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  1. Good thought! I guess they'd have to be passing by her mansion. . . Another problem I have is when Heidi runs away five years later when she is 17. She gets caught by either a bad guy or a policeman (I have no earthly reason why, unless she got blamed for a crime she didn't commit) and gets thrown in a cell where Raven is after resorting to a life of crime. (Maybe) Somehow the punishment her friend is going to get has to be connected with stealing the inheritance and Heidi takes the punishment. Not sure how the police would let her do that. (She also found out they were sisters. When Raven was three yrs old and before Heidi was born she was by the river with the maid and the maid fell asleep and she wandered near the water and was later found by a hermit who raised her in the woods and then gave her to the same orphanage where Heidi's mother took her)
  2. The inheritance isn't stolen until a few months after they've moved in. The aunt is rather gruff and stern. She believed Heidi got impatient for her inheritance, not thinking of the possibility of maid thieves, and blamed her for the money being stolen.
  3. Assuming she didn't know until she arrived in Boston, would the aunt tell her once she came to the aunt's house?
  4. Another thought, would they tell her about her inheritance or wait until she arrived at the aunt's?
  5. That explains her well. (she's a little like Aunt March from Little Women)
  6. Would she really make the journey all the way to the orphanage a state or two away?
  7. How? The aunt probably doesn't know what Heidi looks like.
  8. Good idea! But Raven was a maid and she was cleaning the room. How would Heidi be able to just walk in? After all, her aunt would probably be a little displeased that she refused to come the first time when she ran away from the orphanage.
  9. I also need help with when they arrive in Boston. (that's where the aunt is) Heidi sees the sign and confronts Raven. Then follows a heated argument. I need a way for Heidi to be forced to go to the aunt's house.
  10. Was just trying to find a way for her to find out about the money being stolen and knowing Raven did it.
  11. image.png.41c5748ab2abcf1206e506b143049344.png



    1. Bob Leone

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      I am a INTJ. As an engineer it worked. 

    2. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      Did  you work on cars or were you a technical engineer?

  12. Heidi is the twelve-year-old main protagonist. She lives at an orphanage. Raven, who is fifteen, is her best friend. After finding out she has a rich aunt who is sending for her, Heidi is lying in bed one night contemplating this when she hears the window creaking. Turns out, Raven is running away from the orphanage as well. (the reader doesn't know, but Raven heard Heidi's aunt's lawyer talking to the orphanage matron about an inheritance Heidi will receive from her dead father when she turns eighteen if she comes and lives with the aunt. Raven decides to run away and try to take the money for herself.) Heidi does not know this and decides to run away with Raven. Heidi also doesn't know that Raven is leading them to the aunt's after they have run away. Eventually they arrive at the aunt's, much to the chagrin of Heidi. (I ran Heidi through a personality test and she came out as is an ISFJ, if I recall correctly. The website said that this personality type is the most willing to sacrifice itself for others. Not sure if this can help with character development, although I was aiming for her to be an extrovert. I'll see how it goes) Heidi is forced to live with the aunt while Raven is forced to become a maid because the aunt doesn't want her. A couple months later, Raven sneaks in the aunt's rooms and writes out a check for herself which is the exact amount of the inheritance. Sheruns away, betraying Heidi's confidence and friendship in her. (need a little help here.) After the aunt, who is named Eunice, finds out about the money, she blames Heidi and forces her to become a servant to pay off her "debt". Five years later Heidi can't take it anymore and runs away where she meets up with either a bad guy or a policeman who has taken Raven prisoner. Heidi takes her punishment instead. (Not sure what kind of punishment to do) In the end, either Heidi dies (a Disney Death, possibly, from the punishment) or they become friends again.
  13. I’m not published yet, so I don’t count, right? Right??
  14. So I know it's not Mother's Day, but this is a funny video.
  15. Yep. It wasn't actually by a judge, it was in the comments of the finalists' page by some random person.
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