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  1. Okay - excellent! You didn't confuse me I'm just clueless about a great many things pertaining to social media.☺️
  2. Okay sounds good...Wordpress it is. Thanks so much for being such a blessing to me in terms of getting this going. I just feel God yelling in my ear to start somewhere. Hopefully Wordpress doesn't charge.
  3. Yes - thank you so much - will do. My 16 year old, (who is a great deal more tech-savvy) than I am, has offered to help me set up a free blog. She said the draw back is that the free ones are hard to find but I'm thinking I'll just give things a try and go from there.
  4. Great idea...."Debra Ann" it is. Also, sorry if I'm being dense but I'm not sure what you mean by making 10 comments and the site catching up? Do you mean I should provide comments on other writers work in the critique forum?
  5. Thank you again for the thoughts and advice! My initials spell "DAP". (Debra Ann Painter)...I might take a shot using that? "Dear DAP". Anyway, lynnmosher, would I draft something here to run by everyone? What's funny is just this within the last two weeks, I had a person came to me asking if "its really that bad of an idea to be a devout Christian and date an atheist." I gently reminded her what the book of Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) says "Do not be joined to unbelievers" 2 Corinthians 6:14. She was honest and said she was "going to proceed with caution". Well, last night, after an 1 and 45 minute talk, she was quite sorry she ever even entertained the idea. Just an example of stuff people tell me all the TIME!!!
  6. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I’d like to try but don’t know how or where to begin. Praying for direction.
  7. Hello, I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a writer and love our Lord. Amazingly, it snowed here in the Sonoran Desert just two days ago - about an inch! Debra
  8. Hi Dave, I'm brand new to this website and just saw your post. Are you still interested in hiring a few great writers who love our Lord and know have a biblical worldview? If so, please let me know and I'll forward my resume and cover cover letter and along with writing samples. Thank you, Debra (520) 991-4189 debraannpainter@yahoo.com
  9. Hi Michelle - just sent you an email. I have a great deal of writing experience and LOVE our Lord. I'd love the opportunity to be a writer for Faith Filled. Hope to hear from you soon, Debra
  10. Hi Russ, I'm a brand new member and a devout Christian. I'd love to write for you and your organization - for free - for Him. I have a great deal of writing experience and would really love to help. (I have an MBA too - not that a degree counts in this case:)) I'm not certain exactly what you're looking for but as the mom of two AMAZING teenage, Jesus loving girls, I have lots, and lots to share. God also blessed me with a fantastic husband - Jack, retired air force pilot. Several friends and fellow believers have told me I have the gift of encouragement (and advice/perspective ). I'd love to share my\our story and help in anyway you'd like. Please feel free to contact me.
  11. That's awesome Sarah! I'm new too and am also a writer...great name by the way...that's my oldest daughter's name:)
  12. Hello - I'm Debra:) I'm a writer and a believer! I've been told I have the gift of encouragement and advice. Does anyone think a "Dear Debra" column would be something interesting/helpful to have? (I'm a mom of two amazing daughters (16 and 18) and have a fantastic husband. Very blessed but it wasn't easy finding him.... Thoughts?
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