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  1. #1: Thanks for the info about the #, Mrs. Mosher.

    #2: So Wordpress is free? I shouldn't need to worry about suddenly being charged for using it?

    #3: I've never tried Weebly, but I've heard it's a good site. I've wanted to try it in the past, but often wonder "why bother?"

  2. I'm honestly not certain how I got started doing this, but I ended up on Wordpress.com where I had my website before [though it was through WitnessToday for the platform (?)]. I don't know what to do anymore. I want a better place to have the blog/website, but I can't afford something that costs a pretty penny every month. I just can't. 😕


    Right now, my "blog/website" is on Wix.com which is free (for the most part?). But it doesn't have all of the great widgets and such that places like Wordpress have. *sigh*

  3. I'm going to do my best to read all the comments and look up the link you posted, Mrs. Mosher. That way I won't ask the same question as someone else already has.


    Then again, knowing me, it's possible I will anyway.


    I used to have a site on Wordpress, but for some reason I can no longer access it. That's why I chose to go with Wix. It's working out okay, but it's pretty limited. Thankfully, though, I don't have much use for the more advanced apps on it. The things that actually cost.

  4. I just thought of something for that cover.

    Not everyone writes historical stories. I know I never have. It could be a look back from today so not everything is set in the past. Like an interview or something.

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  5. For me, this would be one where a very rich couple loses some priceless jewelry and their son on the same day/night. It would show how they go from caring more about the jewels to their offspring. Well ... anyway.

    Cover - Lost Treasures.jpg.jpg

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  6. I thought it was too difficult of a subject for them to write about.

    Not to mention getting those types of books in English is rather difficult. I hope I can get some church members' stories. I forgot to ask that when we were in the States last.

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  7. That's true.

    The problem with me of all people writing this type of story is that I've never, ever lived through something like this. Except in movies and other books. I'll think about it, though. :)

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  8. Thanks.

    I don't think I'd ever be able to write a story that serious. I never get that involved in things to do with battles and wars. Not to mention those 2 are fairly distant. ;) But I do think what you say works best. I wonder if any of my friends are writing a story like that? I'll ask.

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  9. This book cover using one photo that a friend gifted to me is probably more fitting for a story about someone with a chronic illness/pain. The title pretty much demands that it be so, from what I can see. What do you think?




    Also, how do i make the pictures I post smaller?!

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  10. UPDATE: I have managed to do some more writing. Car rides-> LOVE 'EM (usually)!!

    Sadly, I've only managed to type up Chapter 4 of the story I've been posting and I can't post it in the thread right now. Sorry. 😕 I'll get to that as soon as I can!

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  11. Well, that didn't work out. My parents and I are leaving tomorrow for a mix vacation-and-business trip of sorts. Maybe I'll be able to post something more. Maybe not. Hopefully I'll get more writing done, at the very least.



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  12. I don't know what's currently going on with my "website/blog". Or if you can even call it that. I've removed nearly everything from it and it's basically just sitting there. I want to start fresh and use different content. But my parents and I leave tomorrow for a trip and I don't know when I'll be able to get around to it. Or even back on here. I've been terribly absent lately. 😢

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