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  1. Wonderful. God's good will is worth the wait!
  2. You use the word "hate" quite often in your scribe. I can feel it from you for sure! Peace to you
  3. A very enjoyable read. Creative too!
  4. Very good poem. And I understand knowing you.
  5. A withered hand In Jesus' land He just could not withstand Facing wrath On the Sabbath He chose this day to heal To scoffers He did appeal Telling them 'get real' I AM the Sabbath Don't you see And I heard this poor man's plea It was no sin Despite your din I took it to Calvary I made him whole I defeated sheol Rejoice ye and be glad Spread My Word All you have seen All you have heard Every miracle is true I AM The Lord I make all things anew
  6. Would it be asking too much For me just to touch A piece of the hem of His garment therein Rid me Jesus of my burdensome sin It brings me sorrow No hope for the morrow The life in me flows out and out Worldly cures are cause to doubt I saw you Jesus walking by It was then I began to cry Quietly though, without a show I reached for you, you did not know It is You, It is You, Jesus The Christ Who heals, who heals all manner of woes The life in me flows once again No longer without, but within Jesus my Healer, my Redeemer, my Friend.
  7. Living in bliss before the fall God and man, creatures, all Peaceful days Peaceful nights Eden's glory, its beautiful sights All hail, no need to veil Heavenly glory between earth's travail To Man's regret The sun did set On this our perfect way But then one day A third day A plan God did provide Out of the tomb Another Son Jesus Christ did rise God implored He restored Reconciled No more defiled The veil was torn We were reborn All hail a brand-new day Back to Eden To this our perfect way!
  8. This poem breaks my heart. It is a really good poem as it touches the heart, as a good poem should.
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