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  1. I signed up, confirmed membership through my email as requested, returned & was encouraged to post. I did so. Site accepted it. I checked back later & received this error msg: "Sorry, there is a problem This member is not awaiting validation Error code: 2S129/4." 1) Which member? It doesn't say "You are..." The member I responded to had successfully posted. 2) End-user error code is illogical. If one of us or both is not awaiting validation, it follows that [whomever (?)] I validated. 3) I'll has me stumped on definitions. Would 'validation' mean what it would mean, in plain English, anywhere else on any site online? 4) Error codes written in error.. On a writer's website..... irony devoid of pleasure. Oxymoron?
  2. Hi.. I'm a professional musician & music theorist. Im struggling with defining one term & its parameters. If you'll help me with that, I'll hear your thoughts on composition & provide any music info I have that might assist you (?) Thx - Jennifer
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