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  1. Not to offend anyone's sensibilities here, because YouTube sometimes has racy content, but if you think guys are not reading books, I suggest you go to YouTube and look up the following: "Mike's Book Reviews" (30,000+ subscribers) "Daniel Green" (231,000+ subscribers) "PewDePie" (108,000,000+ subscribers) "Brian Lee Durfee" (1,300+ subscribers) "TheBookchemist" (27,900+ subscribers) "jessethereader" (402,000+ subscribers) "Connor O'Brien" (17,400+ subscribers) "WhatKamilReads" (11,000+ subscribers) And then there are a plethora of MALE
  2. There are times when I write, the world literally falls away, and I am there with the character. I'm riding beside them, feeling the breeze in my face, smelling the scent of the pines, and hearing the sound of hooves over hard-packed earth. There is no greater form of entertainment then to be lost writing words from a character in your head, or describing the land that rises on the horizon. No movie or video can compare. In fact, I rarely watch movies these days. Then when I'm done, and I start forming the next scene in my head before I fall asleep at night. Rehears
  3. When my mom died (I was in my late 20s), it felt surreal. If felt like their was a huge, gaping hole in my life. I grieved for years. Then I got over it, in time. it took, roughly, a decade. For a 13 year old, it'll feel twice as bad. Plus there will be the innate fear that they are now on their own, in a sense, and are being thrust into a foreign world. The certainty of their life is now over.
  4. I don't think it is Christian publishers, exclusively, that have lost male readers, but publishers in general. Fantasy used to be the domain of people like Tolkien and Lewis. Now? It's retellings of Beauty and the Beast with sex and gore. I disagree that guys want busty babes and sex. They want purpose. They want something to plant a flag on. They want heroes and role models. I follow a bunch of comic book artists. Their world is under assault. They like books with heroes and villains, and strong male characters with a defined sense of right and wro
  5. My family had a similar problem. Unless you can prove they are not of sound mind, there is very litle you can do. However, if there IS dementia involved, you can report this activity. There are laws in many states that revolve around taking advantage of the elderly. My best advice is have a doctor or neurologist evaluate your mother for dementia. This is a hard fight, but if you have a power of attorney, you can shut off her finances, and kill this scam in its tracks. The problem is that, unless she volentarrily hands over Power of Attorney for finances,
  6. Unless it has changed recently, you have to have over 1000 subscribers to be monetized on YouTube.
  7. Another thing I should add: look for agents that are not based in New York. The agencies there tend to be fairly hostile to traditional Christian fiction, as per some of the things their agents state in their bio and preferred works. Look for agencies in states like Utah, Colorado, and the Midwest. There are a couple on the west coast of Michigan (Grand Rapids) that might be more receptive to Christian authors.
  8. If you are writing fiction you will not find many. And if you are writing fantasy fiction, you'll find maybe two or three. I tried Steve Laube. There is another one called Fassbender, though he has yet to get back with me. As far as Books and Such goes, they had some really odd requirements, and wanted to know your marketing plan, and your platform. So, heads up before you go there. Julie Gwinn is another (supposedly). I think Tamala Murry is closed to submissions. I could be wrong. Who you go to depends on the genera they prefer. I have be
  9. I had the same problem. I just skipped naming it something. It makes more sense for an "adult" work, because people who live in a world generally call it "the world," or "earth." Maybe if you gave a few more details? That might help. What's the point of the story aside from the possibility of being trapped there forever?
  10. I think people would pay for something fairly specific and niche like Animal Husbandry. Especially if you have some expertise on the subject. Politics? There are a gabazillion sites devoted to politics. Without a specific following, you'd just be lost amongst the noise. I'm not saying you shouldn't write a political blog, just that I don't think you'd be able to effectively charge people for your insights.
  11. How many of you are a part of the #AuthorTube community on YouTube? How many of you are a part of #WritersCommunity on Twitter? Just wondering. I know Twitter can be - as one person I know put it - a cesspool. However, whether you're self-published or go the traditional route, this is all a part of marketing yourself. I keep telling my son (he's going to a vocational school for video production) that I need his help to start putting up some YouTube content. Eventually I'll get to it.
  12. There are a number of people who go the Patreon route. People pay for regular content on various subjects. There are several placed out there that work on a paid subscriber basis. One I've mentioned (Patreon), I think another is called "locals." And I believe there a vblog capabilities in YouTube as well.
  13. I tell you what-- let me revise it, and I'll contact you when it's done. It'll probably take me a couple of weeks.
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