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  1. Hi Anon, Thank you for the review I really do appreciate it. It truly was quite a shock being complete blind in that eye going to sleep. Then suddenly being awakened and able to see quite clearly all in a very short time period. It was all quite a miraculous experience. Thanks again for the review. Have you posted any work I would like to return the favor. Best regards, K River 7
  2. Hi Lynn, Thank you for fixing this poem. for me. I hate to ask you, but would you do it again in the poetry club lol. I'm probably going to be a real pest if I don't find out how to edit my work real soon. I posted a poem there too called: "An Orphan Dog's Prayer" It has the same problem. the line are all over the place. The stanzas are 4 lines each and each line has end rhyme. I would try to edit the poem myself but I can't figure out how to get in to do that. The editing ability seems to leave after the write has been posted for awhile. Is this normal? Beca
  3. the gift of sight I have received the difference hard to believe only perfect sight was conceived now that it's here I'm so relieved it’s been one year since I could see anything in one eye with clarity everything was opaque and shadows couldn't distinguish hand from elbow effectively blind in one eye I was afraid someone could die cause driving at night was scary at times it got kind of hairy I prayed for one of the best a doctor above all the rest GOD opened the doors for me surgeon's top ten in o
  4. Better Than Perfect Sight This is a story of a personal journey that started in May of 2016. I began to notice a slight difference in my sight. Nothing too major, just a problem seeing at night. Sometimes the light from cars coming towards me bothered me. I started praying about it as my eyes grew worse. I have never really had good eye sight. This was a problem all through school. Because I was tall, I was always forced to sit in the back. But, then I couldn't see the board. I have worn extremely thick glasses from the time I was two yrs old. In the early 1950's I had major eye
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