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  1. I've forgotten exactly what Winning the day means.


    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      It means to be victorious in battle, sport, or argument.

  2. I used to have a Wordpress blog/website. But I haven't been able to access it in several weeks. My current one at Wix.com is nearly as good and just as free, so I'm not complaining about it too much. :D

  3. Mom has called me away.

    But when I return, beware, I may start typing up an ending scene that takes you by surprise.


    Primary word to consider is may.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      It's as I said: the may holds much power when it comes to writing or not.

      However, I'm hoping to get some handwriting done today and tomorrow. When we travel (for more than 30 minutes, that is) I write by hand while in the car. :D

  4. SQUEE!!!!!

    I just shared both stories I've shared on here in my writers group on Facebook and received much the same responses!!


    Your words draw me in. Keep writing!-- BROKEN BRAIN

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    2. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Of course, all writers want to draw readers.


      You were saying that you got the same response. Was it a good response?



    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Well, let me put it this way (grins cheekily): If writers here are liking it and they gave the same response.... What do you think? ^_^


      Sorry, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed....

    4. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Then that's great!! I am happy for you!

  5. Wow! While this sounds very interesting, how can anyone know for sure that contact like this is legit? Sorry if I sound like a Negative Nancy, but I'm rather paranoid.
  6. WHOA!! I'm a little afraid to find out who bought them.
  7. WOWSER! I could never top these!! Some hilarious memes in there! But Imma try anyway.... If my computer quits being a moron, that is. GRRR!! I can't access Windows Explorer!!! LOOK at these 2 screenshots!! The top one is when I open by clicking the taskbar icon. Normal. But when I try to move or resize said window, it turns into what you see in the bottom picture. Sorry. These two photos probably shouldn't go here--along with this post, actually--but my inepitude with computers/technology is maddening!! I also have no idea where those Arabic-looking icons came from. 😮
  8. OH COOL!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had a meme or something to share.
  9. Thanks. If you care to know ... I started writing it a few minutes ago. Well, trying to write it. I was having trouble getting the file set up correctly. But I'm doing it now. *takes a deep breath and forges ahead*
  10. You aren't the first person to encourage me to write it. I've just been putting it off because of my "broken brain". That's what I call it, usually. My attention span and ability to concentrate are "broken" in a way, but I'm going to do this. Thanks!
  11. Well, I have a memory that's like a strainer. It doesn't retain much. And the earlier years of my TBI are basically a big black screen. But I'll try. I'll need some help with some aspects, though. It's not all about the story, right?
  12. I've been encouraged to write about my miracle. It'll be hard for a few reasons, but I think I should. If it can help even one person, it's worth it.
  13. OKay. I need to be going. Unfortunately, that could mean I won't be back until at least tomorrow. -_-



  14. So I did something I rarely do in the middle of the day. It's something that could be both helpful and "detrimental" to my writing.


    I logged out of Facebook. Both accounts are turned off. I'm guessing I'll regret it later, but for now I'm feeling really good about myself. ^_^


    If it's all right, I think I'll continue writing that story I started typing up in here. Let me know if that's a problem.


    @Sarah Daffy, you still haven't "followed" me. 😮

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    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      It tends to be way too much of a distraction.

      Yes, I have a writers group on there and I'm friends with a number of writers. But sometimes I just have to get away from it. 

    3. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Okay, I guess that makes sense. I use Facebook for two reasons. 

      One) to keep in touch with friends and family

      Two) the other 4,000 plus are for advertising of my website and my book.

      I tend to get on Facebook once in the morning and then in the evening, that way I don't waste a lot of time. Because it can eat into your time.

    4. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I use it for much the same reason. Though [keeping in touch] with family and friends usually seems to take precedence. At least on my regular page.

  15. Hopefully I'll be able to find this topic later on. I can't read it right now. 😕
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