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  1. Tell me how to do it and i will. I got my first computer in 1989 and lost all interest in them in 1999. This laptop i'm using now i bought used in December of last year.
  2. I prefer to discuss details in a more private setting, and you probably know that highway 57 runs parallel to 43. I am going to be living at a campground because the cost is $100.00 per month. This campground is on the Ozaukee and Sheboygan county line.
  3. Thanks for your interest, I was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Graduated high school from West Bend West in 1978. Attended Moraine Park Technical college for one semester, Went to U.W.W.C for a year and Graduated from Milwaukee Area Technical College with an Associate degree in Visual Communications/Computer Graphics in 1993. Proceeded to live in Milwaukee, from 1993 until 1999. Then moved to Saukville Wisconsin until 2003. Then i moved to Ladysmith Wisconsin in Rusk County and lived in a hunting shack. It had no running water, no electricity, no mail delivery, no neighbors or snow plowing in winter of the dirt road that was cut thru the trees that led to the old mobile home that was the hunting shack i lived in. The nearest source of potable water was seven miles found at a gas station. The city of Ladysmith 13 miles away was where food was obtained. However during deer hunting season there was always fresh venison. In November of 2006 I needed a change of scenery from the wood life and moved as far south as i could go. That was Gulfport Mississippi. Then in 2008 i went back to Texas. And stayed there until i heard of my mother's condition. Now i am in Plymouth Wisconsin. I am going to be moving into a 30 ft. travel trailer and live in it for an unknown period of time. Why? because i live just like my Lord asks me to. ONE DAY AT A TIME. This is the readers digest of Steve.
  4. Thank you dear sister for your christian love. Yes, at this point i am interested in all that will facilitate progress. I wish to share a little about myself and my past, which may shed a little more light on the current conversation your having with me now in the present, so you can see how i see the future. To start with, as in John 3:5 i was born of water in 1960. In 1980 i was born again of the spirit. My life is reflected in the parable told by Jesus in Luke 15:11 to 32. Here we have a young man who left his father and family, to go out into the world. I need not go into depth of all the incidents involved, but i did leave Wisconsin in 1981, find myself when i was 21 years old, alone in Dallas Texas with only my suitcase and nothing else. Here was a new born babe in Christ ripe for growing in the word and open for Satan to destroy his new faith. For a while i worked with mexicans digging ditches for a landscaping company. Then i befriended a man at an intersection who asked me if i knew of a place to stay as he had just arrived from out of state. Turns out he was an executive from a new company that was just starting business in Texas. This company was U.S. Telephone of the southwest located at 108 S Akard street in downtown Dallas. I ended up becoming a communications consultant with the company. I started to make over $20,000 a year. In 1982 i was the top salesman and won a sales contest and spent 3 days and two nights in Las Vegas. My backsliding began in earnest. The book of Hebrews in the 12th chapter tells us how God chastens those he loves. I found this to be so true. From 1985 to 1997 i sustained and survived the following three motorcycle accidents resulting in a crushed patela in the knee, lost and an eybrow and much road rash. Then in 1987 i fell 40 feet from a roof as a roofer and received three cracks in my pelvis, two crushed vertebra, broken collar and ankle bones, severe head trauma with permanent memory loss. In 2012, I came to myself as the young man did in Luke 15:17 and became aware of the grace of God. I began to read more of God's word rejected the ways of the word and rejected the TV, Movies and Music and set course for the right way to live. Which brings us to today. I found that while in Bridge City, Texas in 2016, my sister informed me our mother was dying. So i sold all i had and returned to be with her. In 2017 my truck and most of my possessions were stolen. My mother died and i was homeless. My mother left her kids a small inheritance and today i rent a room from an old man, and will live in a 30 foot camper trailer as soon as it gets warm enough to move into it. I am not able to find work in the usual way due to my injuries and my age. The words of Jesus in Luke 12:22-31 and Matthew 6:25-34 ring hollow to most people christian or not. But they are REAL. I live the word not just read it. Thanks Ally i've said enough.
  5. Mamm, i am not as computer literate as you. I can barely understand how i got this far. I am not 100% sure of what a "Link" is.
  6. I truly believe we are so close to the end of the age that i live pretty much one day at a time. I am going to OCCUPY my time with this until the Lord returns or i'm taken
  7. what does profit mean? I must pay money to have a roof over my head and power to use a computer and internet access to get my puzzles out and food and water and the things to exist. This is not profit and my puzzles must be a way to survive and do the puzzles.
  8. Publishing Gospel Word Search/Crossword puzzles? without a lot of money? "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26. Without faith it is impossible to please God and i have faith.
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