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  1. May our Holy Father, and His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, work in us all that is good through the Holy Spirit of God, amen. We are the called of God, the children of God and let us remind ourselves of who we are - saints. Look to the Lord for strength and understanding with prayer and supplication and reading of scripture; alas, I speak from experience, sir. There is strength in sharing our afflictions (iron sharpens iron) and I am grateful for the opportunity you extended. A quote from Samuel Rutherford, "The devil is but God's mater fencer to teach us how to use our weapons." Ephesians 6:11-12
  2. My Lord loves me ever true Beyond what I can say, think, or do Encompassed in time I'm bound to wane Yet my Redeemer remains the same On His mercy, I solely rely Enduring forever by and by Left to myself I'd be truly lost He paid my way - an innumerable cost His light shines beyond the darkest shadow His righteous ways, I strive to follow Suffer affliction, suffer shame Gladly I will to glorify His name
  3. Taken far away where forever stands Still - my mind, twice to witness Gleaming shadows in the distance Life flourishes, abounding Timeless; even true Love cascades, freely Immersed in The Truth Living in fullness All-knowing warm embrace Like none other On earth - in heaven Glory!
  4. Take my hand I’ll bring you down Where’s there’s zero there is no sound All you see is all I do Trust in me I’ll run you through If I had less to give You might have a life to live In your midst many souls are lost Spiritual death at any cost! *Ephesians 6:11
  5. The great song of salvation Yet, I cannot hear The intelligence behind creation Yet, I cannot see The praise and worship of God Yet, I cannot speak
  6. Only the Holy Ghost has such power to convict. One can only wonder in astonishment at the power and glory of the Living God!
  7. Our Lord and Master!
  8. Compression+Expression= Lesson.
  9. Always advancing – never to rest Relentless! I owe it to you Ghostly holdouts, not few Spiritual forces seek to test A will-less sea of souls I run from you I’ll meet you At the place One knows In time already past Guided by state in a world of hate That which you seek was called forth
  10. Fascinating topic and I thank Nicola for the extension. Carolina's comment is a sober one.
  11. We are of a like mind in that I use a Haro DP-2 as a conveyance and exercise tool. At any rate, having endured similar circumstances, at the onset I invariably meet with difficultly having to grapple with the feeling of being violated. Desperate people abound, yet ultimately we have a peculiar sense of peace as we rest in our Lord.
  12. For God she did thirst Put Jesus Christ first She was glad; fellowship she had She was kind; Spirit kept her mind Through the days Christ marked her life When she died; Oh, how I cried! Not the end; the moral of this story Her soul transcended Into everlasting Glory!
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