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  1. Don’ worry, we don’t bite...at least not generally.
  2. Thanks. I had a lot of help!
  3. If she’s not the only POV character in the story, then it’s probably ok to switch to another POV character at the end, but if she’s been the only POV character throughout, then I think introducing a new one right at the end would just be too jarring.
  4. If you’re going to kill her off, it might work better if you keep her your protagonist (the one who sets the story in motion and keeps it rolling) but have someone else be the POV character. Then your protagonist can die without having to stress about “Ok...who’s telling the story now?”
  5. I think a Disney Death would be practically impossible to achieve if it’s happening to your POV character...I mean, she could feel she was dying, or be sure she was about to die, or go unconscious, but to convince your readers she’s actually died? Probably not, unless, like you said, you switch points of view. You could switch to the antagonist after the protagonist has actually (or supposedly) died, but unless you’re writing other parts of the story also from the antagonist POV, I think this would be odd. Besides, once your protagonist is out of the picture, your story is essentially done.
  6. I think I’d need more background info... For starters, I’m not quite sure what a Disney Death is. Could someone elaborate before I vote? Second, once your protagonist is gone, (assuming the story is from his point of view,) it’s essentially “Game Over.” The ending is likely to be abrupt, and not particularly happy/fun. Does that suit your story style? Third, if the climatic moment of the story is your protagonist rescuing the antagonist from his just deserts, having the protagonist go on to die shortly after seems anticlimactic...unless he/she dies as a result of the attempted rescue? But in the end, only you can decide what works for your story...
  7. 💛💚💙💜🧡 Many happy returns of the day...
  8. Thanks! I think I’m going to slow down a little after this, now that life is going back to semi-normal. But then again, I’m already well into my third novel, so we’ll see...
  9. Hello Everyone! Final Chance, the next book in my Christian Romance/Suspense series, is published today. Many thanks to all of you here who put a great deal of time and effort into helping me make it the best it could be. As I've said before, I really feel that my books are a collaborative effort, and I certainly could not have done it alone. Check it out here: https://books2read.com/u/4NLwdo
  10. I'd agree that historical/Biblical accuracy is important, but still, if I'm reading fiction, I'm primarily there for the story, so I think it's also important that your story doesn't get lost or sidelined in your efforts to keep everything strictly accurate. After all, most Biblical accounts are pretty bare bones, as far as details go. There's a lot of room to use your imagination without contradicting anything we actually do have recorded about the person/event.
  11. Good point, Accord. My Muslim friends were just as distraught over our local mosques being closed indefinitely as I was over the suspension of "live" church services. Whether we're trying to sing through a mask without passing out, or re-configuring our prayer lines, I hope and pray that these obstacles and challenges motivate all of us to move closer to God.
  12. Good job on the site. It’s going to be a great resource in future, I’m sure.
  13. Thanks for sharing what is going on with you and your family! I'll pray for you all, too.
  14. Carolina’s right. You’ve got lots of great potential beta readers right here. Just post your request, PM the ones that grab it to get their emails, and then send them the file of your book. I've found having a list of specific questions for your readers is helpful for both sides.
  15. If those are the figures for what books are actually selling, it seems like .99 cents is pretty much the only price point worth trying. But that means you have to sell at least four books to make a dollar (at least on Amazon) and that’s asking a lot for obscure authors. Surely a lot of those books are worth more than that, but the heavily discounted trend will be practically impossible to reverse...
  16. I agree that if you've built up reader expectations in the first story, you don't want to go all out with acres of backstory, or long philosophical discussions in the second, but on the other hand, if you've already got fans of your world and characters, some, if not most of them will actually be eager to learn about your world in more depth, so what you have may not be too much of a problem. If the story is indeed a tightly-written one with plenty of narrative tension, even if there isn't a lot of fast-paced action in every chapter, I'd say you're probably good to go. Most young young adults (under 20, say) have more reading time on their hands than older adults, anyway.
  17. Zee

    other .99 Cents

    LOL! Well, yeah...I’m not publishing under the alias I use here ( that would look kind of weird, I think) so it’s definitely more confusing than it needs to be.
  18. Zee

    other .99 Cents

    Wrong Place, Right Time, my first novel, is on sale for .99 cents from now until July 30. This is to celebrate the imminent release of the next installment in the series. If all goes well, Final Chance will be available July 4th. I know a lot of you here have already read Wrong Place, Right Time in some form or fashion, but if you haven't, you can check it out here: https://books2read.com/u/m2VkJr
  19. SuspenseWriter, did you invite Jamilette to join us here? She might really enjoy this community.
  20. For a delightful read, Dorothy Sayers, Josephine Tey or Agatha Christie. But I can’t say I attempt to write like any of them.
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