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  1. Thank you, everyone. With such various styles, I have gotten some gotten some good tips for letting myself edit, but not becoming carried away with. I especially like the idea of having one or two friends that will help make sure I am where I should be.
  2. Hello everyone, I can't seem to disregard the impulse to edit as I write, even though I am in the early stages of my novel. I know I should wait until I have a good chunk of the draft finished to edit. I want to make my words just so, now not later and I am not moving forward very much. It does not help knowing that I will change some of what I have written later anyway. I would welcome any suggestions that might help with this inhibiting trait, at least it is for the present. Later, I am sure it will serve me very well. Thank you.
  3. Bother, I can't enter the prologue, and I don't think my first page is excellent. :(. maybe next time.
  4. Oh, I might enter my prologue!
  5. The reason I posted on here is because I am looking for experience more for helping others on a more one on one basis. If I do look for referrals Alley, it will be far into the future. Perhaps gaining enough experience to put on my resume if an paid editing assistant opportunity comes my way (where I live), or something else in a related fields.
  6. You are very welcome, Zee! And thank you as well, I am looking forward to it!
  7. Hello everyone, I am willing to help within this writing community! I would like I want you to know that I am not a professional writer by any means, though trying to become one,. However, I would like to help anyone if I can! I am very meticulous in the work that I do and I absolutely love to proofread and edit! I believe I can complete other writing tasks successfully. I have posted a couple of writing samples on here though a while back. I would really appreciate any experience that I can gain here! Thank you, Brittany
  8. Always prefer writing with female characters in mind. . This conversation has gotten me interested. My protagonist is female, (perfect for my first novel and I am writing in first person ). But, I think I am trying to create too many characters. I am trying to work with two male characters that both have pretty major roles and I am having so much trouble with one, though he was supposed to fall in love with my protagonist. But, I could switch them around, I am still planning. The second male character I can see him relatively clearly. The former, I have been trying to discover his
  9. Working through the Snowflake Method! Only on step 3; I do like it.
  10. Thank you EBraten! I read over this method as well and I like how its structure progresses. I will give it a try.
  11. Thank you, Zee! All that you provided is a great help :). I do have my main character and her best friend in development right now. I will keep that in mind as well, PenName. :). I know I am not one to plan everything. ":
  12. I would appreciate some suggestions on how I might begin outlining/planing my first novel please. I am terrible at organization though I am very meticulous. I know there are some good writing programs out there, but I just starting out. I do have notes on a few of the characters and plot;the prologue is complete for now and a page that introduces two of the characters, but that is about the extent of it. I have written a few very short stories, so I am on a completely new path now. When I posted my prologue long ago, so many of you said I had a good start! Thank you so much for that!
  13. No, just a long term substitute aide at the moment.
  14. All there is for me is to write for the next five weeks with my school district closed! I have no excuse now lol. Hopefully, a lot of sharing will be forthcoming.
  15. Yes for me as well, but my church is having online services. I do not know about next week, though I am guessing not. With schools also closed, I have no reason not to write! Indeed, if I do not boredom will ensue. I hope to share progress that is promising.
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