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  1. Thank you so much! All of these comments have really helped. I promise that what was going to be my prologue was not an info-dump lol. It was not long, and I hope would interest many readers. But, I do think it would have misled them as to who the book was going to primarily be about. I will add to the story as a transcription of sort to be given to the main character. As to the other event, after reading everyone's great advice, I am thinking I will just give the event within the story. Actually, it would add more contention I think, which is always good.
  2. I read from at least a few different sources that prologues tend to distract from the story rather than move them along. I wrote a prologue, in which the reader will definitely get emotionally involved in a character other than the main protagonist. However, since I did the research, I think I am going to incorporate it as a letter within story. However, I still might have need of a prologue in my historical fantasy because of an event that occurred when my main character, Ciara was only an infant, (her father was killed saving Ciara and her mother). This event wouldn't be revealed until much
  3. Lost Daughter of the Sea, it is then!!!!!! Thank you everyone, haha. One less thing to worry about!
  4. Thanks all! . I do agree that, "The Sea's Lost Daughter," isn't really easy to say. Accord 64, i also searched for the two titles as well.
  5. Hi everyone, I hope these titles are everything they should be. Should I wait until the end to give my story a title? Titles: "The Sea's Lost Daughter" or "Lost Daughter of the Sea" I have two these titles for my fantasy novel, which I think are good ones, though I realize it could always change. What conjures the image of a water creature from Irish and Scottish mythology; (a seal that transforms into a human on land). She is taken from the sea by her mother and left to live among humans for 17 years before learning what she is and has make the decision w
  6. Meet my Seeing Eye Dog, Valiant! 😊

    1. Alley


      She is so cute!! 🥰🥰 

  7. Thank you, everyone. With such various styles, I have gotten some gotten some good tips for letting myself edit, but not becoming carried away with. I especially like the idea of having one or two friends that will help make sure I am where I should be.
  8. Hello everyone, I can't seem to disregard the impulse to edit as I write, even though I am in the early stages of my novel. I know I should wait until I have a good chunk of the draft finished to edit. I want to make my words just so, now not later and I am not moving forward very much. It does not help knowing that I will change some of what I have written later anyway. I would welcome any suggestions that might help with this inhibiting trait, at least it is for the present. Later, I am sure it will serve me very well. Thank you.
  9. Bother, I can't enter the prologue, and I don't think my first page is excellent. :(. maybe next time.
  10. Oh, I might enter my prologue!
  11. The reason I posted on here is because I am looking for experience more for helping others on a more one on one basis. If I do look for referrals Alley, it will be far into the future. Perhaps gaining enough experience to put on my resume if an paid editing assistant opportunity comes my way (where I live), or something else in a related fields.
  12. You are very welcome, Zee! And thank you as well, I am looking forward to it!
  13. Hello everyone, I am willing to help within this writing community! I would like I want you to know that I am not a professional writer by any means, though trying to become one,. However, I would like to help anyone if I can! I am very meticulous in the work that I do and I absolutely love to proofread and edit! I believe I can complete other writing tasks successfully. I have posted a couple of writing samples on here though a while back. I would really appreciate any experience that I can gain here! Thank you, Brittany
  14. Always prefer writing with female characters in mind. . This conversation has gotten me interested. My protagonist is female, (perfect for my first novel and I am writing in first person ). But, I think I am trying to create too many characters. I am trying to work with two male characters that both have pretty major roles and I am having so much trouble with one, though he was supposed to fall in love with my protagonist. But, I could switch them around, I am still planning. The second male character I can see him relatively clearly. The former, I have been trying to discover his
  15. Reflective and still I am today, though there is a current below the surface, unseen by the passing eye. If you look closely however, you may see a slight disruption in the otherwise gentle consistent flow of life. This disruption runs deeper than most, only those attuned to my essence would realize that something is not right. Not wrong exactly, but not as it was meant to be. As you reach to touch, warmth should meet your hand. As fingers break the surface, you almost expect simply the benign heat of a loving heart and not also the sharper, hotter sensation of agitated energy within. The cons
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