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  1. okay, fair enough, I acknowledge that last part. But all I wanted to communicate to other members is that I have successfully got reviews from this site with no real downside. I think once I waited a few months to get one. God bless you.
  2. Accord64, I think you are being unnecessarily suspicious. Yes, they want you to buy paid reviews and those offers are not hidden - but it's not forced upon you. The first review is truly free and I've posted their site to reflect that. You don't need to read over anything else because there are no hidden terms and conditions. I've been grateful for their reviews and I've never had any follow up from them that made me regret it.
  3. Hi all, As you may be aware, there don't seem to be that many free review sites that are straight-forward - or truly free: Readersfavorite.com is an exception. In the last few years I have put five books on there - some of them in pre-release -and got four reviews back. Surprisingly, the one that never got reviewed was a book based on the creativity techniques of millionaires! The interface is clean and it's fairly straightforward to use. There are also competitions to enter and you can become a reviewer too. Anyway, elsewhere on this site I asked for pre-release readings of my newest book Jesus and Me: One Child's Friendship with the Son of God. I also put a request up on readersfavorite and got a review WITHIN A WEEK - see below. These reviews are NOT posted on Amazon (or anywhere but you can use them in your editorial section (the bit that shows above the reviews in Amazon - enter these in your Author Central) but you can use them on Goodreads, advance publicity and - hint - weave review quotes into your description. If you want an example of how I did this (on my so-far best-selling book) search for The Granny JJ Adventures on Amazon and read the description. Anyway, there are no guarantees but see below for how thoughtful the reviews can be: Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite The many stories of Jesus clearly show his love for children. “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them. For to such as these belong the kingdom of heaven.” The stories we hear in the New Testament are told by Jesus’s followers, his disciples, all adults. But, what about these children whom he loved so much? What about their stories? We can only surmise that children, like little Imma, had wonderful, loving stories about their experiences with Jesus. Imma heard many of Jesus’s stories and she was able to talk to him, simply, as a child would. She asked him simple questions, like “Are you saying that your teachings are like spiritual food?” This was after she had witnessed first-hand the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes. Jesus was able to talk to her at her level of understanding without making her feel insignificant. “You are my littlest disciple, Imma.” Now, perhaps the Imma of these stories never existed, but there must have been many other children who met Jesus, interacted with him and learned from him – other littlest disciples. Joshua Cartwright’s children’s story, Jesus and Me: One Child’s Friendship with the Son of God, provides another look at the well-known stories of the Bible, a look through the eyes of children. This may be written for children, but since we are all children of God and must believe as children believe, then these stories are relevant to us older children as well. The illustrations carry the story along and the useful author note to parents helps explain the use of scripture to present a fictional story of a possible encounter between one child and Jesus. A wonderful learning tool to expand one’s faith, written for children of all ages. If you want a review like this - go and give them a go. Joshua
  4. Thanks flower power! I'll log onto my computer in a couple of hours and send you a private message. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  5. Hi, I'm struggling to find a suitable font for a historical children's book about Jesus. Any suggestions welcome - I want it to be a sans serif font plz Joshua
  6. Hey all, I found a free cover creator and a good one! Lots of different options: hardback, paperback, tablet, phone etc - all free. See my example below. https://diybookcovers.com/ Joshua
  7. I used to train in NLP and there was one technique I would use before speaking to a room. Go in early and stand at the front of the room - then take a few deep breathes and imagine your awareness extending to every corner of the room - floor to ceiling. If you want, tell yourself: "I own this room." I havealways found it very powerful and it helps me to include the whole room when I am speaking like what Johne said.
  8. Hello fellow authors, Can you help me out? I've written a short children's book set in the First Century about a little girl called Imma, who gets to know Jesus while she lives in Bethany near Jerusalem. Like most Jews she is expecting a Messiah who will drive out the Romans. So what will she make of Jesus? Will she come to faith in Him? It takes about 35 minutes to read and I could do with some advance reviews for when I send out publicity before publication. So far, reviews have been very positive (from strangers I am glad to say) -here is one: “What first caught my attention was the illustrations - a Jesus that actually looks Jewish, and a little girl of color. The story did not disappoint. It was fun, and touching in some places, to see Jesus through Imma's eyes. I love the way Biblical truths and accurate historical details were woven into the story. A great way to teach kids about Jesus.” If you can help please let me know and I will contact you through your account and send you a PDF. There are still some pictures being drawn by the illustrator so the review will refer primarily to the text unless you want to talk about the pics that are there. Thanks in advance!! Joshua AP Cartwright
  9. Accord, that's fair enough. If one puts in the time, a professional looking result can be obtained. Suspense writer, I ran a crowdfunding campaign with what I think was an effective appeal but I didn't market it to enough interested people. your own FB friends may not be enough! Now, I would use FB campaigns to target potential readers.i did make some money from it and used that to pay for pictures. Bob, good idea.
  10. Let's face it - a book can be published pretty cheaply these days. If you write in a free word processing software and spent $5 - $50 dollars on a cover on fiverr.com then you are good to go on Amazon. Now, note I didn't say that it will necessarily do well with those constraints - but it can be done. But...when you want to produce something more professionally prepared and finances are an issue - what do you do? I'm going to share what I have done - and I hope to benefit from your advice. First, of course, pray. It goes without saying. For my first children's book The Granny JJ Adventures I needed to fund approximately 24 hand-drawn pictures. I paid for some myself, got an extra part-time job - and I asked people to sponsor a picture in exchange for a thank you in the book. But what made them want to support the book was that I had mostly approached people who had a vested interest in seeing the book out in the first place. The book was set in an area of the Caribbean so I approached people I knew from there and showed them what I was doing. It was also written in Creole which is close to several other island dialects. When they asked when it would be out I said the speed of it coming out would depend on how fast I got the pictures made but I could (genuinely) only afford a few a month. Then they often offered to donate something towards it. My fourth children's book is a set in the first century near Jerusalem and is intended to help children understand what it might have been like to live around Jesus at that time. Again, I've shown people at church and had two people pay for pictures so far. This means along with my own money I can shorten the timeline. So, I am not saying all books fulfil a particular purpose but because mine do and people want to see it out in the world, that has helped. I also ran an (unsucessful) crowd funding campaign. What about you?
  11. Thanks for welcoming me guys 'n' girls. I look forward to talking with you.
  12. I'm incredibly grateful for self-publishing - I was not a professionally published author before I started self-publishing and to be honest some of the formatting on my earlier books is a bit shoddy. Some of the covers were awful too and I've since upgraded them as I've learned better. But...when I was growing up there was NO chance of me getting a book out there unless I spent thousands in vanity publishing. Now, for my time, effort and a not unreasonable cost I can write and launch projects that make my heart soar. However, writing is only half and maybe less than that of the job. There is a huge learning curve for marketing so really one must be prepared to dig into that as well. I have met authors - recently - who still 'just want to write'. Sorry boys, those days are gone unless you are writing just for you.
  13. Hello everyone! First, let me say how proud I am to belong to a community of Christian writers. We stand - humbly - in the tradition of many greats throughout the centuries and to write about and for our Lord is a great honour. I'm the author of 13 books on psychology, immigration and 3 children's books set in South America, and the UK. I'm currently writing a book for children aged 8+ set in first century Israel - it's fiction - and I'm nearly finished. There's a picture below which I'm sure most of you can guess what it refers too! I'm a little stuck choosing a font that suggests a mood of the period - there are many Greek or Roman or Hebrew -looking english fonts but they make reading difficult. I'm using Herculeam for the headings and it looks great but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful. I'd prefer a free font but happy to pay if it does the job. Look forward to talking, sharing and contributing. Joshua Cartwright
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