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  1. I have been reduced to tears reading several books since. But in particular, I remember that after finishing, The Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier when I was 17, I turned off my light, pulled the covers up and literally cried myself to sleep. It was quite late, I think. I was not only so saddened, but angry as well at the injustices done to some of the characters. After I finished the first book, in which I cried, a classmate said I would cry more and she was right.
  2. I really like this idea! I love parrots! I had a cockatiel for almost 18 years and she was my animal companion of a lifetime. A larger parrot can live for 80 years or longer. People have to put these birds in their wills because the parrot might outlive them. I'm sorry, I know you are looking for medical advice. I just had to comment on this
  3. I like cats, but I am definitely more of a dog person, always was. I think I have to say that especially now since I was blessed with being given a Seeing Eye Dog four months ago. My dog, Valiant and all other highly trained canines are amazing in what they do.
  4. Yes, indeed you did , and I am working on that at this very hour, I promise. Lol.
  5. My adult historical fantasy novel is all about one woman discovering her true identity, being a selkie, (seals in the ocean, men or women on land) and despite her ties to the sea, she decides that living her life among humans has more meaning. Oh dear, I'm sorry you all do need some background. Though these comments have helped. I am going to post a very small piece of my story on the critique and feedback. I made some slight improvements from the last time I shared this piece, Zee and Carolinamtne, maybe suspense writer as well, you may remember this though it was a long time ago. By the wa
  6. I hope I am going to explain myself clearly enough, forgive me if I am not. Lately, I've had multiple ideas about how a plot will progress, which is a much, much better than writer's block. However, my ideas are happening at the same point in the story. How do I decide which way to go? I feel like it might take too long to explore them all and see which one will work the best. I would appreciate your thoughts, thank you.
  7. "And what he read on her face brought a sudden hot rush of tears to his eyes, but he did not let them fall until his back was turned, and he was through the doorway, and his feet were carrying him westward; westward to Laigin and a place that had once been home." --Juliet Marillier, Blade of Fortriu
  8. Thank you so much! All of these comments have really helped. I promise that what was going to be my prologue was not an info-dump lol. It was not long, and I hope would interest many readers. But, I do think it would have misled them as to who the book was going to primarily be about. I will add to the story as a transcription of sort to be given to the main character. As to the other event, after reading everyone's great advice, I am thinking I will just give the event within the story. Actually, it would add more contention I think, which is always good.
  9. I read from at least a few different sources that prologues tend to distract from the story rather than move them along. I wrote a prologue, in which the reader will definitely get emotionally involved in a character other than the main protagonist. However, since I did the research, I think I am going to incorporate it as a letter within story. However, I still might have need of a prologue in my historical fantasy because of an event that occurred when my main character, Ciara was only an infant, (her father was killed saving Ciara and her mother). This event wouldn't be revealed until much
  10. Lost Daughter of the Sea, it is then!!!!!! Thank you everyone, haha. One less thing to worry about!
  11. Thanks all! . I do agree that, "The Sea's Lost Daughter," isn't really easy to say. Accord 64, i also searched for the two titles as well.
  12. Hi everyone, I hope these titles are everything they should be. Should I wait until the end to give my story a title? Titles: "The Sea's Lost Daughter" or "Lost Daughter of the Sea" I have two these titles for my fantasy novel, which I think are good ones, though I realize it could always change. What conjures the image of a water creature from Irish and Scottish mythology; (a seal that transforms into a human on land). She is taken from the sea by her mother and left to live among humans for 17 years before learning what she is and has make the decision w
  13. Meet my Seeing Eye Dog, Valiant! 😊

    1. Alley


      She is so cute!! 🥰🥰 

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