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  1. I stopped putting watermarks on my covers a while ago. 😕 Now I regret it. 😞

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    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I know. But the reason I stopped was not really putting anything of value out there for people to want. I'm not sure I should begin doing it again.

    3. HK1


      If you've made the decision not to use watermarks, why do you regret it? I still think it'd be a good idea to use them.

    4. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I stopped using one because I stopped making covers. I also changed computers since then and haven't gotten around to making a new one. And it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, so...


      I'm lazy is all.

  2. Wait a minute. When writing my stories I usually take some real-life events/emotions and put them into the story somehow. But wouldn't that basically make it non-fiction?

    1. HK1


      I've read some fiction that's "based on a true story." But I don't think just taking emotions or events that have influenced you and putting them in a story in a fictional way would make it non-fiction. I take stuff like that all the time and work it into my stories in a fictional way.

  3. @HK1, I actually think of morsels the same way--as bits of food. That's mostly why I asked, actually. I'm still trying to decide if the original trilogy that will contain EtS should be "back on the table". I don't really have anything else to write in the story (that would necessitate 1 or even 2 more books). But I had truly wanted to write a trilogy at some point.


    3 girl names

    3 boy names

    2 family names

    1. HK1


      3 girl names ... Amanda, Molly, Brenda

      3 boy names ... Stephen, Clark, Daniel

      2 family names ... Malone, Jordan

    2. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Believer it or not, until you gave me those names ... I didn't even really have a story in mind. Now I do!

    3. HK1
  5. It's so crazy, this brain of mine.

    I'm in the middle of my novella, with others to come (I hope) and I've just begun setting up to write yet another short story (Comparison #1) in a possible anthology of sorts.

    😮 😕 YIKES!

  6. 🤔

    Thinking about ... starting from scratch on my blogsite. Or deleting it altogether. It hasn't really done me any good.

  7. LOL. I'm not planning to stop there. I'm actually hoping to do some more "written here" today.
  8. Great. Now I want to try making this cover.
  9. Who is the real main character? The one the story is mostly about? If it's the woman, put the man back a bit and maybe make him less opaque. That's how I usually do it when I make a cover. Or perhaps put one or the other down a bit so they aren't "evenly placed". Does that make sense? Suggestions
  10. Not a thing. But I paid for a year's subscription, and not just a month. So I still have time. Maybe. If only I could get my brain to work correctly.
  11. Who agrees? Even if I was only able to write short stories it'd be better than nothing at all.

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    2. HK1


      I firmly believe you can do either short stories, novellas, or full novels. It just depends on which kind you'd like to do. Or you can do all three!

    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Your faith in my might be slightly misplaced. But I'll take encouragement wherever I can get it. 😄

    4. HK1


      My faith isn't misplaced! Writing is just one word at a time! Maybe those words add up to a short story, maybe they add up to a novel!

  12. Ah! So @Zee is a female? THANKS! Awesome covers, by the way. I think it's better to have the two characters, though perhaps have one of them more in the background? That's my 2 cents, anyway.
  13. Where am I in reference to the house? Ruth wrapped one arm around a tree's scratchy trunk and glanced behind her. Nothing in sight revealed anything that could help ascertain the distance. Having been confused as she ran--almost drunkenly, she grudgingly admitted to herself--she had no idea where "here" actually was. The almost violent wind storm the night before didn't help anything. Maybe I'll just stay here; wait for the sun to come up and get my bearings. Ruth shivered in her rain-soaked T-shirt and jeans, wishing very much she could exchange them for clean--or at the very leas
  14. That's my goal for that right now. I'm really glad it's working out that way.
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