (as with Balaam), the bird (as with Elijah), or the very stones (as with the kids holding their peace, Lk 19:37). Whenever God uses the 'un-Godly' sovereignly to do His will, if God's people interfere, God backs off. (By the un-Godly is meant those God expressly chooses to use over a nation even though they may not be Godly. By interference is meant what follows). Every time God sovereignly chooses to use the un-Godly for His greater purpos
  6. Hi Sam. Welcome, and hope you be blessed and a blessing!
  7. Hi Peggy. Welcome back!
  8. Welcome home, Egging. Glad suspensewriter was on hand to quickly guide you around. Sounds warmly to me. So, Egging, that said, I will be watching out for a read when you do.
  9. Hi Egging. Yes, I am as curious as you when it comes down to how God did it or how we made that transition. Like they say, you took the word out of my mouth
  10. Hi Donna. You are spot on. I say, Amen, to your testimony! The Holy Spirit is the one that convicts us of sin while yet sinners in the world (John 16:8) and works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Phil 2:13). I just love testimonies of what God did and is doing today. Even more, when the bits and pieces of those testimonies bring the Scripture alive. So has yours, Donna.
  11. Amen, lynnmosher. Always encouraging; you are a blessing to the House!
  12. An Introduction To Life & Truth Broadcast & Programme In 10 mins By Paul E. Momoh. What Is Life & Truth? Where The Facts Of Life Meet With The Truth Of Life....A Lifetime Change Is Possible And Inevitable! https://youtu.be/Yg61HVH-dwE < >
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