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  1. My novel(la) is up to.... 6000 words, I think? Something like that. I'm really far behind, but I do have a goal. I'm also farther along than I've ever been when doing Nano. And I've tried it at least 4 times already. I was really hoping to get a major bit written this morning, but it wasn't as much as I'd have liked. Hopefully more is coming.... You're doing really well!!
  2. WAH!

    I have this "club" you see. It has 14 or 15 members. I Want to start posting about my Nano novel(la) but I forget how to start a new topic (under which will be a couple of different discussions, I'm sure). Can someone please remind me how to do that?


    Also, I'd very much like to move a discussion from one of the topics already there to the new one I plan to start ASAP.

    1. HK1


      You should ask in the "support and suggestions" forum.  That way you'd get the expert advise :)

  3. Joining is perfectly awesome!! That's one of my favorite words so you'll probably see me use it repeatedly. I will probably share some of the novel(la) soon. But I'm the paranoid type, so.... Sorry about that. And yes, I have heard that bit of advice before. But it was good to hear it again. A good reminder!
  4. We get lots of it each Winter. A couple of the more recent ones were warmer, but snow.... PS, Hello back!!
  5. I've been "embellishing" (is that the right word?) quite a bit for this first book in a trilogy. I keep wanting to write it out fast and getting it over with. But I'm forcing myself to do more writing than I want because it will help enhance the part of the story that really did happen.
  6. The main reason I don't share my writing very much is because I have major trust issues.

    I've been burned - so-to-speak - on more than one occasion in the past. I'm sorry about that. It's not any of you - at least not so far.

  7. Nanowrimo, you mean? It's so enjoyable I've done it four or five years in a row already. Without success. Yet I keep trying again because success would mean a major PLUS for me.
  8. Topic: Nanowrimo 2019 FAQ: Are you doing this challenge? Do you want to talk and share about why you are? If you aren't then why are you even here? I'd like to share bits of my Nano project. I've tried accomplishing Nano several times in the past. Each time was a dismal failure, but I like to think I've learned some from those times. I won't be sharing much because I want to keep it as a surprise when the story is over. Hopefully I'll accomplish that. But before I start sharing.... IS IT ALL RIGHT IF I DO?!
  9. 😮 😕 It's st-sti-still there!!
  10. "God covering us." That's a great comparison!! I may use that in a story. I tend to think more along the lines of: Snow brings difficult conditions for driving and walking alike. I won't be able to walk from one coffee place to the McDonald's or vice versa for months. But yes. God covering the ugly world with His beauty (at least temporarily) is a wonderful thing.
  11. Okay. So I'm not only pretty far behind in my Nano novel, but there are some plot holes begging to be fixed. I will refrain for the moment, but it isn't easy.

    Nano 54.jpg

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde


      I had forgotten about this post. As of a few minutes after posting it, I can honestly say I'm making progress. I'm at almost 800 words already!!

  12. I went a little crazy saving different pictures...
  13. OK. I've been on Google searching for Nanowrimo memes. I found a few. If I may share them here ... ? I will anyway.
  14. Well, it's that time of the year again. November. My birthday month and the month when we most-commonly get our first snowfall. It never stays more than a day or two, melting as warmth gradually heats the day - slightly. But it's what I call fair warning that the real stuff is coming!
  15. I planned it out somewhat. I've recently discovered I'm what's known as a plantser. I never could figure out what a pantser plus a planner would actually be. Now I know. I'm sure if you look it up in the dictionary (plantser, I mean) you'll see my picture next to it.
  16. I just wish my inner editor would shut up while I do the first few steps.

    Writing Rules (8).jpg

  17. I'm doing Nano again. And I have to say: I've written more already than I ever have for a Nano novel. Four or five years in a row I managed to basically "flunk out". This year I'm behind on my word count big time, but I'm NOT giving up!!
  18. That's so awesome, Claire!! Many, many congrats and God bless!!
  19. So I've calculated the total word count I should have by the end of today and it pretty much means I'll be avoiding Facebook for the most part of the next two weeks. At least. 😕

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I just realized this means "fasting" on both accounts!! 😮

  20. I would post more of what I've written for my Nano novel in the appropriate place, but I'm afraid right now my time is short. I'm on to say "I'll be back"

  21. I am only here to point out that a writer should not have made such a colossal error!! crituqe? 😮 Okay. I'm also pretty curious about this. There are new critique rules?
  22. I admit I'm getting pretty excited about Nano this time around. I used to think writing from start to finish was the only way I'd be able to write anything very well. But I've struggled with that over and over again. This time I'm trying something completely different and it's going ... dare I say it? Swimmingly. I've shared some of what I write with a few Facebook friends and they both have been quite enthusiastic about it. Cheers!
  23. I apologize for not posting here recently. However, I've been somewhat preoccupied and Nano just started. I've made more progress this year than ever before. I've attempted to do Nano five times in the past, but only managed to fail miserably. This year I started with the last chapter of the book I'm hoping to write this month. I actually finished it, and feel confident that I will do well in the coming days/weeks. Also, I'm updating my word count on Nano, but I haven't written all that I've claimed to. Yet. Days like today (I'm thinking) will be very beneficial for my writing. Though yesterday was a good day, too.
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