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  1. Hello everyone! Would love to increase traffic to my parenting blog. Thanks in advance! God bless! https://saintsintherough.blogspot.com/?m=0
  2. You may want to join your local SCBWI (society of children ‘s book writers and illustrators). Great resources there to meet illustrators and to find out more about the process of collaborating. Also a great way to improve your craft of creating picture books. Godspeed!
  3. If he’s going the traditional route, having a cliffhanger at the end of the first book might make the reader feel unsatisfied. I read a few agents’ interviews who shy away from books like this because each book takes time to publish and publishers don’t even consider the second book unless the first one can stand alone and does well in the market. The first book must have a plot that ends and have hints for what else might come. The only caveat is if you’re planning a series. They’d want to know how you plan to continue and end. Best to check what’s the word count acceptable for the genre his book is in. From the words of William Faulkner, kill your darlings 😊 Oh, and congratulations to him for finishing a manuscript which is a feat in itself.
  4. Hi, I’m happy to hear you’re writing in the children’s book genre. Two tips I’m using to go the traditional publishing route: 1. Join your local SCBWI (society of children’s book writers and illustrators) - their conferences are great opportunities to meet and greet good agents 2. Check out https://mswishlist.com/mswl/children the site shows you what agents are looking for, you can search/sort by category (children), then check the agent’s agency if it’s a good one God bless!
  5. Adding my two cents to the conversation... I am aiming for the traditional route of publishing. My journey has been this so far. 1. Write your novel and read novels in your genre. 2. Join a writing community depending on the genre of your book. Mine is SCWBI for children’s books. 3. Go to critique groups to help revise your book. Or find a critique partner. (I did the critique group.) 4. Attend workshops to hone your craft. (Online workshops are available.) 5. Revise! Revise! Revise! 6. Research agents and agencies. Check mswl website (manuscript wishlist) for what agents are looking for. Choose at least 10 agents, follow them on twitter to see how they work with authors and if you’ll be a good fit. 7. Write your query letter and synopsis. Most submissions require these. (I’m in this stage) Added tip: join pitmad or PitchWars where you pitch your work on twitter and the agents find you... which means you need to make an elevator pitch. Best of luck! If God wants it, it will happen. Heard this yesterday: we are not the Word. God is the Word but he uses us for his voice. Like John the Baptist, a voice crying out in the desert.
  6. Thanks for sharing the cheat sheet for creating a synopsis, Spaulding! Any cheat sheets for query pitches which ask an author not to reveal the ending like in a synopsis?
  7. Found this to be really useful as I’m in the middle of a re-write of my novel’s middle. Thanks!
  8. If there is dialogue in the scene, one way to check if it sounds contrived is to say it out loud and see whether it sounds like how real people talk to each other. As for background for live feeling character and world, it might help if you describe what the character is seeing and feeling as she experiences the place first and then show the meet up with other characters. Sort of like making the place a character in itself that your protagonist is also interacting with. Hope these are useful ?
  9. Hi Lynn, It’s me, Lynn ? Remember, in the meet and greet you said it’s been ages since there’s been another Lynn in the group. I am Lynn Grace though ? Have a blessed day ahead!
  10. https://www.greenhouseliterary.com/2018/05/building-a-fantasy-world-by-greenhouse-author-joanna-meyer/ I was pleasantly surprised that Ms. Meyer’s experience was similar to my own experience of building a fantasy world from scratch. Hope this article is useful! ? - Lynn W.
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