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  1. Looking for writing partner near South Jersey area. Ask for more details!
  2. Hi everyone! Looking for someone to help me write a romantic song for a script idea I have.
  3. My name is Nathan and I am 29 years old looking for some help on a project. I live in South Jersey and enjoy watching most any kind of movies. I am somewhat creative and easygoing.
  4. Looking for someone to write script/or song. Message for more details.!
  5. Hi Jennifer, it would be easier to contact me through my email natejames2727@hotmail.com. Yeah, that sounds good. A musical parameter is a measurement tool that allows us to evaluate the various components of music. The parameters will vary based on the purpose, context or direction of the music and its composer undo composition. the three most common musical parameters used are the rhythm, the Tempo, and the key signature of the music. The tempo refers to the speed of the music, whether the music is upbeat, like a dance song, or slow, like a love song. The rhythm of the music, which depends on the tempo, will be the pace and pattern of the beat and the organizational pattern of the notes and repetition. The key signature of a music is whether the notes of the music are centered around a A, B, C or D note, and whether that note is flat or sharp.
  6. Hi, I'm interested in working with someone to work on a script with the possibility of a sequel or two. I am also interested in writing a song too! Hope to hear from you soon! Also, I would prefer you live near South Jersey area. Thanks, Nathan
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