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  1. So, a writer friend of mine on Facebook and I are discussing this. We might write it together. Co-authors of a Christian romance. The two of us. Wow.
  2. A new idea came to mind. It's not something "normal" for a lot of people today. But IMO it's fairly open to any and all who wish to participate. Marriage between a Christian and a non-believer. Except in this story, the Christian resists. What do you think?
  3. Huh. I wonder why it looks different when I click on it this time. Weird. Thanks for giving me this info. As a "thank you", I'll use your name in one of my stories.
  4. 😮 This link didn't really work for me. It just took me to a page where there was a list and the name in larger print--all on the left side.
  5. @lynnmosher, do you mean Johne's first post? That link?
  6. I hadn't thought of sharing the article. Good thinking!
  7. I was told from author friends on my Facebook that it's a vanity publisher. Wait. Did that warning come from here? 😮 😕
  8. Do you think I should post a warning on the other site? Or is that sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong? 😕
  9. thank you for this warning!! I had just seen it advertised on another site I'm a member of and was wondering about it.
  10. Well, I've been hesitant to write in this story (don't ask me why because I don't know). I've even considered an alternative title for it: Dating a Computer. You'd understand better if I would write and get the story moving. Also, this will be a stand-alone title (whether I change it or not). The trilogy just isn't working out. I might change my mind when I've written more, but right now I don't see the trilogy happening. Even though I did come up with a fairly decent title for it. The third book has a title, as well. The second one is giving me some trouble. I'm not exactly sure why.
  11. Has anyone ever heard of Elm Hill Christian Publishing before? I'm wary of it mostly because I've never heard of it - and I do mean never. But also because it's being advertised on a non-christian writing forum.

    1. Alley


      If I remember correctly, it is a vanity publishing company, and you should run!! @lynnmosher or @Accord64 would be the best to ask. 

    2. lynnmosher


      Kendra, this belongs in the writing forum. But here's a link for you.

  12. Wow. Just ... WOW!! I have so much to do!! First I need to read what I've already posted so what I write after that will make sense. Then I have to write it. Then I have to post it. Then I'm sure you know what comes next: w-a-i-t-i-n-g. I seriously want to continue this story! 100%!!
  13. 😕 :(  😕 :(  😕 :(  😕 :( 


    There's this contest on a forum I'm a member of (have I mentioned booksie.com to you?) but it's for flash fiction. I'm terrible at writing short. I've tried doing it so many times and failed miserably nearly each time I make an attempt.


    Something really annoying now: I can't type in "booksie" without it being automatically corrected to "books"!

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    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      It's a good excuse.


      I've been saving this. I'm not being cruel to those with dyslexia--please know this. I just find it humorous.


      But do tell me if I've offended you. That's NOT my intention. AT ALL.


    3. Alley


      No offense taken. We like to laugh too, and that was funny! 🤣 My kids think I'm crazy, randomly laughing at my phone! 🤣 

    4. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Better than throwing it on the floor. Or at a person's head. Or in the toilet (where it becomes useless). I speak from personal experience.


      It was clean water, btw.

  14. 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 

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    2. Alley


      That's great! 😊 I'm happy God is using your salvation story. 

    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      So am I!

      I seriously need to edit it, though. I'm not entirely certain why I "published" such a rough draft of it.

    4. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Good for you!!

  15. Something strange I've noticed--.... What was I going to say? *yells at self (in her head) trying to remember*
  16. First of all, GOOD DAY TO YOU! Unless it's after 12pm. Then I'll say GOOD AFTERNOON or GOOD EVENING!! Secondly, I'd like to again say I hope to participate here more often. I'll admit, though, it's not always an easy thing to do because I usually think what I write is closer to trash than worth keeping. Although I usually keep it anyway because I'll remember what not to write. Thirdly, I am going to try very hard to have something worth sharing written by the end of this week. That's Saturday, by the way.
  17. I'm attempting - again - to move most of the photos from my iPhone to my laptop. It's pretty slow going, but I'm getting there, I think.


    Also, I'm at a "new" Tim Hortons this morning, though I've been here before today. Mom and Dad had a breakfast meeting and I couldn't stay at home alone as long as they'll be. *smiles proudly* So here I am!!


    I'm really hoping this newer laptop (Dad got in on sale, so yay for me) will make it "easier" to get some actual decent writing in. Of course,  that'll also require me to concentrate. I do okay at home, and at TH isn't too bad.


    *feeling hopeful*

  18. New laptop. I'm still getting used to it. But it's pretty cool. Dad got it on sale (though I'll likely be paying him back monthly for the rest of my life). Hoping this is a good sign for things to come. :D



    I'm hoping to write at least a few chapters of this short story before sharing it with a FB peep who has experience in the armed forces.

  20. So I've been rather absent when it comes to interest for ETS. But today, I did make something that I'm hoping will reinvigorate my inspiration for this novella. Let me know what you think of my emoji-made chapter 1.
  21. At least this contest only goes up to 12,000 words. I might be able to swing this one. If I start it right now. 😮
  22. I had actually forgotten about another contest I wanted to enter. It's too late now. The deadline is in a week, I think. I'd have to write like a dog, edit like a robot, and avoid Facebook and here quite a lot. 😮
  23. Not exactly. The story I have would have to be a lot longer than 500 words. I suppose it's worth continuing. I just had really wanted to enter this contest is all. But I guess continuing and finishing would be the point, right?
  24. So I only wrote a little bit this morning, but it was over 300 words. Out of a possible 500. It's official: Flash fiction isn't my thing.
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