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  1. Thank you, everyone. With such various styles, I have gotten some gotten some good tips for letting myself edit, but not becoming carried away with. I especially like the idea of having one or two friends that will help make sure I am where I should be.
  2. Hello everyone, I can't seem to disregard the impulse to edit as I write, even though I am in the early stages of my novel. I know I should wait until I have a good chunk of the draft finished to edit. I want to make my words just so, now not later and I am not moving forward very much. It does not help knowing that I will change some of what I have written later anyway. I would welcome any suggestions that might help with this inhibiting trait, at least it is for the present. Later, I am sure it will serve me very well. Thank you.
  3. Bother, I can't enter the prologue, and I don't think my first page is excellent. :(. maybe next time.
  4. Oh, I might enter my prologue!
  5. The reason I posted on here is because I am looking for experience more for helping others on a more one on one basis. If I do look for referrals Alley, it will be far into the future. Perhaps gaining enough experience to put on my resume if an paid editing assistant opportunity comes my way (where I live), or something else in a related fields.
  6. You are very welcome, Zee! And thank you as well, I am looking forward to it!
  7. Hello everyone, I am willing to help within this writing community! I would like I want you to know that I am not a professional writer by any means, though trying to become one,. However, I would like to help anyone if I can! I am very meticulous in the work that I do and I absolutely love to proofread and edit! I believe I can complete other writing tasks successfully. I have posted a couple of writing samples on here though a while back. I would really appreciate any experience that I can gain here! Thank you, Brittany
  8. Always prefer writing with female characters in mind. . This conversation has gotten me interested. My protagonist is female, (perfect for my first novel and I am writing in first person ). But, I think I am trying to create too many characters. I am trying to work with two male characters that both have pretty major roles and I am having so much trouble with one, though he was supposed to fall in love with my protagonist. But, I could switch them around, I am still planning. The second male character I can see him relatively clearly. The former, I have been trying to discover his motivations, but with little success. Maybe I should just stick with the one? Appoint a more secondary role to the other? I would love to hear your opinions. Maybe I should put this in a new conversation... Wow, writing this all out to everyone here is actually clearing my mind so thank you.
  9. Working through the Snowflake Method! Only on step 3; I do like it.
  10. Thank you EBraten! I read over this method as well and I like how its structure progresses. I will give it a try.
  11. Thank you, Zee! All that you provided is a great help :). I do have my main character and her best friend in development right now. I will keep that in mind as well, PenName. :). I know I am not one to plan everything. ":
  12. I would appreciate some suggestions on how I might begin outlining/planing my first novel please. I am terrible at organization though I am very meticulous. I know there are some good writing programs out there, but I just starting out. I do have notes on a few of the characters and plot;the prologue is complete for now and a page that introduces two of the characters, but that is about the extent of it. I have written a few very short stories, so I am on a completely new path now. When I posted my prologue long ago, so many of you said I had a good start! Thank you so much for that! Thank you for any help you can give me.
  13. No, just a long term substitute aide at the moment.
  14. All there is for me is to write for the next five weeks with my school district closed! I have no excuse now lol. Hopefully, a lot of sharing will be forthcoming.
  15. Yes for me as well, but my church is having online services. I do not know about next week, though I am guessing not. With schools also closed, I have no reason not to write! Indeed, if I do not boredom will ensue. I hope to share progress that is promising.
  16. Thank you, Zee and thank you everyone. I am glad to be here again!
  17. Hello again everyone, I know I have been away for quite awhile. I feel the need to reconnect with everyone here and become involved in this community of Christian writers again. My novel is progressing very slowly for those of you who remember that I am working on a historical fantasy novel based on the Irish legend of the selkies. I do hope to improve in this endeavor. I also hope that I can help some of you as well. I would be very glad to, though i do not have professional experience.
  18. I am partly Irish. Besides that, I love Medieval history and literature. My name is Brittany.
  19. Haha. It is never to late to say hi ? thank you! Glad to meet you! I have you to thank largely for a good community reputation on my profile. ?
  20. Reflective and still I am today, though there is a current below the surface, unseen by the passing eye. If you look closely however, you may see a slight disruption in the otherwise gentle consistent flow of life. This disruption runs deeper than most, only those attuned to my essence would realize that something is not right. Not wrong exactly, but not as it was meant to be. As you reach to touch, warmth should meet your hand. As fingers break the surface, you almost expect simply the benign heat of a loving heart and not also the sharper, hotter sensation of agitated energy within. The conscious mind is always aware, yet adept at hiding its tumult from not only the outside world, but from even myself. Though, in times of great distress, hurt, sorrow and anger, my reason is overpowered with the intensity of feelings beneath, and the course of life changes, becoming rapid and unpredictable. You would not want to venture near on those occasions, lest my banks flood with overwhelming pain. Eventually, hot tears stream down and add themselves to the increasing depths of my anguish, they cannot be halted by you ar I. There is a sadness so complete and a confusion so dense that you will not find a way to speak to my inner self. I do not see the slate gray clouds sweeping in from the west; my unfocused. tear-filled eyes seem to look into the turbulent swirls and eddies as I kneel at the water’s edge with my head bowed. I cannot hear the gusting wind whipping through the tree branches overhead, only that of the current, running swift and strong. I choose not feel the rain that falls hard and fast, driven by the gale to land like a volley of liquid icicles on my head and neck, soaking my hair and clothes alike. I am unable to smell both the dampness of air and of earth, since my nose is congested with weeping. I do not taste the rapidly cooling air of impending change; instead a warm, salty solution enters my open mouth as I gasp. I Written by Brittany Tyrrell, 2018 to the present
  21. Alright then, I will thank you. ? So much:
  22. Thank you all. Now I have a question, I want to share a small piece of writing, but since I am a new member, I cannot post in the feedback section, Is there a similar forum, where I can post it? ?
  23. I just joined this community a few days ago. I love to write, though I am quite a perfectionist, so it takes me quite a while to find the exact words to convey a certain image, idea, or emotional state. Though, I have no doubt that one of the gifts God has blessed me with is for the written word. I have written a few short stories, though nothing published, and have a general layout for a historical fantasy novel, with some developed characters. I am currently working on a piece of creative non-fiction, probably going to turn out to be an essay. I am hoping to also create a well-established blog as some point, I would love Christian encouragement and aid with this and in my novel as well. Thank you all and it is nice to meet you
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