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  1. Cool! How do I do that? Get comments, I mean. I don't remember seeing anything about it.
  2. I keep wanting to share some of my writing because I think it covers a few of the plots mentioned here. But ...
  3. I had forgotten I had this window open in my other browser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_biblical_names_starting_with_A
  4. There are some words that.... I dunno. I had writing on my mind at the time. I guess...?
  5. I get inspiration from different places. Television shows, movies or even others' books. Usually, if it's TV I want to rewrite it so it's Christian instead of worldly. That doesn't usually happen, though. That I write stories resembling others'. At least not to my knowledge.
  6. I have tons of problems with my writing now. I had health issues when I was eighteen and even now at 30-something the secondary effects are pretty major.
  7. I've never really noticed this before. I mean, I know it's a verb, but I don't think I've ever applied it in that way before. I also noticed just now that I said write instead of right.
  8. Oh my. I've tried doing exactly this repeatedly for months. My inner-editor won't shut up. I keep wanting and praying to move on past questions I have. But I'm not sure I even used the write word here: past vs passed. I'm always getting those two confused.
  9. Another link to another page of writing contests. All are free to enter from what I understood. Some of these looked possible for me at one point. But here you go, anyway. Hope this helps!! https://jerryjenkins.com/writing-contests/
  10. Thanks for opening up to us. It was brave of you. Do you use speech to text on the computer? I've never noticed any spelling problems.
  11. I'm a PK/MK so I read in my Bible a lot even when I'm not doing my devotions or something. I write names that strike my fancy down when I'm reading. That's all I meant about the Bible being a good book to read.
  12. Here is another link to the same type of thing. I admit I'm not sure why I stayed signed up to get these, because they're in the US for the most part. https://www.authorspublish.com/25-publishers-with-excellent-distribution-that-accept-unsolicited-submissions/ And I just remembered I posted this same link elsewhere..... 😮
  13. I wasn't sure if I need to start a new topic just for another link to more publishing opportunities... https://www.authorspublish.com/25-publishers-with-excellent-distribution-that-accept-unsolicited-submissions/
  14. I did do that. For some reason it worked yesterday for more than 2 or 3 quotes. We'll see if today is anything like it.
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