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  1. Oh, dear . I can mention the color to her. Yes, I do believe she made a list and unfortunately exhausted it I am pretty sure, but can't be positive.
  2. I have a friend who both wrote and illustrated an Christian children's book. She has done much research and has been in contact I know with someone in the publishing industry, but she can't find anyone to take a serious look at her book. I went to a gathering with those of my Bible Study, and my friend had her book with her, but both the font and the pictures were done in yellow so I couldn't read the story with my impaired vision. It wasn't really the time to have her read the whole story to me. Does anyone know about the children's publishing industry? i told her about this website as well.
  3. I didn't know you were ill either :(. I noticed you weren't posting and missed seeing you. I am so glad you are feeling better! I will be praying as well!
  4. There are so many ways to spell my first name nowadays, I am glad my mom had it spelled the most traditional way. I don't have to do it so often anymore, but always had to make it clear that I didn't like being called Britt. It's almost sharp sounding. There's only three people I can think of who I allow to call me that now, none of which are family. And, I without fail have to spell my last name for people, which has two r's and they always forget and r and sometimes an l as well.
  5. I've heard of plenty of cats that bring small creatures to the door, but not really inside and especially not both inside and alive. I hope it is only a rare occurrence that your cat has done this!
  6. Animals are special, that is for sure! :). That little squirrel found a good home!
  7. Wow, you have quite a few animals, Suspensewriter! With four conversational dogs, it is wonderful you can focus. My friend's parents have chickens and a rooster, and I have stayed over when she was house-sitting for them, so I don't need to guess . How did you end up with a squirrel? Did you find him or her as an adult, or as a baby?
  8. If you have pets, are they for the most part quiet and calm, and will let you write with very little interruption? Or are they demanding, and you might have to put them outside or in another room while you work? I had both, my dog now Valiant is so good and will let me write without interruption for more than a couple of hours. i sit and work on the floor a lot haha. My puppy lays right against me much of the time. Valiant is not allowed on the furniture and since he is a service dog, I keep to the rules that my instructors gave me. His training has no doubt played a big part in h
  9. I would say Ivy, especially for such a small child.
  10. I'm sorry, I just saw this now, Alley! I am so glad the damage was relatively minimal, and that everyone is fine. I will be praying for you and your neighbors!
  11. Don't worry , I haven't watched Star Trek or Star Wars either...well maybe an episode of Star Trek when I was class in high school, but that is about it lol.
  12. I am an INFP. Always the idealist, that's me :). I've taken a couple of other personality tests and I have gotten this result as well.
  13. Oh, this will be wonderful, thank you! Just what I need . I clicked on the link though, and the page said that I don't have permission to view the content.
  14. Hello everyone :), I am writing a historical fantasy , but I have a terrible time about my self-discipline when it comes to my writing. Self imposed deadlines haven't really worked, though I tried. The basic plot of my novel is mostly outlined. This might be too much to ask, but could maybe one or two of you help to keep me on track with my writing? My friend, outside of this site, and I were holding each other accountable and it really helped, but we are meeting sporadically. So I was wondering if I could ask here. I can beta read in return :). Or perhaps help hold another writer
  15. I have been reduced to tears reading several books since. But in particular, I remember that after finishing, The Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier when I was 17, I turned off my light, pulled the covers up and literally cried myself to sleep. It was quite late, I think. I was not only so saddened, but angry as well at the injustices done to some of the characters. After I finished the first book, in which I cried, a classmate said I would cry more and she was right.
  16. I really like this idea! I love parrots! I had a cockatiel for almost 18 years and she was my animal companion of a lifetime. A larger parrot can live for 80 years or longer. People have to put these birds in their wills because the parrot might outlive them. I'm sorry, I know you are looking for medical advice. I just had to comment on this
  17. I like cats, but I am definitely more of a dog person, always was. I think I have to say that especially now since I was blessed with being given a Seeing Eye Dog four months ago. My dog, Valiant and all other highly trained canines are amazing in what they do.
  18. Yes, indeed you did , and I am working on that at this very hour, I promise. Lol.
  19. My adult historical fantasy novel is all about one woman discovering her true identity, being a selkie, (seals in the ocean, men or women on land) and despite her ties to the sea, she decides that living her life among humans has more meaning. Oh dear, I'm sorry you all do need some background. Though these comments have helped. I am going to post a very small piece of my story on the critique and feedback. I made some slight improvements from the last time I shared this piece, Zee and Carolinamtne, maybe suspense writer as well, you may remember this though it was a long time ago. By the wa
  20. I hope I am going to explain myself clearly enough, forgive me if I am not. Lately, I've had multiple ideas about how a plot will progress, which is a much, much better than writer's block. However, my ideas are happening at the same point in the story. How do I decide which way to go? I feel like it might take too long to explore them all and see which one will work the best. I would appreciate your thoughts, thank you.
  21. "And what he read on her face brought a sudden hot rush of tears to his eyes, but he did not let them fall until his back was turned, and he was through the doorway, and his feet were carrying him westward; westward to Laigin and a place that had once been home." --Juliet Marillier, Blade of Fortriu
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