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  1. Yet, the agents are open for queries. I'm not addressing the other aspects of their job, merely when they look for new talent. That being said, in situations where everything is shut down - or in New York where restrictions are pretty high - you adapt your schmoozing. This means connection on Twitter, phone calls, and so on. The VAST amount of work you specified - visits restaurants and book fairs aside - can literally be done on your couch, and usually is. And with restrictions in place (especially seeing that lion's share of publishing for the US is loca
  2. Here's the thing: there is nothing that an editor or agent does that can't be done from home. I work with technology all day, every day, Nearly everything I work on can be done at home or in the office. And, especially with these queries, the vast majority of work is all done through e-mail or a website. The only exception is that if you're at home and now have to homeschool your kids. I suspect that part of the problem - in the US at least - is that a lot of people were making more on unemployment than they were actually working their job. So when the door was open
  3. My elements are: 1) The story has to have a message. 2) The message cannot be "corporations are evil," and "Christianity, bad!" These are not only offensive, but mind-numbingly unoriginal. 3) Commentary has to be subtle. No, "Well, Bob, as you already know..." segue ways into backstory. Nothing beating you over the head with the message. 4) Decent characters and variety. 5) Characters whose personality and motivations are peeled back like the layers of an onion through the entire book. 6) Plot twists that are well seede
  4. OK, well, I guess this is it. Yes, I contacted the publisher in question over three months later, and was told that no one comes back that quickly. Roughly 80% of the agents and publishers I queried replied back in 12 weeks or less. I contacted one agent that was "overdue," not too long ago. They nicely replied that they were backlogged, which was fine. I can understand that. I have a strange feeling that a new rejection is forthcoming...
  5. I have a new blog post out there. https://www.hphunterwriter.com/post/status-update-july-ish---august-ish-2021
  6. ...do you think constitute a good story?
  7. How long, roughly, do you think it should take for an agent or publisher to get back with you on whether they want to move forward with your manuscript? I have my own numbers, after querying, but I just want to inquire what others think is an acceptable timeframe. This includes those places that state, "If you don't hear from us in X number of weeks, consider it a pass." And no, this isn't another of my rantings about getting traditionally published. I don't really want to go into the details of why I'm asking this question, but suffice to say, it is a result of a rat
  8. I look up synonyms online. And I only do that post-rough draft.
  9. I'm using WiX. What made me choose it was the fact that it's been out there for quite a while, and is stable. For basic stuff like setting up a blog, an e-mail list, and so on I'd recommend it. The one thing I'd recommend is getting a domain name (mine is www.hphunterwriter.com) so that you can use that as your web address. Most of these website hosting systems will allow you to apply that domain name to your website. Otherwise, your website address will be under the hosting system subdomain (ex: www.wix.hermanphunterwriter.com as opposed to the one I regi
  10. Well, my wife knows how much I'm going to have to spend to put a book into production. Given how tight she is with the money, if she was self-serving, all of my writing would be awful. The others have zero incentive to give me reinforcement. There is also a flip side to this: the beta reader who sees themselves as "molding" your writing.
  11. Five chapters in a few hours. And I wouldn't call what I do "editing."
  12. Just wait until you have a house, wife and kids. And a dog.
  13. Get it in the hands of a beta reader. Type it up?
  14. I seek validation outside myself only because I have no idea whether my stories are good. Seeing that I have no fans yet, I gotta rely on people I trust.
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