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  1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for bringing glory to Jesus, the Saviour, and blessing us heaps!
  2. Hi Jennifer. You are right. This is a classic testimony to the scripture, all things work together for good ...given what relief and healing this has meant to you and daughter. I know this will resonate immensely with many readers here...and the blessing will continue wherever this is further shared. Amen.
  3. Hi Homer Les, thanks for sharing! We need to hear such moments of walking through the valley, yes, not just when we are on the mountain top. Our God is a God of the mountain and also of the valley. Wherever we may find ourselves, He is there, never leaving us alone. Exciting read!
  4. Hi mightyriver, isn't your God a truly mighty God...how wonderful is that? Our God is mighty, gracious and amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hi MaryKaithe, I jump into your celebration. Great story. I couldn't bleak my eyes till I finished. Encouraging words and good reading from Nikki, David, and KR! I have read yours too. Just seen your story, MaryKaithe. I wish I did earlier. Been off my regular desk for weeks on research. Yet to be fully back but I will try hopping in and out to be blessed and to input the great conversations going on here. I really like that you said, though you have reached half time but your life of faith is not over. I say, AMEN to that. I wrote a little book (out of print, returning to print end of year) titled: changing your life at midlife/ middle age - what to do to win the game of life in the second half - where 60 is the biblical middle age for a potential 120 years (Gen 6:3). Not a max-age of 70 or 80 (as some have suggested based on Psalm 90:10). Reading the whole chapter for context, we get to see that the 70 or 80 mentioned were also clarified in the same chapter: the cut back of life span was meant for Israel as punishment for the period they were in disobedience during their wilderness journey. Psalm 90 isn't a “Thus saith the Lord” on max-age for everybody but Moses' Prayer for Israel, recounting events on their way from Egypt to Canaan (read all 90:3-11). By the way, many versions have Psalm 90 titled “A Prayer of Moses”. This is just to clarify but if anyone needs more clarity on this matter, feel free to post. We have a lot CW who will gladly and freely respond. In those 'middle ages' (60's), we can enjoy greater fulfilment in life while ageing issues can be significantly decreased by simply starting or doing something new. Not just any new thing but first figuring out the yet untapped, unused and dormant talents, gifts, skills, and abilities inherent in your being and focusing on doing those things. We are waiting and the world is waiting for more from you (like you just did) ... those memoirs!
  6. Hi Guest. Thanks for throwing that one in. You are right. lynnmosher, u make me wanna write moooooooore! Yea, yea, yea, Nicholas, thanks for highlighting that Focus... I wish I read your inputs earlier...been away from my desk, finalising a research project on faith formation. Over and done by God's grace in November. I can then do a bit of excerpts here, and I guess, I can have your contributions on those contemporary issues of our common faith.
  7. Hi Nikki. that's liberating. Thanks for sharing. I am praying more people in such situations will find and read this story and come off good, and some will share this around for others to be blessed. And, oh yes, David. I like that phrase..."as we come face to face with our individual truths"!
  8. Take a good look at yourself in a mirror: In what follows, I am providing you with one. A mirror of truth for your individual life as a Believer and as a member of a local church: the subject of the Book of Ephesians. With this, take a personal assessment of who you are as an individual in Christ Jesus, and what the church is to you in Christ Jesus. The Book of Ephesians (all 6 chapters), in a nutshell, is about divine authority and how to use it, as invested in: (1) You as the individual Believer (chapters 1-2). Shows how you, the individual Believer, can be strong in the Lord, knowing who you are in that authority. Next time you read these chapters, you should be thanking and praising God for your authority in Christ Jesus. Chapters 1-2 are about the individual Believer. (2) The community of faith/local church (chapters 3-4). Shows how you, the individual Believer, can serve God through the local church, in faith, love and unity, and become a strong part of, and how to fulfil that role in, a local church. Next time you read these chapters, you should be thanking and praising God for the authority of the church (of which you are a part of ) in Christ Jesus. Oops…, if you don’t belong to a local church or are not committed to one, well, after you complete reading this text, you should know what to do very quickly. You cannot be sharpened spiritually and grow in love and patience (even tried in love and patience with other Believers) without being a part of a local church. Tried and tested amidst the brethren of the Lord and being able to live at peace with other Believers, endeavouring to still keep the unity of the Spirit (Eph 4:1-4), then you can face the tough evil world and still love those people out there. Charity begins at home, in the local church. So, if you are not planted in a definite local church, you cannot grow in this love and patience. To love the brethren of the Lord Jesus is to truly be able to love the world indeed as God loves. Chapters 3-4 are about the church. The next 2 chapters (ends the Book and) are about building the individual life of the Believer and the church on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. (3) The Holy Spirit Through Love (chapter 5): Next time you read this chapter, you should be prayerfully meditating on how to use that authority (found in chapters 1-4) in your day-to-day circumstances and spiritual warfare based on the Holy Spirit through love. Chapter 5 is about the Holy Spirit and the love shed in the heart of the Believer. (4) The Word of God Through Faith (chapter 6): Next time you read this chapter, you should be prayerfully meditating on how to use that authority (found in chapters 1-4) in your day-to-day circumstances and spiritual warfare based on the Word of God through faith. Chapter 5 is about the Word of God and the faith it generates in you when you believe. In sum total, and in agreement with Gal 5:6, this is the faith that works by love. It conquers all evil and delivers the victory that overcomes the world. The Word and the Spirit, Faith and Love, and the love of the Word and the Spirit must be the foundation of your individual life. Not an individual life attempting to grow independently of the community of faith (you will lack the strength, authority and blessings of chapters 3-4) but being planted and located in the local church for spiritual interdependency. Not for spiritual dependency but rather being built on the foundation of the Word and the Holy Spirit, supplying something of your natural and spiritual talents to build the Kingdom, and to be able to withstand, together with the church, every storm or devil in these final days of the last days.
  9. Hi Becky, yes, the Lord did; sacrificed all for us all. I wish I got here quicker than now to enjoy the read and contribute ...was away from my regular desk on a research study, weeks out to finish. Thanks Becky for sharing, amazing story; and to David too for responding with grace!
  10. Welcome home, William. Great themes. Every blessing on your work.
  11. You are spot on and your words are seasoned with grace. Thanks, Anon.
  12. Good on ya, Jeff. You made the point and I give you the grade. You did the reading at some stage in your journey and now you doing more of the writing. On your responding in such detail, probably by first reading through all the post and responses, shows you still doing the reading though ? On being the guy in the OP, I would say, maybe. It turns out you are; well, I'm glad, I got you then. Such a blessing, you are in. What you just shared, I guess, has fired up more conversation, that is, potentially. We see how that goes, but hey, welcome aboard, Jeff!
  13. Umm, thanks Carolinamtne, you just want us safe. Come on, EClayRowe, u mean we are only safe until u turn rich? ? Not to worry, w'll kidding. No one who wants to do that will reveal their intention like u did. Getting us back on track, hey, yowordworm, you sure have my thumbs-up for a great help on the subject at hand. Many thanks!
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