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  1. I'm seriously going to have to look more into him now!! Prior to this, the only song of his I ever heard was that song from Wreck-It Ralph. 😂
  2. I didn't actually know Owl City guy was a Christian. That's pretty cool! 😄
  3. Thank you so much, Bob; yes, the wound has been healing little by little and so I'm doing a lot better than I was before. 😊
  4. Hi! Welcome to Christian Writers! So glad to have you with us. 🤗
  5. Thank you so much, Z!! That was beautiful. 😭
  6. Hi!! Welcome to Christian Writers! 🤗🤗 So glad you could join us!
  7. Oh heavens, I'm not a teacher!! 😂😂 I just like to call myself that. I don't think I'd have the courage to be a teacher. But it's wonderful to meet you too! 🤗🤗 Looking forward to getting to know you better.
  8. Hi Charles! Welcome to Christian Writers. 🤗 We're glad to have you here!
  9. Hi, Nalini! 🤗 What you said was beautiful. Welcome to Christian Writers!! We're very glad to have you here! 😊
  10. Hi Tom!! God is so good, isn't He? What a lovely story. Welcome to Christian Writers! We're so glad you came to join us. 🤗
  11. Of course!! Thank you so much. 😊
  12. Nice to meet you, Shane!! Welcome to Christian Writers! We're so glad to have you with us. 😊
  13. Hi Sara Jane!! So great to meet you!! 🤗 I'm going to check out your blog. I'll bet it's awesome! I am going to be starting one in the coming week. (I hope. 🤪) You're going to like it here. Everyone is super kind and helpful.
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