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  1. Hello everyone! Would love to increase traffic to my parenting blog. Thanks in advance! God bless! https://saintsintherough.blogspot.com/?m=0
  2. You may want to join your local SCBWI (society of children ‘s book writers and illustrators). Great resources there to meet illustrators and to find out more about the process of collaborating. Also a great way to improve your craft of creating picture books. Godspeed!
  3. Hi Lynn, It’s me, Lynn ? Remember, in the meet and greet you said it’s been ages since there’s been another Lynn in the group. I am Lynn Grace though ? Have a blessed day ahead!
  4. https://www.greenhouseliterary.com/2018/05/building-a-fantasy-world-by-greenhouse-author-joanna-meyer/ I was pleasantly surprised that Ms. Meyer’s experience was similar to my own experience of building a fantasy world from scratch. Hope this article is useful! ? - Lynn W.
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