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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. I find myself in a very similar situation to yours...except with romance. I am an artist, so I thought this was going to be the easy part. No way.
  2. Yep. Another reason why you’re going to have to nail your genre down sooner or later, much as you don’t want to. And that will be just the beginning of your troubles...ha.
  3. Yeah...I know. Anna and Boris don’t look like anybody likely to be a photo/book cover model. I’m still planning to go with my graphic cover for now and hope for the best, but I thought I’d better give the “conventional romance” idea one final shot. Since you’ve read the story, what are your thoughts about it being appropriate for Young Adult? The cover seems to fit much more neatly into that niche...but the main characters aren’t teenagers, so maybe that’s a bad idea.
  4. Cool! You're right, no mistaking what these stories are. I just shared another cover idea on the other link on the Project Connections page. Care to take a look?
  5. Thanks! What about this one? Still no café, but I think the darkness/fuzziness of the image could imply the happy couple's circumstances are not the happiest. And they look like the characters. Kind of...sort of...a little tiny bit...
  6. I really like it! Simple, but elegant. After further research (i.e., scrolling through ebook covers on Amazon) I think my cover actually looks more like some in the Young Adult section. Maybe this means my artistic taste is juvenile. Or maybe that’s an indication of where my book should go?
  7. Yesterday was a big cover design day. I threw out seven or eight cover designs, most lame, a few rather good (Lynn Moser even contributed an awesomely chaotic one to the pool) and finally, after lots of help and feedback, came up with one I really liked. But there’s a catch. It doesn’t look much like most other covers in the genre. No idyllic scenery, no attractive couple smiling at each other, no cowboy tilting his Stetson this way or that way, so it’s probably not going to be one romance readers are immediately drawn to. It reflects the story content, but not the genre conventions, if that makes sense. Still, at the moment, I’m inclined to just roll with it and see what happens. Now I’m curious about other people’s cover designing adventures. I’d love to see some of your covers, whether you designed them yourselves or had them done. What kind of cover catches your eye, regardless of genre? If you did your own, did you find creative/artistic impulses clashing with genre conventions? I’m interested in any and all thoughts on the topic.
  8. Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind for future projects. Actually I just realized I think there’s something wrong with the link. It takes me straight back to this page.
  9. I don’t think she was planning to have me use hers...it was a jump start for a dying battery. Glad you liked this one. I think this is it...
  10. HEY! I think I've got it. You unlocked my inspiration. I suspect it's not conventional enough, but unless people are like, NO WAY, I think I'm going with it. If a million years pass and nobody downloads my story, I can always change it later.
  11. Well, thanks again. I’m flattered. What’s the best (free) online program for removing/blending backgrounds? I’ve been using Canva, but it doesn’t seem to have those particular features.
  12. How did you lose the white background on the cafe graphic?
  13. If images are available free online, they’re ok for cover use, right? I collected all the images from Pixabay, which is the sight you recommended a while ago, I believe.
  14. Cool! That’s so sweet to put together a cover for me...and you managed to incorporate all the elements, which is where I’m getting stuck. You even used my same “cafe” graphic... True, it doesn’t quite “work” but neither have any of mine. My latest, with the smoke, was an attempt to be less “light and fluffy” but I think I went too far...
  15. I’ve got seven covers now, and all seem to be failures in different ways...but there seems to be at least one person who prefers each one as well. I’m losing track of who likes what, and why...
  16. That’s what the pink was for...lol. I think even my basic pink silhouette cover makes it clear that the story’s a romance. I suppose what’s wrong with that one is it’s simply too stark. Others were saying it wasn’t enough to have hands linked over coffee, if I didn’t make it clear that there were elements of violence and suspense in this romance, people would feel cheated by that cover.
  17. And there's this...let's call it (F). I'm really running out of ideas, and can't envision a way to incorporate all the elements I'm know I'm supposed to. Happy couple, café, war-torn city, etc. Part of me just wants to pick one of these already-created options for a cover and run with it. If it's a total flop and nobody ever downloads the book (I'm not planning to sell this one right now) then I can always change it later...
  18. Well, it’s an alternative history setting, so you could almost call it fantasy, but it’s meant to be present day. The war escalates over the course of the story, becoming really bad at the end.
  19. It isn’t meant to be a surprise. It should be clear from the first line of the story, as well as the book description.
  20. So (E) incorporates cafe and couple nicely, but gives no hint that this romance is taking place is a city that’s rapidly descending into anarchy.It’s also set in an “alternative history” Southeastern Europe. I'm suddenly second-guessing myself about going the pretty “conventional romance” cover route after all...I might get more initial clicks, but fewer satisfied readers. I almost feel that the original graphic is closer to the “feel” of the story as I imagine it. I can play around with the font, of course... Yikes. Indecisive...
  21. I have to say, (B) is still my favorite. Wish the hands didn't bring to mind parent and child.
  22. Or there's this one (E). Same picture, but rather better, I think. Not sure about the legibility of the font, though.
  23. Ok, here are a few more... (A) again, with prettier lettering. (C) and (D) I personally don't care for (D), but I'd still like to hear thoughts...
  24. Hmmm, interesting point, but I don’t think it actually is. Still, if it’s easily mistaken for mother and child, that wouldn’t be helpful. Wonder if I fiddled with the typography on (A)? At the moment, I’m more inclined to go with (B) because it seems to fit conventional expectations better. But the verdict is still out...
  25. I was pretty stuck on thinking, I have to have the couple on the cover, and there’s just no way...then I realized, I don’t need the whole couple! Brilliant. And it’s still a fair bit of white, which I have to admit I really like, for some reason...
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