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  1. Until a contract is signed...it's a hobby.
  2. Yep. The submission form is a "fill in the blanks" kinda thing. It sends an acknowledgement that your submission was received. AND, you can go and check the status of your query.
  3. I agree. Your "take them off the list" date, I've found here in the US, is anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. There are those that will have you submit through a service called "QueryManager." I've found that the people who utilize this service tend to be the most prompt in returning a reply within the timeframe they specify.
  4. I'm taking that route. I've seriously thought about doing that. The only problem is - depending on the topic - that I either have the personality of paste, or one that's like rubbing salt into a gaping wound.
  5. They have come a LONG way in their battle with breast cancer. I have a coworker who got it. It got to her lymph nodes. She'll be coming up on three years, cancer-free.
  6. Both @Shamrockand I are in the process of querying agents. First...start querying literary agents first. They are your gateway to most publishers. Read up on developing an "elevator pitch," a query letter, a two-page synopsis of your book, and figure out what other books out there are similar to yours. Also know your genre (non-fiction, memoir, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, etc.), and your audience (children, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult). These are ALL essential to querying an agent or publisher. Second, be prepared for a long, hard slog. I've
  7. Bad as in the adult elements? Or bad as in a swift race to the bottom as to which character in the show could possibly be more stupid? I got partway into season 4 before I just gave up. There were some bright spots in the show, but those were completely overshadowed by writing that stunk so bad, I can't believe they didn't Fabreeze the scripts before handing them to the actors.
  8. William Peter Blatty was having a crisis of faith when he wrote The Exorcist. A Roman Catholic, he claims that writing the book brought him back to the Church. I guess that would qualify as "Christian Horror." It does deal with issues of Christianity that we rarely consider (mainly because of the dark subject matter).
  9. That type of cooking usually is a flatbread or a meal cake. They were a fairly common traveling food all the way into the 19th Century, and maybe the 20th. There is a channel on YouTube, called Townsends, that covers things like what soldiers ate during the Revolutionary war. They were commonly referred to as Johnny Cakes or Ash Cakes. And I'll stop being a nerd now...
  10. I'll pray for you. I've survived cancer in my youth. Do you mind if I ask what kind?
  11. No. I consider all works to be like clay. You start with something, then tease it, play with it, and eventually you find something in the clay. That being said, it's hard to do that when you have a lot of external pressures on you.
  12. I am a lone wolf whose only friends are his wife, kids, and (of course) Christ. I'm about as solitary as they come.
  13. You know, as a side note, I read somewhere that Agatha Christie supposedly hated writing Poirot mainly because of his fastidious and idiosyncratic nature. She was always closer to Miss Marple. Supposedly, the same goes for Robert E. Howard and Solomon Kane.
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