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  1. I must apologize for not coming around more often. I keep thinking I will and so keep my account but it looks as though it's just a waste of time. Not just mine, either. Anyone who's taken the time to read what I have shared or encourage me or something used some of their time, as well. I thank you.

    1. Alley


      I don't know. All I know for sure is that it's our job to place it out there, and God's job to move the hearts of others. 


      Have you ever heard the seven rule? Basically, it means people have to hear or see the same thing seven times before they act on it. We never know if we are one, seven, or three.  

    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      a) All too true.

      b) I didn't know that

    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I have 2 or 3 projects on booksie.com that I'm hoping to work on this year. One of them: Lillie's Soup Bowl has already been started on there. What's there could be the whole story, but it would leave a lot to the reader's imagination. I also have 'til Death that I want to write. It's just sitting in my account there right now.


      And then there are the several in my Google account and on my computer that are waiting to be written or continued.



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  2. I've decided that 1 of my NYR (New Year Resolutions) will be to take a break from Facebook every other month. January I won't go there very often. I'll be concentrating on writing. That might mean I'll be around here more during January, March, May.... All of the odd months.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Mom says I should do this [every other week] instead. She's right that it will be too long if it's the month-long one.

  3. So, I have a blogsite (that's what I call it) - that has yet to be launched. I will launch it soon if people are willing to go visit it. I will post some of my writing there, as well as book covers - some for sale, some for give away. My prices are fairly low, so many will be negotiable.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde



      Here's the real link: kskafecom.wordpress.com



    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Please let me know if / how that link works.

    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      All right. I take it back.

      I apparently don't have a blogsite. I have what I hope will be a blogsite. -_-

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  5. I would share more, but just that one bit was pretty long. I don't want to overdo it.
  6. I really appreciate that. Thank you! :D
  7. PARTS (G) · “You’ve no idea what it feels like to see so many people your age getting married and having their own kids. But you can’t have your own family because of health issues making it impossible to imagine for yourself.” Renee was uncertain about opening up to a virtual stranger online. However, it seemed to be going fairly well until this point. · Kathy Baley was older, more mature, wiser. They became friends on Facebook several months earlier when Kathy joined the coffee group she formed on her account. · “I’ve met some wonderful peeps on CDFF. But I see Damian there so often—I’m constantly feeling like no one actually wants me around.” No response from Kathy informing her she did the right thing—or not—was forthcoming. · “It was time for me to leave the site, anyway. It was getting too distracting.” Renee paused, reading Kathy’s reassuring reply before posting her own, following it with more. · “I appreciate your understanding and comforting words, Kathy. And in answer to your question, no, I don’t plan to go back. I just didn’t feel like I belonged all that much.” · Again awaiting her friend’s reply to appear in the message box, Renee took a sip of her now-favorite beverage. The Coffeenut Coffeehut existed because of her new-found love—make that “obsession”--for the hot beverage. Today smelling and tasting of raspberries. · It being a flavor her mother despised—and [hosting] a smell she claimed to be somewhat offensive—only Renee actually took pleasure in the red stuff. · Putting two or three drops in a cup—or a mug—before adding cream and filling it with hot brown liquid not only keeps Mom at bay, but it tastes pretty good, too. Renee smirked before gulping some more. Raspberry was an acquired taste, since she didn’t enjoy it very much at first. · It’s also a win-win, in my opinion. Renee smirked thinking of the way her mother often reacted any time she smelled or accidentally tasted the flavored coffee. Kathy’s commending words sent a little shiver of pleasure through her thanks, Kathy. I really appreciate you saying that. Renee stopped typing at this point, unsure of what else she could say to [convey] her gratitude. · Kathy is one of the few with whom I feel comfortable discussing these things. Renee lowered her eyes, [focusing] on the white keyboard. It needed cleaning, she decided. Several keys had [spots of brown] that had come from spewing coffee. · Later, she decided, I’ll do it after I’m done using my computer for the day. [Focusing] her attention once more on Kathy’s message, Renee read the most recent—another question. · “I’m keeping busy—trying to, anyway—by writing.” A pause before adding “I try to write, anyway.” An ellipse in the [box] told her Kathy’s response was being typed up. Before she could do anything to occupy her time, a lengthy message [popped into] the chat box. · Both comforting and confusing, she mused, perusing rapidly before settling in to [respond]. Her [response] came slowly as the words gradually dawned on her. · “Meeting him must have been a part of God’s plan. I just don’t know how.” Not knowing had proved to be a most unpleasant occurrence. Especially since experiencing her TBI. · At least I'm alive to possibly—and hopefully—make a difference. Reaching up, Renee fingered the ever-present lump on the back of the right side of her head. Telling her story—while sounding selfish, in her opinion—might very well move someone towards God. · Sudden [inspiration] made her place her hands on the proper keys and begin typing exactly what she just thought. Then, not wanting to discuss Damian anymore, she bid Kathy a quick farewell before closing the chat window. · Without bothering to do the same on her account “wall”, she rapidly closed the FB tab. Sitting back and sighing, Renee [reached] upward, giving her the appearance of [reaching] for the ceiling while stretching her tense muscles. · Groaning with relief as she [stretched] the tense [muscles] in her back, Renee glared at the computer’s [screen]. While she was logged on to the Internet, only her Gmail and Hotmail accounts actually occupied any space in the tabs. ============================================ · Feeling the need to [stretch] her back somewhat, Renee reached for the ceiling, even knowing she wouldn’t reach that height in her seated position. Or at all, really. She continued reaching as far up as she could manage, groaning as her tense muscles were used. Renee glared at the computer’s screen, · No, she decided before closing the window and disconnecting from the Internet. Starting up CDFF won’t help me one bit. I finally left the site fully intending to get over Damian and I completely [intend] on doing it. Moving the mouse’s pointer over the “x” in the top right corner, she clicked, selecting the “close all tabs” option. The Internet—with its myriad of entertaining and social [options]--vanished. · Letting out a sigh of relief having fought—and won—her first battle with the Internet, Renee sat back. · What should I do now? she asked herself. The Internet was her “escape” most days. But if the temptation was this strong, then maybe avoiding the Internet was what she needed to do. She might be able to get something constructive completed if she kept away. ·
  8. I honestly meant to do that. Sorry I forgot. Incoming....!!!
  9. OH NO!! I don't want to cause someone's death!! 😮
  10. I was going to add: Take a picture of a regular deer and add antlers. DONE!!
  11. And , I wasn't. Joking, I mean. I really am 35 now. 😮 Just think. 30 more years and I qualify for some assisted living or something!! EEEEK!
  12. @Micaiah, I will give you a fairly helpful hint. I'm sure you'll guess after I give it!! I am between 34 and 36 years old.
  13. "Edited"? As in reworded? Or changed to an emoji?
  14. Do I honestly look that old already?!!
  15. I started writing this novel during Nanowrimo, but I didn't manage to complete it for a couple of reasons. The first is my overall laziness. Yes, I'm afraid I write and write and write, then erase and rewrite and delete. But I did get a bit of decent, novel-worthy words written down. I hope you won't mind that I share some of that here. Oh no! I had forgotten they don't allow Word files to be uploaded. 😕 Sorry. I'll figure something out.
  16. OH MY!!


    I cannot believe I FORGOT about this account!!


    No, seriously. I did!!


    Nano was a busy month, and it got me going in one of my novels. I didn't come close to completing the 50,000 words, but I did renew my interest in the story.


    So now, not only do I have Escape the Storm to complete SOON. I also need to finish Blue Heart. I'm actually not sure which will be the earlier.



  17. You sure you want to know? Can you guess judging from my profile photo which is fairly recent? Have fun!! PS: I'm already pretty sure my reply to your guess is: GUESS AGAIN!!
  19. My novel(la) is up to.... 6000 words, I think? Something like that. I'm really far behind, but I do have a goal. I'm also farther along than I've ever been when doing Nano. And I've tried it at least 4 times already. I was really hoping to get a major bit written this morning, but it wasn't as much as I'd have liked. Hopefully more is coming.... You're doing really well!!
  20. WAH!

    I have this "club" you see. It has 14 or 15 members. I Want to start posting about my Nano novel(la) but I forget how to start a new topic (under which will be a couple of different discussions, I'm sure). Can someone please remind me how to do that?


    Also, I'd very much like to move a discussion from one of the topics already there to the new one I plan to start ASAP.

    1. HK1


      You should ask in the "support and suggestions" forum.  That way you'd get the expert advise :)

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