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  1. Found this to be really useful as I’m in the middle of a re-write of my novel’s middle. Thanks!
  2. If there is dialogue in the scene, one way to check if it sounds contrived is to say it out loud and see whether it sounds like how real people talk to each other. As for background for live feeling character and world, it might help if you describe what the character is seeing and feeling as she experiences the place first and then show the meet up with other characters. Sort of like making the place a character in itself that your protagonist is also interacting with. Hope these are useful 😊
  3. Thanks for sharing. Working on a rewrite and bringing out the thematic principle in a subtle way is definitely a challenge. Being clear about what one wants to convey surely helps!
  4. I’m new at writing children’s fiction and thought I should avoid any mention of Christianity so as not to confuse kids which is true and which is made up... and to be honest, I also thought it would mean ‘Rejection’ stamped all over it... but I just finished reading “The Inquisitor’s Tale” by Adam Gidwitz and my mind is blown. He beautifully interweaved fiction, Christianity, and Ecumenism. He even got stories of saints in there, and St. Michael, the archangel, as one of his main characters to boot. The book is a Newberry Honor Book - a distinction given to “the most distinguished contribution to american literature for children”.
  5. My subconscious works on it alright and wakes me up between 2am to 3am. And I’ve found that writing the idea that comes (notepad on my phone) helps me remember it the next morning. Although, for some notes, I wake up finding gibberish 😂
  6. Hi Lynn, It’s me, Lynn 😊 Remember, in the meet and greet you said it’s been ages since there’s been another Lynn in the group. I am Lynn Grace though 😉 Have a blessed day ahead!
  7. https://www.greenhouseliterary.com/2018/05/building-a-fantasy-world-by-greenhouse-author-joanna-meyer/ I was pleasantly surprised that Ms. Meyer’s experience was similar to my own experience of building a fantasy world from scratch. Hope this article is useful! 😊 - Lynn W.
  8. Hello everyone! I was trying to add these to jobs or promos, but I guess I can’t because I’m a newbie(?)😊 Anyway, I wanted to share a scholarship opportunity to pre-published and unagented writers like me. Non-members are welcome to apply. https://austin.scbwi.org/ra-scholarship/ The recipient receives: * Full scholarship to SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) annual conference, held May 17-18, 2019, in Austin (does not include travel, critiques or pitch/consultation) * Two free webinars organized by Austin SCBWI within 2019 * Craft and publishing questions answered by the Austin RA (Regional Advisor) Samantha M Clark, author of THE BOY, THE BOAT, AND THE BEAST (Paula Wiseman Books/Simon & Schuster) as time permits during 2019 Deadline: March 24, 2019
  9. Hello everyone! Just wanted to say finding this site of Christian writers made my day. I just completed my first MG trilogy and I’ve been looking for an agency/agent that shares our Christian values. My research led me here. May I humbly say “Thanks” for all you do for the literary world!!!
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