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  1. Won't let me edit my grammar error & also repost lol. Pls forgive
  2. Hi Bill. 2 things interest me here: 1) your prolific output 2) the site response below which reads: 'Please consult with us before you do anything about publishing...' The comment is followed by a general warning that the site suffers from a ubiquitous plague of fraudulent, or at least misleading, publishing advice. To the mod alerting you, to you, and all members reading, I'm curious about this concept presented in a personal comment to a new member. Christian publishing is its own animal. Assuming naivete strikes me as condescending in the form presented. 1) If I were a mod, how could/should I presume you are not already informed 2) if this issue plagues new members here, should it not listed at the top of the site, officially? 3) since it is not, but is rather a personal comment, it strikes me as a ploy. That is ok, provided it is presented as such, e.g., with such admission stated up front. If it is in fact a problem here at Christian Writer's, it seems a disclaimer re same should appear prominently. Or an ad, if that is what it is. All thoughts welcome, to assist in my instruction as well, regarding all thoughts on website management relevant to marketing methods / urgent precautions for new members. Thanks much.
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