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  1. I know people tend to have their different opinions about this matter, but I'm afraid I have to politely disagree with you. Satan is not a mind reader; while he may very well know how to use and manipulate people's fears against them, only God can see into the depths of a man's mind. Amazing story you shared, though! 😊
  2. Yeah, a woman driver collided with him. Thank you so much for all your prayers! And I am so sorry to hear about the accident your nephew was involved in. 😢
  3. My uncle just recently went through a horrible shock; his best friend just passed away due to complications from a motorcycle accident. None of us saw it coming; we all thought he was going to pull through. My uncle wants to be there to help his friend's widow and two grown kids, as well as the parents, who are still living. They are all having a very hard time coping with the loss. They need the comfort that only God can give. Please remember them in your prayers; it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I'm not really sure what to say right off; HK1 seems to have covered it pretty well! But I am praying - hard - for you and your deliverance. Keep strong in the Lord God no matter what; go to Him in prayer and ask for His protection and peace; He'll give it to you. But the devil always knows when the time is short with God's children, and we can be sure that when we are at our best in our relationship with Christ, Satan and his dominion are going to do everything in their power to destroy you and lead you back into destruction. You must not let him overtake you. Keep strong in your faith, for you will be able to do nothing by yourself. Simply stand aside and give God the job He alone can do. He spoke "Peace, be still" and the waters calmed. And I'm telling you tonight that the same Man who calmed those waters will calm all the waters, quench all the fires and quiet all the voices which are seeking to create havoc in your soul. Be reminded of God's promises, and be comforted by the fact that once a man is marked as God's child, he can no longer be infested by evil spirits. Satan can scream and spew every accusation and fear in the book right into your face, but if you are a child of God, it's all a lie. The devil cannot touch you. Praying for you, my friend! 😊😊
  5. Haha!! I just saw the answer; very clever! 😂
  6. Welcome to Christian Writers, Nakeba! Would love to read your work sometime. 😁 We're all very glad and excited you joined us! By the way, your name is awesome.
  7. Okay, I'll try my hand at it! LOL. 😂
  8. This is all very helpful; it opens the scope a little more on plot ideas and where I can take them. Thanks, Johne! I don't know where you come across these amazing articles. 😊
  9. I think I heard about that. I'm so sorry! I will be praying. 😟
  10. Wow, amazing stories, @Ragamuffin_John & @mightyriver! I experience moments with God every day; sometimes I may not even be aware of it. But all I can say is that He has been so good to me even when I flit and flutter around like a butterfly from flower to flower, often wandering carelessly in any and every direction, He's always there watching me and protecting me. A few nights ago, a streetlight next to our house blew out. Since it belongs to the city, it's their job to change the bulb. Well, they've been replacing all the regular incandescents with a horrifically bright new LED bulb in every light in town once it blows, and my mom had been really stressed about it because the light shines right into her bedroom window, and she might as well kiss any decent amount of sleep bye-bye if they installed one of the LEDs into it. I think I remember praying for some miracle to happen, and happen it certainly did. One or two nights after it blew out, suddenly the light flicked back on ... and it hasn't gone out again since!! Now I believe that under normal circumstances streetlights just don't do that. I believe with all my heart that God will not let that light dim again as long as we live here. Hallelujah!
  11. Do! You'll love it! I may reinstall it again; I shuffle my games a lot depending on what I'm currently playing the most. I didn't really say I dislike Minesweeper; but sometimes logic games like that can really leave you wringing your hands, your neck, your brain ... >sigh<. I could probably count the amount of Minesweeper games I've won on one hand. Lol ☝️🙄😂
  12. Oh, man, I think I remember Lil' Bub; there are so many famous cats these days! That's so sad to hear about her passing; I remember it wasn't too long ago that Grumpy Cat died. 😟😟😟
  13. Boy, you should see our tree every year! With a job as big as ours, we really need a system like that. LOL!
  14. Minesweeper is so haaaarrrrrddd!!! Argh! 😵😵😵
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