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  1. Oh, what a shame to not be able to use it!! That would have been soooo awesome!!!
  2. I agree with Suspensewriter; I'd definitely try to make up a town, though it would be sort of a challenge; sometimes I have trouble coming up with names that I'm truly satisfied with. 😏
  3. Oh, my, yes; my favorite is Psalm 103; I love it because it explores the very epitome of God's nature of how He deals with us as His children.
  4. Wow...I love these messages, Scribewriter!! Besides the amazing depth at which you explore the beautiful writing style of these two books, Psalms happens to be one of my favorite books in the Bible anyway!
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome! Yeah, when you write poetry correctly, it can be a very satisfying accomplishment indeed; I write quite a bit of it, mostly out of passion or emotion, just when I get the right feeling for a song or a poem. Or when God puts a special burden on my heart; that happens a lot.
  6. That's awesome!! I would have loved to have seen them! Well, it certainly looks like we share something in common; that's pretty neat! Anyway, it's so nice to meet you!
  7. Beautifully done, Scribewriter! I never looked at Psalm 23 in that way before; rhyming meaning is a very interesting concept.
  8. Hi, Zain, so nice to meet you! We're glad to have you!! Thank you so much for posting this info on how to start your own blog; I have been wanting one for, like, ever now, and I had no idea how to go about it! I could definitely use all the help I can get, so this will certainly come in handy.
  9. You're welcome! And and thanks for the well-wishes; I'm really excited about this trip! Good luck with your project while I'm gone!
  10. Hi! Welcome to Christian Writers!! It is so awesome to have you here; that is SO EXCITING about your new book!! I can't wait to read it soon! From all of us here, welcome aboard!
  11. I'll be glad to help you in any way possible to design characters, though not right away; I'll be leaving day after tomorrow on a trip to GA with my mom, and I won't be back for ten days; but as soon as I get back, I'll be all ready to help with whatever you need!
  12. Excellent piece!! Yes, genre is very important, for sure; in my writing, I explore just about all genres. One story might fall into one category, such as sci-fi, while another might explore something like action & adventure or romance; I'm very open minded!
  13. Oh, yeah, you ought to look up a clip of them singing Jesus On the Mainline on YouTube sometime; it's hilarious!!
  14. Hi Kristine!! Welcome to Christian Writers!! It's great to have you here!! We would all love to read your memoir; please feel free to share it with us!! Living for Christ is the only reason to live.
  15. They are surprisingly soft... I remember the first time I ever felt sheep wool; I was all prepared for it to be all scratchy & miserable; but it was softer then a cloud!! Nice little sheep...😁
  16. Excellent symbolism, Scribewriter!! I love the idea about the seed of pride; after all, it was pride and rebellion which drove Lucifer away from God to begin with.
  17. Hi, YWW! So glad to meet you! Sorry my welcome is a bit late; I just saw this thread a minute ago. But please feel free to make yourself at home!!
  18. Welcome to Christian Writers, Scribewriter!! We're so glad to have you!
  19. Always glad to meet another David fan!!
  20. Oh, my, I have always LOVED his rendition of O Holy Night!! God uses David's voice in a mighty way! If he and his daughter Maggie Beth and TaRanda Greene and Steve Perry ever got together to sing this song, they'd cave the roof in! LOL
  21. I always liked it when Bill Gather told him once, "How stupid can you get, Mark?" And Mark replies, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!!" That was from his Jesus on the Mainline comedy act with the Vocal Band.
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