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  1. thanks @@Chuck Kralik@Virginia Winterstorm ! Glad to be here! @KR LaLonde CWG is the Christian Writer's Guild that was started by Norman Rorher and ran it for 38 years. Jerry Jenkins purchased it as Norman wanted to retire. I attended several of the conventions in Colorado Springs (at the Broadmore Hotel) and loved it! I had many good contacts through being there and being on the CWG chat site. I also was the Secretary of the Board for Evangel Press and Publishing House, for the Brethren in Christ Church (my denomination.) I met with a number of Christian Publishers for both my personal writing and for EV Press.
  2. I agree with you on that. @Bob Leone As I see from your prior posts you make the case for a specific format and content to be considered "Christian". I guess that is a good way to define it. I think I am working on the premise of writing a good Sci-Fi story that has my Christian Worldview embedded in it. It may not be overt, but anybody reading it will pick up the queues and make connections. No matter what genre or how overt we may be, we have to rely on Holy Spirit to do the work in the reader. That's why I pray often when I write. "Oh, Lord Yeshua Jesus, may the words of my hand and the intent of my heart be acceptable to thee."
  3. Yeah! Was just trying to get rid of that guy yesterday! 😁
  4. @Nicholas Reicher When you say is the point we are discussing. The Parable of the seeds shows that the intent of casting a parable has different outcomes depending upon the soil (soul) that receives it. It is "Truth Seekers" with an open heart that Holy Spirit is able to work. I have just finished an Sc-Fi book series by Vaughn Heppner A. I. Destroyer where the protagonist quotes the Bible and says prayers over the mission he is about to undertake. Other than that and a strong sense of morality and ethics Christianity is not mentioned. Again, one of the most prolific and popular Sci-Fi authors, David Webber is a United Methodist lay preacher who has written the Honor Harrington series and now just finishing the Safehold series. These novels explore the interplay of faith, "the church" and the good and bad of both on both individuals and large populations in a fictional setting. Webber certainly makes the ties to current and historical church history relevant. I don't see enough in David or Heppner's writings to claim they can lead somebody to Yeshua Jesus, but, like Narnia, anybody seeking the truth can be prompted by Holy Spirit and make internal connections to the writing that may indeed "prepare the ground" further for the growth of the seed. Sci-Fi may not be the most popular or easy "Ground" to cast seed, but given the popularity of the Genre in our current culture, it should certainly be fertilized! That's why I am here. I love Sci-Fi, and I love the Bible. And I love my Yeshua, Jesus! I would be dead without them!
  5. Great description @Sophie of the way I listen to Music as I write! It seems to give me queues to an internal sense of what is happening. I think we are doing the reverse of what the Music supplies in a Movie. It taps the emotional side of the creative process. And that's why I listen to Movie Theme music. Your comment gave me the insight to why I listen to what I do! Thanks! 😎
  6. Yeah. That's the way I feel about the Holy Name too. I appreciate your insight. I'll look into that a bit more. Perhaps I'll change my spelling to match!
  7. @Nicholas Reicher I can't wait till we get to the New Earth and find out what things really were!
  8. Ahah! Now we get to how do we determine if the "V" in Hebrew is the V-huh sound or a W-uh sound? Or the half-way between like German VWuh! I chose to stick with W because I had to choose. But I do agree with you on the actual lettering. Transliteration versus Translation! Thanks, Brother! 😎
  9. Bless thou, my Brother! Been preaching that for years. Of course, I also have replaced "the LORD" with YHWH in my Bible (by writing it in) as well as Elohim for God. I have a whole paper on it. Also on chiasm, it also means the structure of the meaning of ideas in a paragraph even if the words are not cognates.. Here is a clip from my study "Finding YHWH". It changes how we read the passage that describes YHWH's name (especially when hidden by the English Lord. That's where the KJV really fell to the English Monarchial Hierarchy in their translation "God's Sovereign The Right and Honorable Kinge James.." from the frontispiece of the original KJV. Good to meet thou @Nicholas Reicher I'm a Bible Nerd too!
  10. I have a Newbie question. Some posts have an author tag line under their name like "Bible Nerd". I'd like to have my moniker of Amish Techie list there. I don't find anywhere on my Profile page to list it. Thanks!
  11. Yeah @Nicholas Reicher you got it! I agree on Zimmer, and I Like some of what Giocchinp does. But his renditions of the new Jurassic Park movies entirely depended upon Wiliam's earlier themes. So I bypassed it. Its the Grand themes that get me. Especially James Horner and Korngold's use of horns. Brings tears to my eyes. When I read Tolkien's The Return of the King, I could hear Korngold's horns as the Riders of the Rohirrim rode to the Battle of Minas Tirith! When I was in elementary school the Rifleman was on TV and I loved the French Horns in the title theme. So I elected to play the French Horn as an instrument. Bad Choice! I like the sound but not enough to be a musician! 😎 But I am a singer! Love to sing though I never really learned to read music. I can repeat what I hear by ear, but only follow the music if I can hear it too... TheRifleman Theme Horns
  12. Whupps...gotta go! Just reminded I have to go get my neighbor and take him to the pharmacy (he doesn't drive). Ta-tah!
  13. Me too! I have to get out of the house sometimes. But now I am working almost full time so my writing is happening on the weekends. So I won't be here tomorrow or Sunday! Since I moved to PA two years ago I haven't found a really good place to have coffee and write. Where I lived in Buffalo a grocery store down the street had a great cafe that I used often.
  14. I have Amazon Prime Music subscription, and it is so easy to program a playlist. But I downloaded them too so I have them offline as well. I find the grand and glorious sounds keep part of me busy while I am trying to keep typing.
  15. Thanks @KR LaLonde (us Noobies have to stick together!) I can run my collection (including extended versions of all The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit) for 27 hours before it repeats. Of course, I have the collection broken down in times I wants softer elevator music style. For that, I have John Tesh (I met him once!) and other Instrumental only albums.
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