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    I'm hoping to write at least a few chapters of this short story before sharing it with a FB peep who has experience in the armed forces.

  2. So I've been rather absent when it comes to interest for ETS. But today, I did make something that I'm hoping will reinvigorate my inspiration for this novella. Let me know what you think of my emoji-made chapter 1.
  3. At least this contest only goes up to 12,000 words. I might be able to swing this one. If I start it right now. 😮
  4. I had actually forgotten about another contest I wanted to enter. It's too late now. The deadline is in a week, I think. I'd have to write like a dog, edit like a robot, and avoid Facebook and here quite a lot. 😮
  5. Not exactly. The story I have would have to be a lot longer than 500 words. I suppose it's worth continuing. I just had really wanted to enter this contest is all. But I guess continuing and finishing would be the point, right?
  6. So I only wrote a little bit this morning, but it was over 300 words. Out of a possible 500. It's official: Flash fiction isn't my thing.
  7. @Spaulding, thanks for this. I'm going to copy and paste it so i'll have it later on.
  8. Pardon me? *glances at calendar and freaks out* YOU'RE RIGHT!!
  9. To be honest ... I started writing it by hand this morning. 😮 I'm weird that way.
  10. Well, to start with it's good practice. Like you said: Writing to deadlines and etc. Also, to hopefully improve my writing. And see how anyone will react to what i write.
  11. I would like to apologize to everyone. I don't read very well when it's an involved story on the computer. I do okay, but I'm so bad at doing it well - and keeping track of edit suggestions I may make - that I rarely force myself to do so.


    So it may seem as if I'm just posting my own writing and not giving others input. That's only partially true. But I apologize for not being more helpful.

  12. While I had originally planned to enter the contest that was finally doable and not expired, I haven't even started it yet because from what I can tell it's due in May. That gives me some time, right? I thought so, except that last week when I went to look at the guidelines again, I saw there were several entries already. 😕 I really wanted to write this piece, because it's supposed to be fairly short and be based on a posted photograph. What do you think I should do? Is it worth pursuing this, or would it probably just be a waste of time and more discouraging than not?
  13. A story about figuring out just how truly miraculous life is. [Name Name] watched surreptiously as the [Jones] family filed into the pew ahead of her. A smile of sad [acceptance] tilted her lips when the four-year-old boy stood and faced her. His once neatly [coiffed], dark brown hair now apppeared [tussled]. Small stains spotted his formerly clean white shirt, as if staying clean defied logic. [Name] chuckled as inwardly as she could manage, covering her mouth with her fingers while attempting to silence herself. The toddler laughed - quite loudly, moving up and down as if exercising. His toothy grin [tickled her funny bone] still more. She allowed herself another laugh - out loud this time. [Mrs. Jones] twisted in her seat, sending [Name] a glare of reproach before taking hold of her son and forcing him around and into a sitting position. [Name]'s mirth left her as quickly as it came. There goes brief entertainment. It happened every week, seeing as the Jones family always occupied the [pew] directly in front of her. And she wasn't moving from "her spot". She was far too comfortable there. Not to mention they started coming after she had settled in. The toddler - she didn't even know his name - again twisted around, fighting his mother's [admonishments] and attempts at seating him again. [Name]'s mouth twitched at the way he continued fighting the woman, fussing at her parental scolding. "He's all right," NAME whispered, leaning forward so as to be heard. Mrs. Jones scowled, shaking her head. She didn't even bother giving an explanation for her response.
  14. I am really hoping to get some writing accomplished this year. I may not actually get anything published, though. But who knows?
  15. Your responses concerning it make some amount of sense. To be honest, I haven't been able to get into it very much, either. Would you, therefore, suggest I leave that forum? it's not like I've participated much, anyway.
  16. I'm curious to know if anyone here has heard of the Christian writing forum called faithwriters.com? I'm on it, but I admit I haven't used it very much. Yet.
  17. What if I post a "premade" (book cover I made to sell or use but right now it's "open") so anyone who wants to can write a story about it. Long, short, flash fiction, etc. It might help get the "creative juices" flowing. :D

  18. I must apologize for not coming around more often. I keep thinking I will and so keep my account but it looks as though it's just a waste of time. Not just mine, either. Anyone who's taken the time to read what I have shared or encourage me or something used some of their time, as well. I thank you.

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    2. Alley


      I don't know. All I know for sure is that it's our job to place it out there, and God's job to move the hearts of others. 


      Have you ever heard the seven rule? Basically, it means people have to hear or see the same thing seven times before they act on it. We never know if we are one, seven, or three.  

    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      a) All too true.

      b) I didn't know that

    4. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I have 2 or 3 projects on booksie.com that I'm hoping to work on this year. One of them: Lillie's Soup Bowl has already been started on there. What's there could be the whole story, but it would leave a lot to the reader's imagination. I also have 'til Death that I want to write. It's just sitting in my account there right now.


      And then there are the several in my Google account and on my computer that are waiting to be written or continued.



  19. I've decided that 1 of my NYR (New Year Resolutions) will be to take a break from Facebook every other month. January I won't go there very often. I'll be concentrating on writing. That might mean I'll be around here more during January, March, May.... All of the odd months.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Mom says I should do this [every other week] instead. She's right that it will be too long if it's the month-long one.

  20. So, I have a blogsite (that's what I call it) - that has yet to be launched. I will launch it soon if people are willing to go visit it. I will post some of my writing there, as well as book covers - some for sale, some for give away. My prices are fairly low, so many will be negotiable.

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    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde



      Here's the real link: kskafecom.wordpress.com



    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Please let me know if / how that link works.

    4. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      All right. I take it back.

      I apparently don't have a blogsite. I have what I hope will be a blogsite. -_-

  22. I would share more, but just that one bit was pretty long. I don't want to overdo it.
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