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  1. I shall be absent for a couple of hours. Just remember you're in all my prayers.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, @MaryKaithe. You're in my prayers. ❤️ & HUGS!!! I'm sorry. I must have missed something. Who is Pauline?
  3. Anyway, @EClayRowe, I think I unlocked another page that has several photos on it. I still have so much to do/add to this site, but you might be able to get a better idea now. If not, let me know. Here's the link, though, just in case. I tried changing it to cover images, but for some reason it says cover iages instead. https://www.krl-kreations.com/covers-iages
  4. @EClayRowe, I am working on it right now. Hopefully the changes I'm making will make it easier for you or anyone (if there is anyone else ... ever) to read/look through. If you truly are interested, I will let you know when it's ready. Also, I had forgotten that I "locked" a page or two. I don't even remember why I did it. 😢 I guess I started sharing the URL way before I was really ready for it.
  5. I hadn't thought of this, but... Is it possible/a good idea to start a "club" devoted to my book covers? I suppose others could post their own work in there, as well, but I'm being kind of selfish. . .


    An explanation at this point is probably in order. The main reason I like to keep my stuff all together is because it gets less confusing that way. After my TBI I often get "lost". It's not that I'm trying to be selfish or anything like that when I ask about keeping all of my stuff together. To me, though, it's less confusing both for me and for others.


    That's how I feel about it, anyway.

  6. Oops. While I did think about putting it there I figured it was less important than an actual story. But I'll try to remember that I need to put stuff like this there from now on. Thanks.
  7. I'm low-cost. All prices are negotiable to a degree.
  8. I did try to consider what that would be like when I made the site, but I'll rework it some. Thanks. So it should be lighter lettering on a darker background? That's what I thought I did ... it was my intention, anyway.
  9. Thanks. But if they're so good, why is no one buying? I truly don't charge much. I know how some people are struggling financially;.
  10. I truly despise how pictures are humongous when I share them. But I guess I'll start doing that. Sharing a book cover I made and the summary along with it. Every once in a while - very occasionally - I'll share a full story. It might just be a flash piece. I'm still not sure.


  12. Some more premades. I've been downloading them from my Dropbox account. I know. You probably think I'm showing off. I honestly am not. I just have so many to give away - if you want them as-is....but some of them I can't change.


    Blank Cover 20.jpg

    Blank Cover- Romance - 1.jpg

    Blank Cover- Through the Darkness.jpg

    COVER - Lost Treasures.jpg

    Cover- Discovering Who You Are.jpg

    Cover- Facing Fear.jpg

    Cover- Good Deeds 3.jpg

    Cover- Hidden Passage.jpg

    Cover- In hot Pursuit.jpg

    Cover- Perfectly Imperfect.jpg

    Cover- Scarred for Life.jpg

    Cover- Seaside Sunrise.jpg


    Jumping at Shadows.jpg

    NSC- Believe in Yourself.jpg

    NSC2- WCWF.jpg

    SMALL MOCKUP- Dreams of you.jpg

    SMALL MOCKUP- The Reluctant Witness 2.jpg

    SMALL MOCKUP- White Rain.jpg

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I posted a cover with a picture of me as a kid. Lost Treasures it's called. I'm hoping to use that one for my own writing. So that's a big OOPS! on my part.

  13. Great. I tried to rename one of the tabs in "my group" so it would be slightly more appealing. All I did, though, was create a whole new tab!! What a mess!

  14. So after months of hoping for some success in cover-making, I've at last come to the definitive conclusion to empty my computer of all files and programs and etc. pertaining to that activity. I'll do as I said I would, and share a few of my own personal story plots with a few of the covers I made, but most of them are going in the trash.


    It took me a long time after starting to work with a cheap, Web-based designing program to finally realize that it really isn't for me.


    Of course, I guess I could say the same thing about writing. I have some decent ideas/plots. But those stories aren't really going anywhere. 😢


    Sometimes I wish I just died when I had that TBI, instead of being permanently handicapped. :(

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    2. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      (I'll admit, I'm not always as good with patience either)

    3. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      Well, I'm off to the theater in a little.

    4. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde


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  15. Thanks... I have so many (called premades) that I seriously doubt I'll ever use them all. I hope to use at least a few of them for my own stories, as well as some things I hope to post on this forum (in "my" group). I should warn you... it's not finished. The site, I mean. I'm still working on it - slowly.
  16. I should totally apologize in advance for any offensive things I may do or say. Being hurtful has never been my intention. But I've always had a sort of blunt honesty (also known as thoughtlessness); it's been worse since my TBI.


    Also, I guess I should explain some of my quirks in advance, as well. Usually, they are also caused by my TBI. But my stubbornness and persistence are all my own. I've had them for years. I try to think positively about my stubbornness, though. I say my stubbornness kept me alive because I refused to give up. The dream-like status I was in for ... a long time ... could have easily made me so depressed and discouraged that I gave up. But for some reason - one even I can't explain - I didn't.

  17. The worst you'd tell me is that I'm wasting my time and I'm no good. The prices have always been negotiable. https://www.krl-kreations.com/ 😮 I hope you're able to open the site and explore some. If not, I'll take that as a sign from God that I am wasting my time.
  18. May I impose a little?
  19. I haven't heard of them. Are you looking for a cover artist?
  20. I wanted to share this book cover I made a long time ago but I forgot (story of my life). It needs perfecting, I'm sure.

    Not only is it only a mockup, but I put my own "summary" for the back. It shouldn't be too difficult to change, but I'm not entirely sure. Like I said: I made it a long time ago.

    Through Space and Time 2.jpg


    Now if only I knew what they're for.

  22. It opened for me. I look forward to reading it!
  23. Okay. I had only started one forum/topic-- Whose POV? --and has forgotten how to do that (my reason for "exploring" so far today). Now that I've done it a second time I think it'll be established in my brain. Hoping I don't forget again. I like to organize myself (or at least have that appearance), as well as have separate "places" for different things. Which is why under this forum/topic (am I able to change the "name"?) I hope to begin topics for a number of "short stories" that I've made book covers for. Since I can't sell book covers (they aren't that good, I guess) perhaps I can use some of them. That's kind of what I had in mind when I first started learning how to make book covers. Except I devoted too much time (and yes, money) to it.
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