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  1. @Erin Cook, I messaged you. I don't know how many book covers I actually have saved to my laptop's memory or in my expansion drives. I should seriously go through them all and get more organized. If you'd like to see more I can share them with you, as well. I tried watermarking them to put on my website but I never could narrow down my options. So I usually leave the image site's watermark there (like Deposit photos.
  2. Sure! I can try sending you a few right now. I'll be kind of busy up until this afternoon, though, so I won't be able to get back to you for a while. I'll message you now.
  3. I've never researched my ancestors. Perhaps in the distant past somewhere?
  4. I know I already have an "in-progress" WIP, but what do you think about this as a sort of opener for a story?


    "You don't know what's waiting for you on the other side." His sincere visage told her how serious he was.

    "I'm going, anyway, name. I have to. I have to find Papa." Her father disappeared one night after going out to check on the stock. His delayed return must have been caused by the brewing storm. Or so the family thought. When he didn't return, however, her mother started to panic.

    1. zx1ninja


      You said I owe you $20.00.

    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde


      That was a joke. You said you had made a mistake about the blurb thing. ^_^

    3. zx1ninja


      Well, when I find God Coin I'll let you know so I can pay you. 

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  5. I actually like the one where the clock is covered. It makes so much sense!! The minion! The lightsaber fight! I don't get #22 or #30 The dead ant / copier LOVE #27-29! HA HA to #31, #36 & #37 #33 is cute #38 & #40 -> EPIC!
  6. I can't believe I never thought of this!! Or if I did I passed it up as a pointless idea. I may have a box and dividers with 3X5 cards in it. Thanks! Although, I should add that several of the summaries are pretty long. I know I'm just trying to come up with excuses to not do this. I will, though.
  7. Hmm. Some useful info here, @Spaulding. Like I said, I started making book covers several years ago. I've had some practice, and I'll reluctantly admit I do an okay job of it. I just don't know what I'm going to do with all the photos I have on my computer/USB keys. I've tried separating them and making sure I don't have more than one or two of each photo because jpg files really do take up lots of space. I thought I could do covers as a main "hobby" and write on the side because my writing is so bad and slow. But ... nothing is working out. 😕
  8. I started working with Photoshop making book covers to sell. At first I just used really awful online programs like pixlr to make them. I was trying to vent some of my frustrations and emotions over an online ... friendship that went bad. But after a little while, I got carried away with the idea of making book covers to sell. The result? I bought a lot of photos and images intending to make book covers to sell - and thinking I'm good enough at making them to actually do it. I did sell a few covers, and one I know of is something of a down-in-history one I made for a friend on Facebook. I gave a lot away thinking I could make a go of an actual online business this way. But it's not going well for 2 or 3 reasons. #1: I couldn't get the hang of it. Sure, I have a website/blog that I've tried to get up and running (the one on Wordpress isn't working right now, though, so I started another on Wix but I'm not making much progress), but I haven't actually made any new book covers in quite some time. Well, I recently did make a couple of newer ones, but I haven't uploaded them to my Wix site. I doubt I ever will. #2: I'm not good enough for very many people to trust me to make book covers for them. It started out as a hobby - like I said, I was venting - but it quickly went to my head when a couple of writer friends insisted on paying for a cover after seeing a few of my first attempts. And while I kept practicing and improved somewhat, I still have a long way to go before I can really call myself any good. #3: No one - and I do mean no one - has asked me to make them a cover in almost forever. I think I made one for someone a number of months ago, but since then ... nothing. 😢 I can't tell you how very discouraged and disheartened I feel after this. I should probably go back to making awful covers for myself, but I keep holding out hope that at least a few of those who promised to come to me for another book cover will. While I really do hate to admit it, my book covers are terrible. They aren't worth buying. Plus, so many people think they can just "get by" on one they make themselves so I'm useless to them. I have 2 or 3 friends on Facebook who have been tutoring me and they're really good. They're also losing clients. It really is disappointing how often authors will just make their own and think it doesn't matter. 😕
  9. I try to set my own goals because, basically/in truth, no one I can actually see and talk to in person is as interested in writing as I am. Not even my parents. So for different stories I say/claim I'll write so many words by day's end, but it rarely if ever happens. Because I have so much "free time" each day, I tend to write quite a bit, then nothing for a while, and maybe a little more. It doesn't help to have as many story ideas as I usually have. I've mentioned needing to condense those writing ideas into a single notebook - or maybe two. That will definitely simplify things for me. Except I have this OCD trait where I don't like having more than one story (or the idea for the story) in a single notebook. Except I'm so disorganized that I often don't have only one notebook for a single story. I forget the main one and start a new one in the middle and--. I'm a complicated type of person.
  10. Thanks, but it's laziness pure and simple. I have lots of free time that I could use to write them all down in a notebook so they aren't on pieces of loose paper. But I don't.
  11. So that's why I don't really get it.
  12. I must be beyond understanding right now because at the moment this isn't making much sense. TOMORROW!
  13. You know all those?!!
  14. @jorge, you should try learning French.
  15. All of my title ideas and story summaries are basically locked in my head. I can usually remember what they are, but I've been too lazy to write them all down. Well, type them all up - which would keep it organized and not add to the moving boxes.
  16. To my followers: Am I also following you? If not then should be. Shame on me!

  17. I really am sorry.

    I hate this fact about myself, but I'm terrible at reading on a screen.

    Not just on the computer. I have a Kindle and I have a lot of books downloaded to it. Do you know how many I've actually readMaybe two or three.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      True enough.

      When you aren't reading by nightlight. Or the hall light coming under the door.

      Yes, I did that.



    2. Sophie


      Well, that does make it difficult!

    3. KR LaLonde
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  18. Wait.

    How did I win seven days?


  19. I did start writing it - by hand - yesterday, but I want to continue and maybe even finish it before sharing. So glad you're enjoying it!
  20. I'm sorry - really - but just the title of this discussion makes me chuckle. I'm one of the undercover grammar police!!
  21. I'm really getting giddy now. 🤩

    Chapter 3 is completed!!!

    Chapter 4 is started!!!

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      And you can bet I'm glad about that!!

    2. Sophie



    3. quietspirit


      You are making progress!


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  22. Can't watch/listen right now. I will as soon as I can!!
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